This original race of the Frisia (Holland) has had from the beginning of the past century a remarkable expansion and today raised in nearly all the world thanks to its characteristics of elevated good lattea production and of adattabilit the lattifera vocation particularly detached in the stock American (Holstein-Friesian) selected since the beginning of the century in the USA and Canada, while those of the North and the Europe Center maintain characteristics of minor specialization.
In Italy the first meaningful imports were had from 1920 and regarded the Dutch stock.
From 1930 in then and above all after the 1945 bovines imported themselves Frisians from the USA and Canada. The race is diffused subsequently in the zones to devout elevated foraggera vocation like the Po Plain and the Sour Pontino and in other Italian regions (Tuscany, Puglia, Campania, etc).
In 1945 nacque the National Association Breeders of race, then called Black Pezzata, in order to manage the Genealogico Book and the controls works them. In 1957 it came adopted Italian the Frisona denomination although the disomogeneit of the cattle. The year-old calves of Italian Frisona race - it does not assign you to the reproduction - come use you for the production of the year-old calf to meat white woman 0 of vitellone light (the 450-480 kg).


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The selection of the bovines of Italian Frisona race has the scope to produce premature subjects for development and produttivit, of good size, strong constitution, of corrected conformation, fecund, long-lived, nevrili, strongly digestive-respiratory power, with detached attitude to elevated latte productions of and good title it of fat person and proteins, without to exclude the attitude to one quantitative production of meat.