Perch the curly sopportano the latte ones of cow?

The latte ones of cow contain lactose (C12H22O11), than one sugar. Affinch this lactose can be digested must be decomposed in its base members, that they are -d-glucose (C6H12O6) and -d-galattosio (the C6H12O6), two sugars from the same chemical formula, but different molecular structure. In order to make a this necessary enzyme, the latta one. This ferment lacks, like of the case for the curl, than it does not possess it, the lactose pu not to be decomposed. In a such case to accumulate itself of this sugar nellintestino it has like effect to withhold to you lacqua, indeed quite of sottrarla to the body. The content dellintestino becomes cos watery too much, becomes diarrhoea. Moreover nellintestino they are developed of the bacteria, that they cause of the reactions chemistries, during which they rise of gases, than in part they enter in the sanguinea circulation and in part they cause of the strong swellings up. The digested lactose does not favor moreover the development of pathogenic agents. A consequence pu to be a chronic dysentery, from which the curly cannot devout be resumed.

Therefore nothing latte of cow or its derives to you, that they contain the lactose!



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