Physical Characteristics

Weight: 800 - 1200 g.
Dentale formula : 3/2, 1/1, 2/3, 3/

The superficial lateral ridges and, to part the zone makes them and the piedini, they are covered densely of thorns of approximately 20 millimeters of length (approximately 5.000). These thorns contain spaces fillings edaria separate to you from horizontal discs in order to reinforce of the structure. To the base of every thorn one small sphere or bulb that extends under the surface of the skin in order to withhold it saldamente. The thorns Are white women to the base and on the tip, with of the bands it centers them of black color or brown. Every fixed thorn to a erettore muscle so as to to be able up and to be lowered Once erected, the thorns assume a position to zigzag that ago so that they support in one impenetrable virtual mass


The Curl, bench belongs to the Insectivora order, enough onnivoro.   known in order to eat an immense range of invertebrates but it prefers the coleopters and the snails the meat and the fruit. The favorite arthropods seem being I millepiedi   and scarabei. The curl moreover eats frogs, small straight them, birds and young people rats, small bird eggs, ghiande and berries.
In cattivit , the curly are satisfied to nellalimentarsi of cut meat even if the owners they signal that they eat of all from the fat person of the bacon filled with smoke to slags of the caff until the cake. The studies indicate that they prefer the alimony in the following order: the salmoni in scato it, the pollo, raw bovine meat, eggs to the cocue, the potato and the not mangera carrot cucinata(ma these two if they are raw), the fruit and the fruit juices (oranges, strawberries, pineapples, dates, apricots, grape, ribes black and apples). Between the bugs the only ones that have been refuse to you during a period of study are the aphids and the moscerini.

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Period of gestation: 31-49 days

Small number: 1-9 without hair

Riproduttiva season: You open them to August

Delivery: they give May to October

Weaning: 4-6 weeks

Duration of the life: 6 years (until 10 in cattivit)

If the female couples itself in advance payment pu to have a second pregnancy. Moreover contrarily next to what it was believed the curly are born with the pricks, that for they are wrapped from one membrane in order protect the mother during the delivery. This membrane comes removed from the same mother, but however it comes via also alone after approximately three hours from birth. From that moment the pricks are very visible, but still soft.

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The first cape   of   thorns motivatings force and white man. Approximately 36 hours devout late, according to cape of dark thorns devout developed allinterno. After this, a third party with of thorns svilupper in order replacing the first two. After 11 day, the young people can goffer themselves in a defensive sphere and after 14 days, they open the eyes. From ET of a month, the young curly are similar the versions in miniatura of their parents  


No breeding to signal
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The curl an animal hermit except during the riproduttiva season. However, when several curly are found in the same zone stretch to cohabit. They make one variet of vocalizzazioni and sbuffi and also the clack of i   they teeth. The young people make of i   it hisses similar to those of uccellini in the nest. A outcry often made in the affliction, but does not seem to derive from the infliction of pain.  
The curl pu to cover until 10 km in one night. They are excellent scalatori swimmers and. A cultivator has marked is found a curl in the pocket of the hung pants to dry even if these were to 30 cm from earth. They can moreover be compressed and pass through openings many grips. Had to us in part to the skin that not attacked to muscles permettendogli to roll up and to form one small sphere in order to defend itself from the predators. Such predators include the wild man and dogs, vixens, cats us, rates and gufi. Poich the curl prefers to defend itself rather than to scappare it is believed erroneously that it is much slow one but in realt the curl if wants it knows to run enough quickly.  
In order to pass linverno the curl it is threaded under the straw or in the fissures or one is dug alone lair. The letargo it goes from October to you open them, even if their period of not rigid ibernazione n continuous how much those of some other mammals.
During the riproduttivo period the male ansima and sibila. The male rimarr close to one female for several hours before coupling itself. The not receptive female manterr its thorns erected and occasionally the conficcher in the male if it is approached too much. When the ready female to couple itself, appiattisce its thorns so that they are not an impediment. However, they are slippery and the male must keep itself over alle its shoulders with the teeth but after innumerevoli successive copulazioni the two take directions separate


The curl prefers the opened forests, brughiere, the lands cultivates you to sand, dunes, parks and cemetaries. Pu to meet itself from the sea level until the 1000 meters of quota  



This creature easy to tame and becomes attached itself easy. known for optimal being pesticide and insecticide

It does not have need of particular conditions, adapted much good to the domestic life.  

the legends
There are many myths and storys hand on to you as far as the curl orally. One of that a curl stores lalimento in the thorns. An other legend that one that the curl passes under the apple plants and chooses the best ones after that if infilza on the thorns and if the door via, in realta pu being happened that while a curl was attempt to eat an apple glie of one has fallen on the thorns remaining to you infilzata.

A time

A time these animals for of debatable the domestic remedies used themselves much and sure idiot, interiora or the ashes of the posterior quarters burn you of the animal stir to you with resin were believed guarissero from the boldness. The animal used in order to foretell the time and if it came buried under a construction thought that it would have carried fortune.

The curl be raised from the Roman in the 4 century DC for the bont of the meats and its mantle of thorns, than used in order to rebuke wools. . La pelle coperta di spine stata usata sui carri per trattenere i cavalli. . Le loro spine sono state usate nel diciannovesimo secolo in Germania come strumenti operatori .  

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