In this page we will publish the photos of your friends. you write to us and you send one to us they photo to the following address

This my mythical inseparable FLIK! The most affectionate E' and from as it is always looked at with me, also when they are in front of the computer!

This mine cucciolone, has the beauty of 14 years!!!
I want TRUCCIOLO well to you........

This mine adored Petra, also said ' Petrina the Burina' bitch in how much be found on one campaign road hardly 45 days of life!
I and my boy love it... but that caratterino that has!

Blank situated tutti..questo indeed strongly therefore Mara it has asked to me to put also its photo. you believe me of a frightful intelligence and in devout the reason of my life!
p.s... soon diventer mammina!! bau to all!  

I wanted to make you to see it perch stepitoso! Frodo..proprio like a hobbit is called to which, second me somiglia a lot!
Beautiful and sweet MOTHER SETTER of the photo Calls "Decla" and an Irish Setter,
propriet Dr.. Sergio.

"Here the Mikaj small has 3 days and been born the 17-07-2002"

This Asia to 38 days with my son Gabriel
It Asia, has 6 months and beautiful means and a copy of German dog shepherdesses. E' much clever one, but much affectionate one.
Francesca Flower
Eccolo watched like grown Ettore! If you slide a p low you can see to 2 months and means to it, now instead it has nearly five. I WANT A WORLD WELL TO YOU!!!


Hello, you shipment the photo of my tender one coniglietto that Jack (even if a femminuccia) and in this photo is called in rests, to m of sfinge... Hello

this e' my micione Attila, has 1 adorabile year and e'
Hello to All!!! they are SILVESTRO and even if in this photo I seem small and defenseless..... in realt they are much lively one and it appeals to to me to arrange disasters, a lot with this musetto I always succeed makes me to pardon! A salute to all sprattutto to Laura and Michele that have adopted to me.

She shonik a small cavalier king charles spaniel of 1 year

My beautifulst miciotta Minou!!!!

The beautifulst Wizzy
of Erika

 With pleasure I have uncovered the votro situated, and would want to render participates you of the great joy that I try... give approximately a month in my entered life Lucky, a adorabile cucciolo of "shih tzu". I would be happiest for seeing my Lucky, in the photos of our friends.   Ringrazio to you beginning right now.   A salute to all.   Biki.                    


Salutes from likeable but mistrustful Bovaro ACE appenzell, 4 years, with the strangers.
Alberto MAURI OGGIONO (Lecco)
Este es me Siberian Husky "Envido".
Naci en house y es nuestro beb.
the photo of mine cucciolotta


He Ettore Labrador of 2 months and means I want much good to you...



these are: REPETTA and QUEEN I GIVE puppys LUSIADAS of from Bologna we thought was something of good eating but..... not there nothing here within.   and RHONDA I GIVE LUSIADAS cucciolo CAO DE AGUA but you do not see that me piacciono many le..coccole?   fabiana bazzani (fi)


QUINCY CAO DE AGUA   after a hard job in extension....... like beautiful the rest!!!!!   fabiana bazzani (fi)

Here my small... these are those that live in room with true me.....adorabili? Salutes Sara.


It compliments for the beautiful situated.....questa Gaia to the Ticino of Pavia, one "Coton de tulear" Hello they give Elena and Morgan

This one of the children of my famous Rudy... the likeness?

These are mine two Mandarin diamonds, Domino and Cremina that a lot soon will become mother and pap
Mark Riboni (ME)

My small kelly

Here others two photo of Domino and Cremina, between 13 days of it will arrive others..... Mark Riboni (ME)

Hello, they are Bugs, coniglietto the dwarf of Cico and Raffy.
Ofelia brasilero row of 1 year and its seat, anyone dares to seat to us comes immediately removed  

Who wants to love to us? We are in announcements! Zorro and Paco.

He not adorabile Hiro?
your sorelline danila and cristina