Here small Prince Diana!
She has only two months and gi one sweetest plague!
Its preferred Hobby? To sleep in the funnels!!!
Ciaoooo Diana!

That cold brbrbr... meglio under blankets

Hola.. they are Zorro, not tired me mai..ogni time that I go in turn with my landlady the pizzico in order to carry it in turn where I want. I adore to make the dispetti and to play and to run all the day. sure son cucciolo I have only five months. at all I can be fermo..eheh bau bau..
Precious from "Black Pearl"
.meravigliosa Misa..........
hello, I am KEVIN I have a year and 4 months and I am a DISASTER CIAOOOO
Hello I am TOAST the fratellone of Kevin and must sopportar it all the day...
Blank, they are I soothe, the Golden R. of the photo,la pupa all white woman piccolina with the stiff orecchie mine consorte.Le four small, delicious devout plagues that run after to me is the beautiful thing that could generate ours "amore"e has six mesi.Viviamo all happily entirety, I and the mother them coccoliamo a lot and they exchange again us with effusions and kisses.

Affectionate "scodinzolo" to all you

  This beautiful cucciolotto of single 50 days Eolo and with we is called alone three days.... Laura and Daniel prov. of COMO
Giotto - Persian Exotic di Irene and Fabrizio
they are Gino of Parma, to staffordshire bull terrier nearly a year 3 May. salute my Cri mother and mine pap Lele. many kisses to all.
This Beautiful Snout e' Wide-brimmed hat, our Hairy Child, between 13 solos gg compir 1 year Auguries pisciolotta!!!
From Mamma and Pap.
This Lucky, our beautifulst from Bologna one that has task the 29 years March.

This Zen.
My akita Inu of 14 months.
Hello from Giuseppe
he micione..
famous to all like its true name chalance
This mine bimba.Polly... a small adorabile plague of 7 months  
we three want much good to us!! we are two sisters Wendy and Axel (micia) and mother KIRA
hello Titti
Axel greets the readers and all the micioni of the situated one!!!
Here mine 4 adore to you saluki:
EDINA on the bottom the mother of the others 3,
AFYUN to sin., AMIRA in pp and AYSHA, the red one.
Hello to all, Queen