I enclose you photo of mine two children brio and mirka
Here mine adores ferrets to you: Mil and Cupido, from when they are with me the house to taken life and a smile gives me day after day.
How not to love them to the madness? impossible!!!!

Luana, mil and Cupido

Hello, these are Len coniglietto the tender but birbante dwarf,
Cocchy the gatta one of my mother, one hairy and arrogant Miss.
And Iosto the amusing siamese of mine suoceri..monellaccio and!
Our joys!
Claudia from the Sardinia
You shipment the photos of mine two tesorini :
Mine adored Minnie and my Pondo small a single pleasure... to watch them
Hello, I call Fernanda and here they are with mine adored landlady (intenta grattar me the pancino), to which I send a large kiss of thanks in order to have capacity via from a canile and lovingly cured... hour it goes very better.!!
this small calls Muffy, completes 1 year the 9 Opens them.
.. here to you kira!
It has two months and sweet!!!
It compliments for the portale.
here my puppys, kiamano PLUTO (the Cocker Soaniel) and KARL(il coniglietto).
Flavietta, Siracusa.
Hello, I call Axel, I have 4 months and are a cucciolo viziatello.. my padroncina deals to me just as a son and I never do not detach myself from she:) They are a pinscher lively and furbetto, turn all day x house to the search of that you play with me dragging mine pupazzetto from a room to the other but fortunately I do not arrange no trouble and are a small dog very educated. Salute all the friends with a greatest and affectionate Bau Bau:)
Eccoli..sono Silvestro and Scricciolo
Hello to all, they are Snoopy, one to yorkshire nearly thirteen years. They are much becoming attached to my owner whom, gotten passionate of photography, it loves immortalarmi in placed devout strange.

In this they are with my most affectionate one tigrotto and I never do not let go the taken one. Alive in company of a Persian sweet of Turale name, that it appears in the attached photo.

they are not the beautiful small dog devout cha you have never seen?
A river basin to Sabrina, my friend to two legs
Here to you: SILVIOOOOO!!!! Not there are words in order to describe it!!! It has 2 years sweetest, dispettoso, greedy and BEAUTIFULST!!! Flavia from Rome!
hello here the photo of our soccers player
Zico and Pel
this the terrible Atos
hello they are the old of the family but I have always a lot famona and wants to sleep, ciaoo from Nikita for the friends Niky Endrix