The lucertole of the savana can measure until 40 cm. of length.
They need of one cage much sturdy one that measures at least 1 m. for 80 cm. with a door that closes very well in order to avoid escapes.

They love to dip in the water and for this one good idea to prepare one small plastic swimming pool for their immersions.
Nutrono of roditori it is frozen to you, lean meat, food for dogs and cats and entire eggs.

In the cage better to create an atmosphere with rampicanti coppers affinch they can themselves exactly be scrambled up and one elevated temperature a po'.
It must, like the dogs, make them to move very in order to avoid that being bored they produce damages or that in order to try to scappare they strike theirs violentemente you make against the walls of the cage.


No breeding to signal
if you want to know like signaling yours, contacts:  

A strategy in order to hold occupied them that one to hide a part of the food that comes they here somministrato and l under coppers or GO BACK TO LIST the ciotola of the water.

Also of the giocattoli of plastic they will turn out very useful so that they are amused also.
They produce many excrements and therefore in such sense sar much to make us.
These lucertolone if held and nourished well they are not dangerous but it must remember itself that they are always carnivorous animals and therefore to hold enough strongly to wide from the children poich posseggono also a tail that could make badly.

Not sure the type of resisted adapted them to a principiante as far as this type of animals

This card be sended to us from Alfeo R.