The bovine race Marchigiana derives from the reached bovine from the large ones corna in Italy in YOU sec. d.C. to continuation of the barbaric invasions. Today the race has lost many of its original characters somati to us and pu to be defined like bovine race from created "synthetic" meat in Italy. In second met of XIX the century the marchigiani breeders they made to cover theirs vacche with Tauruses chianini in order to improve, in the cattle from job the attitude to the meat production. The result was very soon obvious and, beyond to the improvement of the muscolosit, port a cape devout, corna clearly devout devout court and light head. In these subjects, it calls "cornetti" the attitude to you decidedly was improved but the increased stature rendered the buoi inadatti to the job on the collinari and submontane zones of the Marches. Cos in the first years of XX the century, came diffusely carried out the crossing with race Tauruses Inhabitant of Romagna, than serv to reduce the stature and to improve the conformation of the race. The marchigiani bovines however, as a result of all those crossings carry out to you without precise indications, somigliavano devout to one population that to one true race. For such reason, in 1932 it came decided to suspend every shape of crossing and to proceed to the improvement by means of selection effettuaata second directives that previewed the registration to the genealogici books. Wide the space that this race known to conquer leaving from its crib of origin. In fact, from the region of the Marches the race diffused in all Italy centers them, catching up also regions of the meridione. From 70 years ' the Marchigiana be exported in several countries, between which United States, Canada, Brasi them, Argentine, Great Britain, Australia. Currently the Countries of the Europe North are discovering the potenzialit of the race, that it seems to above all find the favor of the breeders in Holland.


The evolution of the Marchigiana race towards the type from meat be progressive and significatva: the lowered stature, the diameters crosspieces are emphasize to you, the increased length, the limbs and the head has become devout light. A fort implies us increment of the slaughtering yields, than today they attest medium round 66-67% in the vitelloni. The area of the muscle longissimus backs increased of equal step with the greater weight percentage of the edibili parts. The qualit of the optimal meat, the rosato color, the fine grain and with just degree of fat person infiltration. The work of improvement and selection of the Marchigiana begins in coincidence with the definitive abandonment of the crossings with the Tauruses of breeds the Chianina and Romagnola. The search to the inside of the population of the suitable to the twofold attitude (meat and job), and before devout devout subjects recently to that one for the meat, has conditioned evolversi of the race towards the clich that today we know, extremely modern and works them. Muscolosit very expressed, long log, diameters to trasversi emphasize to you, fine skeleton and skin are by now one constant in the race and they render it quantomai consona to the requirements of the market. Concluded it it was of the mezzadria, coinciding with the Tauruses capinucleo and with the "tests of business progenie", the race hour selected second dictates me of the A.N.A.B.I.C. in function of the capacit of accresimento, muscolit, esteem of the yields to the slaughtering and the spolpo, tipicit. The riproduttori come select to you through the performance tests, while the females come chosen on the base of the morphology of the riproduttiva efficiency and in function of their maternal attidudine, understanding like capacit making to grow the own sons during the phase of breast-feeding. The outline of selection prevedee moreover the employment of programmed connections between the best Tauruses tries to you and the vacche with devout indices it elevates to you, appealing devout wide the modern riproduttive technologies.


The selection outline represents the carried out synthesis of the attivit for the genetic improvement. It centralized on the genetic appraisal of the riproduttori males to assign to the I.A. (5) through the performance test (1) ; the appraisal and the choice of the fattrici based on the capacit maternal and to the riproduttiva efficiency (7) ; the realization of connections aimed to you (8) in order to accelerate the genetic progress ulteriorly; the control of the descendancys (14) for the not noticeable characters directly in performance test.


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In the esteem of a riproduttore, Taurus is it or vacca, three are the parameters to take in consideration: produttivit, genealogia and morphology. In the bovines from meat, where the morphology also function, the morphologic appraisal assumes particular importance in how much allows us to estimate the capacitdi to produce woven muscular, therefore meat. In passed be attributed an excessive weight to particolarit aesthetic, presupposing nonexistent correlations between aspect and function and incurring unavoidablly in appraisals form them that they neglect the real morfo-functional value of the animal, outside from every logic of selection and genetic improvement. It was necessary therefore that the appraisal method endured one deep transformation. To the concept "outer beauty" subentrato the concept of "beauty works them", finalized ll' location of animals in possession of the morfo-functional characteristics in order to become optimal riproduttori, second the selective address that the Association mail. Before and the substantial modification be carried out in 1986 when the A.N.A.B.I.C. new card of morphologic appraisal has introduced one of which it attributes to a preponderant weight to the characters of muscular development regarding the other groups of characters (skeletal conformation and characteristics of race). The happened definitive carried out one with the review of the Standard of race; with niovo the standard beyond that to address the selection towards analogous devout animals to the requirements of the market, intentional to pursue following objects to you:

- to give to the maximum prominence to the concerning characteristics the meat production;

- to use greater tolerance towards morphologic characters of "formal" type and does not work them;

- to eliminate relative superfluous parts to concepts of general zoognostica;

- to use the principle semplicit in the exposure waves to avoid subjective interpretations.



The selection of the bovines of Marchigiana race has the scope to produce subjects with detached attitude to the production of the meat (remarkable velocit of increase, precocit and rendered to the slaughtering) with optimal bromatologiche and organolettiche characteristics, safeguarding capacit of adaptation to systems of pascolativo breeding and the good maternal attitude.


Type of meat characterized from remarkable somatico, muscular development and of the posterior train, long and tendentially cylindrical log. Particularly premature. Adaptable to difficult atmospheres also.

Of the Marchigiano bovine they must mainly hit the length of the log, the force of the cross-sectional diameters and the fineness of the skeleton, light in connection with the size. such ravvisabile fineness also to cargo of the head and the skin. The entirety must be harmonic, the melted movement, the docile temperament. Bovine from meat of elevated ransom, the Marchigiano characterized from high every day increments and catches up in adult ET considerable weights, that they exceed with facilit the 1200 Kg. in the Tauruses and the 750 in the vacche.


CAPE - White man. Gradazioni grigiediffuse in the front parts of the body can be found.
PIGMENTAZIONE - Black with intensit it varies of the cute, oral mucosae and natural openings. The persistence of red hairs limitedly to the region of the sincipite ones, the grey tail and the partial depigmentation of the oral mucosae are tolerated in subjects in possession of pregevoli morfo-functional requirement.

The pigmented cape white man and the cute assure to the race the famous resistance to the solar irradiations. The hair white man with grey shadings on the front train particularly in the Tauruses. Eventually present the red hairs on the sincipite ones do not indicate mestization but only the expression batch processing line of present geniuses in the genetic patrimony of the race. The year-old calf is born fromentino and becomes white man around to the third month of ET. The very marked pigmentazione.

CUTE - Thin, sollevabile and easy soft to the tact.

The cute fine; giogaia and pisciolare they are light, to all advantage of the value trades them of the animal from slaughter house beyond that of the termoregolatrice function.

HEAD - Light, to rectilinear profile. the corna they are short and to elliptic section, directed laterally and up. Concurred E' the decornificazione.

The head must be to rectilinear profile, with flat, light, expressive forehead, with very manifest secondary sexual characters; musello wide; powerful masseteri; black eyes live to us, attention; wide ears and furnitures. The fineness of the skin on the region makes them ravvisabile in the numerous pliche and leaves to be transparent the subcutaneous irrorazione.

NECK - Short and muscoloso. Massive and gibboso in the maschi.Giogaia light.

The muscoloso neck, with fine cutaneous pliche. The Taurus introduces a coppo pronounced gi in young ET. The giogaia light.

SHOULDERS - Wide, muscolose, very adherent to the log, parallels to the median sagittale plan and just angled.

The amplitude of the shoulder guarantees adapted system base to powerful muscles of the region. The adhesion to the log guaranteed from the good tone of the musculature of the thoracic encircled one. Moreover a appropiato angle to articulate bachelor-humeral (115) assures the motoria adapted one funzionalit.

GARRESE - Wide and muscoloso

Also supplying cuts of third qualit it must be wide and pianeggiante, agreeing again harmonically back, back and shoulders. This indicative conformation of abundant cross-sectional diameters and one adapted muscolosit.

BACK - Along, wide and muscoloso.

For the primary importance of the meat cuts that if they gain some and that they concur to determine the value of the carcass, the region must introduce emphasizing muscolosit, much to manifest the "double one convessit", mainly determining from longissimus backs (the devout ones along and large equal muscle of the body) that it supplies lean and poor cuts of connecting (bisticks)

LOMBI - Muscolosi, thick, wide, rectilinear back-lumbar line.

Beyond to longissimus backs they make part of the region also the sottolombari muscles that constitute noble cuts which thread and controfiletto. The lombi they must be extremely muscolosi, long, full manifesting, like the back, "double convessit", the typical one of the breeds specialized from meat. The back-lumbar line must be introduced rectilinear and strong, denoting visore adapting of the bony scaffolding.

CHEST - Wide and muscoloso.

Its synonymous width of capacit of the thoracic cable, therefore of funzionalit of the organs and apparatuses localizes to you in cavit thoracic. The cost one must very archedand be covered from the coltre muscular. The thorax represents an important index of constitutional robustness.

VENTRE - Wide and supported.
FLANKS - Full, very it joins together to you with the contiguous regions.

The abdomen, also being wide, assuring valid capacit a ingestiva one, must be supported, with rectilinear, nearly typical inferior line of the cattle from meat with yields of high slaughtering and symptom of a good muscular tone of the region.

RUMP - Much muscolosa, developed in length and width, horizontal or with light posterior antero inclination; little found sacrale thorn. Fine tail with correct attack.

The rump, devout possible width, must give adequate base of system to muscles, in particular to the glutei that supply cuts before qualit. Its width moreover index of the funzionalit riproduttiva, with particular R-with regard to the easy accomplishment of the delivery. The light posterior antero inclination of the rump then guarantees the adapted elimination of urines and of the lochias of the delivery, facilitating the delivery stesso.L' attack of the tail must be clean, regular and to continue in harmonic way the advanced profile of the rump.

THIGH - Wide and thick; convex, of emphasized muscular development.
BUTTOCK - Come down and with convex profile much obvious one.

Obvious E', date their importance in producing noble parts, than both these regions introduce an emphasized development of the muscular masses, decisive also in the determination of the value of the animal from slaughter house.

FRONT LIMBS - muscolosi Appiombi corrected, arm and forearm; stinco solid and light.

The front limbs must be in perpendicularly and resting on strong feet, showing solid and clean articulations. The stinco it must express skeletal fineness.

POSTERIOR LIMBS - Appiombi corrected, leg much dry and strong muscolosa, garretto, stinco solid and light.

Determining to the aim of the duration of the productive career, the posterior limbs must be introduced solid, in just perpendicularly, with articulations clean and strong and with corrected angle-shot. The tendini they must be in evidence. The stinchi they must be dry and light.

FEET - Strong, very locked, with high heels.

The foot concurs to determine the length of the riproduttiva career. It must solid, be very closed, high on the heels, with solid fetters, of corrected angle-shot

MAMMELLA - Developed, vascolarizzata to wide base. Regular quarters. Spongy to the tact. Capezzoli very direct and of just dimensions for breast-feeding.

This organ must guarantee the capacit of the vacca to produce year-old calves with high weight to the weaning. The production of latte must therefore be abundant and the mammella it must be conformed in such way to facilitate the suzione from part of the redo, in particolar way in the first days of life, phase in which the shape and the volume of the capezzoli they play a determining role.

TESTICOLI - Proporziona, develops to you to you, reductions in the scroto.

The conformation, the volume, the simmetria of the testicoli is guarantee of the riproduttiva efficiency. The testicular presence of hypoplasia, mono or krypton orchidismo, nonch of other alterations in the conformation, renders the inidonei subjects to the reproduction


we thank GIANFRANCO CARLI For the realization of this card