sharecropper - Clypeata Spatula


Classification Class Birds, Anseriformi order, Anatidi family

Mestolone a partial migratore that in the cold season migra towards the South arriving until Africa they centers and to the America centers them. Together to the real germano, the mestolone it belongs to the surface ducks. a bird much beautiful one that distinguishes itself in the first place for the great spout, much slargato to the estremit and to shape of spato it. This spout works like a true filter that the bird serves in order to sift the surface of the water to the search of bugs, molluschi, eggs of fish, alghe. Exemplary L ' from the shown showy livery under, in the illustration, a male; the female has instead discreet devout colors and is similar that one of the real germano, but if of it it distinguishes for the shoulders white women and the mirror of green color. It flies in small flocks with heavy flight making to feel its luminosity "tak-tak".Il mestolone lives especially in ponds and flooded swamps; the night moves in tries of food while of day it remains between dogs field, where camouflages the nest accurately, constructed with plants and upholstery to the inside with piumino. Every brooded it has from seven to fourteen eggs, with shell yellow-verdastro that are brooded from the female for a period of three weeks approximately. The small are in a position to abandoning the nest a lot presto.In general the ducks have flat spout with margins supplied of lamelle; also the indented language and has one function inhaled them. L ' inhaled melmosa water in the spout comes subsequently emitted through the lamelle so that the suspended elements are withholdings, while special sensory papillae allow to select the food to swallow from all the mud that must then be eliminated.


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Dimensions Long 50 cm

Geographic distribution Europe, Asia, America North