Classification Class Birds, Anseriform order, Anatidae family Size depends on the breed DUCKS

Domestic ducks originated from mallard. Duck adapts to a wide variety of environments: so it is found in ditches, in small ponds in parks, in lakes and along sheltered coasts. Build the isolated nest in the reeds or under the bushes on the shore. The brood consists of ten or twelve greenish eggs which are only hatched by the female for a period of four weeks. With the passing of the incubation time the nest is covered with a soft duvet which the female detaches from the belly. At first the male remains on guard near the nest, but then, even before the young are born, he moves away in search of other females. Already on the second day after birth, the young go out of the nest and immediately swim, dive and look for food in the water with extreme naturalness. By some scholars, ducks are divided into two groups: surface ducks and diving ducks. The former search for food on the surface among the algae using the beak as a filter; the latter, on the other hand, seek food in depth and fly up with difficulty