This original race of Denmark where the cale was created intercrossing English miniums Large White with the population. Currently various stocks exist (Danish, German, Dutch, Belgian, English, Swedish) that they have all in common the log a lot lengthened. The scopes of the selection of the Landrace in Italy are practically the same ones of the Large White. Also this race, of developed size, has setola white woman and rose-colored skin; head to mostly rectilinear profile, grugno developed and strong jaws; Orecchie relatively long, directed in ahead and low; thin neck and relatively lengthened; laterally depressed log and a lot along, with back and lombi muscolosi horizontals, very join together you to the garrese; wide rump and much muscolosa; shoulders and above all muscolose thighs and very found; convex buttocks in a marked manner and very joined together to the rump to form prosciutti many thick, muscolosi and reductions; limbs of medium length, solid and in perpendicularly; testicoli, mammelle and characters work them like in the Large White. I defects that devout easy are found are the limbs weak people, appiombi irregular and the grooved back-lumbar line. In the production of the hybrids for the obtaining of the suino light it comes used also the Belgian Landrace. This differs from the Italian Landrace for minor the size, minor the length and compactness of the log, beyond that for the exceptional development of the muscular masses of the back, of the lombi and above all of the prosciutti, globosi and many reductions.


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