The sheep "Ouessant" with the its maximum height of single 50 cm are the small race of sheep devout of the world. The proibitive climatic conditions of omonima the island have made s that, in the course of the centuries, this particular race was selected, small but much sturdy one.
The local agriculturists raised in order not to have to them above all to depend on the continent for the wool import.

Initially the color of these animals was alone the black one, with the exception of some sheep that was born of color brown, but in XX the century they were intercrossed with others breeds in order to magnify the ransom, and for that now if they find some also of white women and browns.
All over the world only little exist some migliaia, above all in France, Countries Bassi and Belgium.

These sheep have a docile character and sociable this makes that they can become of the optimal animals from company, ideal for who has a garden of adapted dimensions and the usual dog or cat without to resort to too much exotic animals does not want.
They are sturdy and therefore in great part of our territory they can be held calmly to the open also in winter, their presence to make so that the grass of our always devout Prato is green (thanks to the nourishing substances brought from their excrements) and in order thanks to their function of "tagliaerbe" natural


No breeding to signal
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The females are go in heat from October to January and give birth a solo agnellino.

During the delivery, just for theirs rusticit, nearly always they do not have need of the participation of nobody.

year one strongly resistance to the diseases


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