The origin of pezzata the Red Italian, thanks to its high degree of adaptation, from the Alps Berneses diffused in many European Countries, nonch in numerous extracontinental zones. In all the breeding zones the race distinguished in different having stocks peculiar characteristics of adaptation to the atmosphere finalized to the optimization of the yields.
The breeding in Italy has had beginning in the Friuli Venice Julia through a crossing of substitution of local the bovine population. For this the race be to along called "Red Pezzata Friulana". The main attitude demanded initially was the job in the fields.
Today, for its characteristics, for its adattabilit and versatilit, its fertilit and its prolificit, Italian Red the Pezzata race adapted to the various existing associate-economic situations in our Country.
In Trentino Upper Adige and the Friuli the race taken advantage of above all for the production of the latte ones. In the Center and the South Italy, and above all in the Appennine zone where it turns out much difficult one mungere given the extensive breeding, used for the breeding of the "vacca-year-old calf". In the other zones of breeding sight is to the latte ones that to the meat. For this last production, the animal to fine career is taking advantage of that subjecting to I fatten the year-old calves and the vitelloni.


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After the met of the past century come definitively less the necessit than to use the animals for the job, begun to value of the twofold attitude, in order to render it devout possible the competitive one in the comparisons of the breeds to lattifera attitude devout (tawny spiccatamente alpine, frisonaecc).
In the bovines of Red Pezzata the two attitudes come held in equilibrium between they, but one and the other comes exalted to second of the environmental conditions them and of breeding.
New instruments of selection have been place side by side to the controls work them, to the performance test and progeny the test: the indexing of all the bovine with lactations controlled by means of the calculation of their genetic index, latte-fat person-proteins, and the indexing with method BLUP, for the same parameters, of the capacit genetic of the Tauruses in reproduction.
The selection is proposed to moderate the variabilit productive and morphologic that they are found in the population puts into effect them, pursuing the attainment of a type of bovine whose general conformation closely is tied to the optimal expression of the twofold attitude.
This bovine therefore to answer to requirement of the animal from meat (good size, sturdy constitution, precocit and particular development of relative the muscular masses to the valuable cuts) and at the same time to express the lattiferi characters of fineness, gentility and, above all, of good development of the mammary apparatus. All not disgiunto from characters of fecondit, longevit, rusticit and good assimilation of forages.

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