Origin : Vacca the Norica, said Resiana in the omonima goes them, originates from cattle of type alpinoMlltal-Pinzgau of origin Austrian, in particular carinziana.
. Attualmente questi tre nomi (Norica, Mlltal e Pinzgau) vengono utilizzati come sinonimi.
. Area di breeders: Until the recent one passed raised in the alpine zones of the Trentino Upper Adige, Bellunese eFriuli, beyond that in Austria, it has risentito of the development of the Tawny one and the Red Pezzata Simmental.
In Friuli it came raised in particular in the area in Goes them of the Fella, in the areas mounts from there and pedemontane of the Cividalese, in the Canal of the Iron and high Val Tower, in the Alps ePrealpi Giulie and the high river basin of the Isonzo.
. La razza Pinzgau originaria del Salisburghese e si diffusa nel sud est della Baviera e nel nord est d'Italia.
. Consistenza In Italia they are currently present approximately 1000 vacche of Pinzgau race, practically all up Adige, enrolled to the national identifying Registry near the Italian Association Breeders, managed from the Federation Bovine Breeders Sudtirolese breeds. The subjects today identify to you as Norici is approximately a ten, although an other score with probable Pinzgau blood comes some marked.
ATTITUDES : Race to twofold attitude, latte and meat, very adapted to the montani poor pastures until 40 years * this race was used also for the job.


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. Descrizione della razza Bovine to twofold attitude, peasant, as it they are the breeds of mountain, with mantellopezzato red or brown, colorful and characteristic head wraps long white woman the back-lumbar line, the tail and the ventre. The medium weight of the bovines up raises Adige to you of 600-750 kg for the females and the 1000-1200 kg for maschi.Indirizzo of Miglioramento-Conservare a stock constituted from devout animals the close possible one, like attitudes emorfologia, to the Norica race raised in passed in the zones above all mounts some and with minimal percentages of blood of breeds mainly productive for the production of latte (es. Red Holstein).-Mantenere the dowries of rusticit and frugalit exalting the qualitative characteristics of the lattea production works them to the casearia transformation in products to high added value and of production of carne.Per the registration to the identifying Registry reference to disciplining of the same one is made. The breeding of this race becomes part nel zootecnica context del recovery dell' attivit to fine tourist and acclimatizes them nel Natural Park della the PreAlps Giulie. The presence of this plan constitutes one possibilit of reconstitution of a nucleus of this variet peasant typical of the Val Resia and the alpine zones.