DUCK SPOUSE - Aix sponsa




Dimensions Long 50 cm approximately
Geographic distribution North America

The beautifulst duck of the Carolina belongs to the group of the defined cosi arboreal ducks perch, various from the others, loves to perch itself on coppers of the trees. Here they are entertained with emergency, thanks to the armed nail fingers long ricurve. In nearly all the ducks the male has beautiful showy piumaggio devout and devout of that one of the female. The typical devout characters of the livery of the male dellanatra spouse are very distinguibili under, nellillustrazione.

Lanatra spouse diffused in dellAmerica northerner the moderated regions, in prevalence in those of the South-east of the United States; for the piumaggio this species be raised and exported towards numerous countries. Allinizio of the century risked to extinguish itself because of the pitiless hunting which subordinate came, but lintroduzione of protection laws and the preparation gives

part delluomo of numerous nests has been able to remove this danger. To the wild state lanatra spouse nests in cavit of the natural trees or dug from some I beat of large ransom. Linterno of the nest comes upholstery with the piumino that the female tears itself of back and forms a soft bed for fourteen or fifteen eggs, placed to every brooded. The small babies posseggono spiky nails much with which they succeed to scramble up along the wall of the nest, until allapertura from which they let falling then.


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Beyond allanatra spouse decorative one exists unaltra duck much that meets itself frequently in smalls lake of the parks:

lanatra Mandarin. This original duck of China and Japan, but be imported in England where alive to the wild state. Also in this species the male to having showy livery.

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