Podocnemis Expansa

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Commonly known like Arrau(fam Turtle. Pelomedusidae; Sottordine: Pleurodira), this species be to along hunting (is the adult exemplary, is its eggs) to alimentary scopes, to such point that the consistency of its spread (colonizes the entire amazonian river basin) turns out in fort decrease. Just for this today protect in Brasi they and in Venezuela and its commerce subordinate to particular authorizations based on the Convention of Washington (see Understood it and turtles and the law).


The Arrau a testuggine of great dimensions (until to the 70 and devout centimeters with a weight of beyond 90 kg) that it attends overflowed forests, insenature of great rivers, smaller water course and lagos, in the entire amazonian river basin. It lives in numerous groups also, with customs mostly acquati to us. The norm adults are vegetarians: it yields, alghe and aquatic plants represent theirs menu. The exemplary young people integrate the diet from litofagi hunting worms and others animaletti, in water and outside.


The reproduction remembers in all and for all that one of the marine turtles: the females, hundred to the time, ovodepongono in holes dug in the long sand the rivers, during the season sand bank. Every copy places numerous eggs (until to 100), normally of evening, in order then to return in water. The schiusa it happens in less than two months and the babies, it attacks to you from numerous predators during theirs deprived of hope run, head fastly in water.  



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To of l of the requirement respecting the protezionistiche norms, assessing itself that the vendor is regularly authorized person, if the fortune is had to find of some copy, the Arrau senz' other recommendable one to who has space to disposition. The peasant species in fact and lives well in cattivit in great acquaterrari (for 2/3 or devout ones submergeeed) heats to you around to 24-28. Of possible summer the breeding to the open.