Origin: Wales
Height: It never does not exceed 1,20 m.
Cape: Every type of cape is found, but above all gray, sauro and sauro burnt. It does not exist in the variet of the pezzato one.
Character: Full E' a pony of energy, tempered from the hard life on hills. Moreover intelligent and much brave one.
Physicist: Small head has one, with Arabic profile. The narici are large, the eyes live and the orecchie to us many furnitures. The incollatura, long and elegant, harmoniously supported from just oblique shoulders. The short back and very designed, the wide thorax. The lengthened and harmonious posterior train. The garretti they are solid and very it designs to you. The attacked tail high and comes capacity with elegance. The feet are small. The sailing points, like for all the pony, fast, are melted and straight.


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This nobleman pony ago its income in the history sin from the antichit, going back until the Roman, which, seems, intercrossed the pony from mountain with Arabic horses. This erroneous supposizione pu to not only explain itself for the aspect of the Welsh Pony, that it recalls the elegant lines of the Arab, but also from the mistaken sources of the Roman. To the time of Giulio Cesar, that it seems has created a state breeding on the Bala lago in the county of Merioneth, the Pony came intercrosses to you with of the blood orients them. This would explain the confusion. In fact the translators of official documents, exchange the blood horses orient them with the horses of Arabic blood. Instead, to that age, the Arab still did not figure between only the twelve breeds known from the Roman. However the Arabic blood has contributed to the formation of the Welsh Pony, but only in last the two or three centuries. In fact at least two stalloni Arabic Purosangue has been intercrosses to you with the Pony Welsh, and this explains the Arabic aspect of the race puts into effect them. In these last times the gatherings anniversaries for the marchiatura and the capture of the Pony that live in branches in mountains and the Welsh chain plates, have attracted to visitors from all Europe, becoming cos somewhat profitable a natural breeding. If they come very trains to you can become optimal little horses from saddleback, it is in the jump obstacles is in the suit, also in order to teach the equitazione to the young.

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