NAZIONALIT : United States

ORIGIN : there are traces of smallish cats in the pages of a per diem one of a doctor, going back al1944 in these sheets it describes a black cat from the short legs that lived for devout of 11 years without health problems and generating several sons with the same characteristic. In fact the MUNCHKIN a cat derived from mutations spontaneous, and not induced from some crazy scientist. , this characteristic then be helped from some selezionatori that have fixed the characters of the race

RANSOM : average

HEAD : of medium dimensions it has shape of equilateral triangle with contours rounds off to you, thin snout, skull a round Po, flat forehead, nose of medium length, mento solid and cheeks very enough wide sviluppate.Orecchie of medium length to the base, are placed to sides of the cranial time, very straight and attente.Occhi to distant placed great shape of walnut between they, very opened and attention.

BODY of medium length with deep torso and moderately largo;l' strong skeleton, very sviluppata;spalle wide, strong placed in oblique.

LEGS : court from the medium skeleton, very muscolate. The front ones leave straight without to spread themselves towards the esterno;le posterior thick, basse;in have been of rest the ginocchia turn out a Po angled, when in feet the posterior ones appear devout long of the front ones.

TAIL : enough thick and proporzionata, very high and straight capacity comes.

CAPE :esiste to semilong and short hair; in both the cases dense and setoso to tatto.tutti the colors and designs are recognized.

TOELETTATURA : a brushed weekly magazine does not place problems of it in the hair corto(basta) of in semialong where of enough one daily.


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CHARACTER much lively, intelligent, giocherellone, sly and affectionate one

HE NEEDS : it loves the great poderose spaces where to be able itself sgranchire the court but zampette.finora it has not evidenced hereditary pathologies

Race demanded from FRANC L.(RC)


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