GENERAL: the Bombay was originated as a hybrid between the Burmese and the American Shorthair. With its jet black, gleaming coat, gold to copper eyes, solid body and sweet facial expression, the ideal Bombay has an unmistakable look of its own. It is not a natural breed but a genetic hybrid, with distinctive features that separate it from its foundation (parent) breeds. The Bombay is a medium-size cat, well-balanced, friendly, alert, and outgoing; muscular and having a surprising weight for its size. The body and tail should be of medium length, the head rounded with medium-sized, wide-set ears, a moderate nose "stop" which is visible (not a break), large rounded wide-set eyes, and an overall look of excellent proportions and carriage.

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HEAD: the head should be pleasingly rounded with no sharp angles. The face should be full with considerable breadth between the eyes, blending gently into a broad well-developed moderately rounded muzzle that maintains the rounded contours of the head. In profile there should be a moderate visible stop; however, it should not present a "pugged" or "snubbed" look. Moderate stop is not to be considered a "break," but a slight indentation at the bridge of the nose between the eyes thus providing a change of direction from the rounded head to the medium, rounded muzzle. The end of the nose is slightly rounded down thus completing the roundness of the head.

EARS: the ears should be medium in size and set well apart on a rounded skull, alert, tilting slightly forward, broad at the base, and with slightly rounded tips.

CHIN: the chin should be firm, neither receding nor protruding, reflecting a proper bite.

EYES: set far apart with rounded aperture.

BODY: medium in size, muscular in development, neither compact nor rangy. Allowance is to be made for larger size in males.

LEGS: in proportion to the body and tail.

PAWS: round. Toes, five in front, four in back.

TAIL: straight, medium in length; neither short nor "whippy."

COAT: fine, short, satin-like texture; close-lying with a shimmering patent leather sheen.

PENALIZE: excessive cobbiness or ranginess.

DISQUALIFY: kinked or abnormal tail. Lockets or spots. Incorrect number of toes. Nose leather or paw pads other than black. Green eyes. Improper bite. Extreme break that interferes with normal breathing and tearing of eyes.


COLOR: the mature specimen should be black to the roots. Kitten coats should darken and become more sleek with age. Nose leather and paw pads: black. Eye color: ranging from gold to copper, the greater the depth and brilliance the better.

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In the world catofilo a desire of novit sooner or later is come true.
Clear acquaintance, perseveranza, passion and ideas are necessary.
Nikki Horner, unallevatrice American of the Kentucky, devout of one some thirty of years ago, decided to create one new race , coupling a Burmese female Brown with a male American Shorthair of black color, breeds from for a long time with succeeding she raised. First it turns out to you they were for disappointing, and they followed years of selection and hard job, before that the race acquired one its precise one identit, distinguishing itself from the progenitori that lavevano originated. And here that the first exemplary of panther from drawing-room they came calls Bombay to you, in order to remember l India di Bagheera, l fascinating black panther, skillfully described from Kipling in the Book Of the Giungla. The race obtained a good ones happening in the years succeeded to you near the TICA and the Cat Fanciers Federation. In Europe the Bombay recognized from many independent clubs, in England from the GCCF, Germany from the World Cat Federation and of glare in Italy from FIAF and dall AFI. In our Country, still considered unassoluta rarit .

Which have been the motivations, the values, the qualit that Nikki Horner has intentional to fix?
Sure, to of l us that it represents, it has intentional to select a cat dall wild aspect , that it remembered the great felines and their habitat: the giungla.
Bombay cos become symbolic lincarnazione of the black panther, spirit of the night, from the color that does not exist perch compenetrato in the buio much to render invisibile its figure.
Just like the panther, Bombay elegant and splendidly proporzionato , one moves with plushy step and the sinuosit typical of a true domestic feline.
Its cape, devout black dellebano, cos uniform and luccicante to the point of being defined of varnish. Nell feline universe does not exist other race with such characteristic.
Its eyes gild to you , wide and round often they are described like new Penny of branch, for the loaded orange color, until the yellow gold.
The pleasantly round head, and from any point is observed would have to re-enter in a circle. The full, wide snout, the short nose, with one stop moderated.
The plantari nose and bearings are of black color. The orecchie, of medium ransom and rounded off on the tips, leggermente are turned in ahead.
The tail of medium length, and the muscoloso and incredibly heavy body for its dimensions.
Bombay a cat adapted to the life housewife, giocherellone and affectionate .

Its passion is the caresses, that it reciprocates with incredible effusions, consolidating cos a true one and just idyllic relationship with the master.
Evidently successful to conserve the good-natured character of likeable American Shorthair.del Burmese instead remained desire to communicate with the persons whom it next has with a range of vocalizes that external for in soothed way, with light and little insistent tones.
Oltretutto does not demand particular cures: one caress or one brushed with one fallow deer skin, and a po of levito of beer in the diet in order to make to risaltare the lucentezza of the hair.
In this only admitted race the black color, uniform and diamond: lunico Bombay cat in which 55% of the judgment in competition it depends on the color of the cape!
A docile, allegro and little impegnativo cat therefore, than very adapted to loving persons of the cat balanced with one appearance of wild humor.

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