The Burmilla cat been born in Great Britain in 1981, where it came founded the first Cat Club dedicated to this race. Its progenitori are a Burmese and a Chinchilla Persian. The diffuse Burmilla above all in Denmark and England. The Burmilla today has a morphology very defined, but the start of the selection program has demanded much engagement. Two years after the birth of the first exemplary, the race obtained the official acknowledgment from part of the Cat Association of Britain, during the presentation of some exemplary to the extension. Subsequently also the FIFe recognizes it. SUGGESTED BREEDINGS by MENANDPETS.COM No breeding to signal
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Musculature very developed has one, with muscoloso body and from the wide chest.

Ransom: average

Head: the snout has rounded off cheeks, has the tartufo nasal color terracotta, the nose introduces one stop to the base.

Orecchie: opened to the base and rounded off towards the tip, tilted in ahead.

Eyes: expressed, very open and a p to you oblique. The color goes from the green to the green yellow.

Cape: short with dense and driven in webbing. Soft and flattened E' on the body, but has one light ruvidezza on the tips. Particular one has a cape much. Base tipped to effect has one silver-plated gray and striature on legs, tail and snout.

Colors: Argentato\Shaded. Brown Tipped, Black Shaded, Lilac, Chocolate and Light Chocolate Tipped.


The Burmilla a balanced cat that it has very known to amalgamate the vivacit and intelligence of the Burmese with the peaceful refinement of the Persian cincilla. It has a calm character, but with the personalit enunciated enough. It lives well in apartment, likeable and giocherellone, it exchanges affettuosit is with the master who with the others members of the family. The Burmilla when it is thought forgotten or excluded from the familiar life, knows like attracting the attention and it is made "to listen", in the true sense of the word.


Its cure dealing itself of a cat to short hair, does not demand excessive worries, enough to brush it to the week once.


It has need of a balanced feeding. The ideal a diet made up of specific foods manifactures to you. This card be donated gives  


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