E' one variet derived from the Persian cat. It is born in England in 1885 approximately. One passionate mrs. of cats made to couple a Smoke Persian with a Silver Tabby, the gattina that nacque it made to in its turn be born the first copy of Chinchill: Slver Lambkin. The cat finds itself, imbalsamato, in the museum of natural history of South Kensington to London. The FIFE (International Federation Feline) has ulteriorly divided in two categories this copy, based on tipping (cio the tip of the colorful hair): - The Chinchill - The Silver Shaded.


The Chinchilla cat has sturdy, short and stocky corporatura

Ransom: medium-large (the varied weight from 4,5 to 5,5 kg)

Head: large and of round shape, the strong neck and placing, the wide and round forehead.

The nose: bordeaux or marroncino, and pu to be bordered of black, blue or dark brown.

Orecchie: they must small and be rounded off.

Eyes: they must be of green color with black contour.

Legs: they are "short enough" even if muscolose.

Cape: dense, abundant and driven in. Every the colorful part of single hair must be long approximately 1/8 of the total length. It has a cape composed from hairs white men to the base and colors to you in tip.

Colors: the Silver Shaded all white man like the Chinchill. Tipping a third party of the length of the hair, therefore devout obvious; it is intensified on legs and under the eyes.

Average life: 15 years SUGGESTED BREEDINGS by MENANDPETS.COM No breeding to signal
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The Chinchilla has a strong temperament, even if of character calm. It loves to be held in arm. Discreet and faithful, not aggressive and alloy a lot to all the family. E' a cat from drawing-room, ideal for the life housewife. Much spazio:si does not have need adapted well to every situation. Of sociable usual with the other cats and aggressive extension with the other animals This cat does not know the fear, dignitosissimo in every circumstance, not estroverso like the cats to short, indifferent hair to all, does not reveal rowdy, indeed: it assumes an indifferent behavior in every situation. To the feline exposures, if it comes carried on the theater box and applauded uproariously they give beyond thousand persons, between its similar ones which less are decomposed. And rather lazy even if it above all loves the game when cucciolo Beyond that with the fused one, they transmit their state of mind with it vocalizes hardly perceivable, from the kind and aggraziati tones.


The cape goes every day brushed with a wide mesh comb and washed with a shampoo specific once to the month During dumb the cures of the cape they go intensified. Once to the day to clean up the eyes with a humid cloth well.


The diet pu to be made up of fresh or manifactured food, but goes varied devout the possible one. In the food case manifactured, the every day portion on 70 g of alimony buckets or 90 g of humid alimony. If freschi alimony is preferred, the diet goes integrated with vitaminici complexes.


The female does not go made to reproduce before the year and means of ET. Hard gestation 60 giorni:spesso the mother goes assisted before and during the delivery, also from the alimentary point of view. The gatte ones are of the good mothers and give birth in average three or four gattini not devout of two times the year. The puppys are born the much dark and schiariscono as hair allonge. They have to times a delicate health, but from adults they are healthy and sturdy. This card be donated gives  


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