In order to go back to the origins of our domestic cat we must make a jump in the past of approximately 50 million years and finding following mammalian: the Miacis, then lHoplophoneus, and the Dinictis. But laughed them to approximately 25 million years ago the first approachable animal to the felines, the SMILODON, an animal, in realt, devout similar to the tiger, with of the greatest sabre teeth and little cranial volume. But from the Smilodon it derives the first cats:

Cat of Hammerings , then extinguished

PALLAS CAT from which the felines have origin today


between the 900 mila and 600 mila years ago we find wild the cat European, Felis Silvestris

subsequently the freezings make to change the structure of the cat (become small devout) and favor its migration

Cat of the Desert Wild Cat African, Libyan Felis




In the Libyan Felis we find the true progenitore dellodierno domestic cat, than in fact it comes from Goes them of the Nilo, place where it is thought is begun its taming.



One thinks that the cats have begun living next alluomo around the 6,000 a.C. , but only towards the 2,000 a.C. these began to being tame to you with the last aim to defend the warehouses of cereals from the invasions of the rats.

The first people who have tamed the cat have been the Chinese and the Indians in Asia, the Egyptians in Africa. This last dettero even the sembianze of these animals to some divinit (as an example to Bastet, most popular goddess of the life, the fecondit and the maternit, that it came represented with the body of woman and the head of cat).

To the times of the Pharaohs the cat was considered a sacred animal, worthy of total protection and cult and in fact to its dead women it came imbalsamato and tumulato while who the maltrattava came punished with the dead women. SUGGESTED BREEDINGS by MENANDPETS.COM No breeding to signal
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In the centuries succeeded to you also etruschi and the Roman they raised the cats while during the Middle Ages the cats came consider demonic animals you (above all for being the animals take delight in from the witches) and therefore they were object of tortures and persecutions.

In century XVIII the rats diffused themselves so that the presence of the cat in the houses divenne indispensable a lot that in France the state treasury had tax to you one tax.

From here and the conviction that between the domestic animals was the devout ones cleaned up and therefore it carried little diseases of the others, the cat made its official income in the salotti.



The domestic cat to the birth hung approximately 100gr. In the first 2 weeks the gattino it opens the eyes (that they are always of color gray-blue), begins to crawl and latte dull to it first recorded to you from.

the cat of the photo of nickyc

Towards the 4 weeks the gattino it takes to walk speditamente, it begins the weaning and the mother the standard to wash themselves and to use the lettiera.

Towards the 5 weeks the gattino it begins to run, to play and it points out to wash itself alone.

the mother (beatrice) that she nurses with the 4 gattini (red tricolour Ops black and the white man, Sally the tricolour gray beige and white man, Milk the white man, Vaniglia the other white man with long hair)...
In second there the father (Dante) that she cleans up Milk...! (they are all of Costanza

_ from the 6 to the 11 month the gattino remove always of devout from the mother in order play and have the first approach with the hunting. During this latte period the set of teeth is completed also from.

_ from the 12 to the 18 week the gattino dumb the color of the eye in favour of that definitive and begin to spuntargli the tooth define you, the which development terminer between the 6 and the 8 month.

Between the 7 and 12 months of ET the cat to catch up maturit sexual and an equal medium weight to 3 kg for the males and pars to 2,4 kg for the females, weight that would have to remain pressoch invariato until death that sopraggiunge around the 15 years.


the cat of the photos of nickyc



        Head small and triangular in the females, large and round in the males

        Neck along

        Orecchie to tip and very proporzionate with the head

        Eyes yellow-greens, also blue, large and very rarely perfectly round that introduce one pupilla with one great capacit of expansion and contraction to varying dellintensit of the light and one third eyelid with function of ulterior protection for locchio. These nearly do not perceive the red one and seem that also the other colors come find debolmente.Gli eyes to you of the cats are moreover catarifrangenti to buio thanks to the presence GO BACK TO LIST the hairnet of tapetum lucidum , a special cellular formation that contains guanina, that it allows to these animals the vision when c least light (buio for characteristic luomo).Questa from allocchio of the cat a iridescente aspect when c buio.

Remarkable also the field of vision of the cat, this in fact has a beam of approximately 285 degrees, of these 130 are in superimposition (vision of an eye overlapped to that one dellaltro and therefore perception of the tridimensionalit) while the field of vision delluomo of 210 degrees, of which 120 degrees in superimposition.

        Hearing most sensitive. Ludito of the cat perceives sounds until 65 mila cycles to the second (while ludito delluomo it arrives until 20 mila cycles to the second) and between devout the sensitive ones of the animal reign. It seems in fact that it succeeds to only perceive sounds to the capacity of the bats and to distinguish with one precision the many high two coming from nearest sounds from two various sources. The cat moreover succeeds to only distinguish two various notes of a tenth one of comprehensible tone and therefore that dislikes the strong noises while it seems appreciate music, distinguishing the kinds and prepreferring classic music.

        Olfatto most fine. Lolfatto of the cat constituted from 200 million olfattive cells (we men of it have 5 million) and aim nearly how much lolfatto the dog. The cat moreover succeeds to feel smells to it also through the language (as they make the snakes), in fact the famous one to times to open the mouth, to discover the teeth and to ansimare. This attitude is not to mean that lanimale scared or heated but it means that it is using a particular sensory structure that is found in the palate, organ of jacobson or vomeronasale organ , than it allows it to recognize smells analyzing to it is their odore that their sapore.

        Vibrisse The vibrisse of the cats moustaches are not likeable solos us and sopracciglia but above all precious organs of sense that they allow to have constants information with respect to the spaces that they cross, to the present movements nellaria and to the atmospheric pressure. The moustaches exactly vibrate and these vibrations come transmitted to the dellanimale brain that elaborates to them and of it deduces shape and dimensions of the obstacles. The vibrisse they are therefore most important of night and during the hunting.

        mouth of the small but able cat of a great expansion, it contains 30 permanent teeth that after the maturit will have replaced the 24 latte teeth from.

        The much characteristic covering of the advanced part of language of the composed cat from corneous papillae to uncino that they allow to unaccurata allanimale cleaning of the cape and levare from devout boneses of the prede until the small quantit of meat.

        body of the cat, agile and much sturdy one, formed gives approximately 250 boneses and gives approximately 500 muscles to which due its amazing one agilit. The posterior legs are devout long of those front ones and this allows the cat to make knows to you highest leaving from detention and to make spectacular landings mitigating limpatto with the ground. The cat has 5 says in front legs and 4 fingers in those posterior ones, all equipped of retractable claws them and carnosi bearings. The corporea medium temperature of 38,3 C approximately.

        tail long in average 26 cm, cio equal to the met of the length of the body and it acts as from counterbalance in the difficult movements, element damper of the falls and rudder in the swim (the cats are optimal swimmers although they hate lacqua). Moreover the tail marks them inequivocabile of humors of the cat, when this in fact churns it weakly disposed makes to caress, when it holds it straight careful while when it phrenetic churns it better to keep itself to the wide one!

        cape of the soft cat folto and, dinverno the hair is made devout driven in, is lightened instead in summer. In origin it was of color brown, black, streaked gray or. Leccandosi the cape the cat ingests remarkable quantit of hair that can cause delle internal occlusions to it, therefore to supply al cat well the possibilit to eat dellerba, or to consult the veterinary who consiglier one specific cream, in way to make to expel al cat the ingested hair.



In order to walk the cat it spends least energies and pu to arrive to one velocit of 50 km/h.

The strong musculature concurs with the cat to scramble up and to jump without hard work for for he much devout easy one to go up that to come down it is for the curving of the nails that for the fact that the lumbar musculature does not act from brake and therefore landatura turns out in continuous acceleration.

But us that devout it hits in the cat its sensational equilibrium which had to the tail with which above all counterbalances the weight but allelevatissima velocit with which the nervous stimuli they arrive to the brain.

Particular moreover the characteristic of the cat of falling in feet also from remarkable heights without to endure consequences. When a cat falls its eyes and lapparato vestibular (place within lorecchio) instantaneously informs the brain of the position of the head regarding the ground. The brain therefore stimulates muscles of the neck affinch these allows that the head turns in the direction of the fall and therefore also the body follows the movement of the head and cos the cat falls in feet. C to emphasize for that the gattini hardly been born they do not have the sight and lapparato vestibular completely developed and therefore are not in a position to falling in feet.


  the cat of the photo of Saretta85


The capacit riproduttiva of the gatte ones it begins after the maturit sexual that happen around to the 7 months and hard until all8 hard year while for the males it begins around the 12 months approximately and until the 14 year.

In the moments dellestro the female attracts the males with grida most particular, of the miagolii it extends to you and from the intense tone. Pu to happen that a female lathes in the period dellestro and that therefore couples itself also during the perfect pregnancy and this does not prevent the birth of gattini for both the generations that can come at the same time to the light or after 13 days.

The delivery happens after 62-63 days after laccoppiamento and every gattino it is born ahead with the head in and all wrapping from a thin covering that the mother lacerer with the teeth in order to pass then to cut the umbilical cord and to leccare the baby in order to stimulate it to breathe. Finished to the delivery gatta mother it eats the placenta, habit shared from many other mammals, while the small gi sucks the latte ones. The others gattini, one gatta some give birth in average from 2 to 4, will be born to not regular intervals. The gattini hardly been born they are all blind people, only open the eyes after some days.



Although lormai long cohabitation and the strait relationship established with luomo this has not changed the habits of the cat.

As far as lalimentazione the cat prefers little abundant meal but you attend during larco of the day. From my personal experience I can say that the cats preprefer the dry food like feeding every day while lumido they once appreciate it every a lot but not said that it is cos for all the subjects.

When I speak about humid and dry food I report to often eats me of qualit perch a lot the industries that produce these products are multinationals that use refuse of the slaughtering, cereals not adapted human allalimentazione and other products of lowest qualit. Obviously these alimony makes badly the health delluomo as to that one of our animals and it is risked to save on the food in order then to make to suffer our micio and to spend the moneies saves to you in medical cures!!

It must therefore be made much attention and be read the labels of foods for cats always well that we acquire holding present that the companies cite as by-products generically the refuse of which we are speaking.

The cat a territorial animal much and habitual one in fact divides still its territory in zones very defined based on the function that these have for he: zone shelter, zone around house and zone of hunting.

In the zone shelter (room or preferred angle) the cat is considered to the sure one and protect and it lets to approach and to touch and does not leave to enter in this territory no other cat.

In the zone around house the cat maintains itself allerta and on the defensives also in the comparisons of the master.

In the zone of hunting instead the cat capture its prede and tries to fight the aggressori that exceed the limit marked from its excrements.

Frank areas exist then also where vige the law of the devout ones strongly.


  the cat of the photo of Saretta85


The cat also an animal much onlooker, always ready to explore new territories and to try new hiding places, in order to even crush a pisolino to us also perch solid to pass great part of the day sleeping. Not strange to find just the cat that it sleeps comfortably on the divano of house or our bed, preferibilmente sdraiato over a our indumento for being to contact with our odore and to in its turn imprimere its odore on we that part of its clan considers us.


  the cat of the photo of Saretta85


You do not scare yourselves not even when you find yours adored micio that before putting itself to sleep on something of the your ago fused one and raise and lower alternatively the zampette front with nails leggermente sfoderate, to part some damage to the woven one on which the cat is completing this operation, the meant one of this action wonderful, the micio in fact is manifesting all the its affection and its felicit and also this time smells to it, yours compared to that one of the mother, makes part of the game. This action in fact your cat made it from small in order to stimulate lallattamento and at the same time to manifest to the mother its felicit for the received nutriment.

the cat of the photo of pushkin


Characteristic Unaltra of the cat the pulizia. And in fact an animal many cleaned up leccate thanks to vigorous with the which currycomb and this allows it to be an animal that does not emanate catti to you smells and that it has always a hair I polish and ordered. Gatta mother standard the pulizia also to the its since smallest puppys.

the cat of the photo of isetta



The social life of the cats organized second a defined hierarchical structure from marks them odorosi leaves you from every member purposely. Every cat in several parts of the endowed body of particular sebacee glands, in cheeks, the mento, the labbra, the bearings of legs and the perianal zone to the base of the tail. These glands produce of the secretions that allow to every copy to communicate to the others the own presence and the borders of the territory under just the control.

When two cats meet themselves in fact in order to know themselves they smell mutual while if they are of the same one comunit they scour in order to exchange the own ones smells.

A particular way, called chinning , that she uses the cat in order to mark just the territory, to sfregare mento and the mouth on the objects that often belong to it and also on the owner, cos to make to know the other cats who those objects or those persons are propriet private to which laccesso denied also to the exemplary of the own one comunit.



The fused one is the sound that devout of all the cat characterizes but the factor that it generates to them remains a mystery still today although it knows that these are controlled from the central nervous system them where c just a center of the fused one.

The fused one is at intervals regular inspiratorie and espiratorie emissions sonorous of 30-50 milliseconds that can have levels of intensit much various. The fused one comes emitted from the laringe and the diaphragm that are contracted alternatively in the fastest way (velocit never found in other mammals) contributing to the respiratory nellapparato dellaria circulation and improving the circulation of the blood.

The fused one has various functions: they serve from callback for the small and favor the lactation, they manifest serenit and the felicit dellanimale in a determined moment.



For the cat the game a lot important perch thanks to this develops its instinct of hunter. And a lot important therefore to encourage just the cat to play perch this helps it to maintain in shape is physically that psychologically.

Indispensable for the cats that live in house also to posizionare in a precise angle of house the tiragraffi, gadget on which the cat it sharpens own nails saving the furnitures.

the cat of the photos of pushkin



Devout that the sense of the words, limportanza in the language man-cat is in the tone of the voice. To use repetitive terms and gestures with a sweet tone helps the cat to understand the sense of the actions delluomo and they stimulate it to communicate in its turn.

The cat an animal much sensitive and, although not The Manifest, much legacy to just the landladies.

A gesture that has a lot meant for the cat to carry to house to just the landladies one preda captured from he. The cat capture that one preda purposely in order to carry it to the master perch feels responsible of its maintenance and like gesture daffetto. Therefore who finds itself in the situation to receive a gift of this type from the just micio one in must accept it of good degree and ricompensare the just micio one with some coccola!



The cats, like the dogs, are the devout animals from company are diffused and devout loved dalluomoin realt unfortunately all the men do not love them indeed.

The cats are animals in a position to debit very many affection to who take cure of they, affection that for often comes forgotten, cancelled in the moment in which the devout master of it it does not have need or even when the moment arrives to leave for the vacations.

From that moment the cat becomes only a weight, an object of which us it must be freed and fast the better method and devout in order to make it turns out to be labbandono.

Million cats every year come vigliaccamente abandon to you to same they from persons not even worthy to be defined human beings. But understood also that, for ignorance, malconoscenza, it makes moralismi or menefreghismo some owners of cats refuse to sterilize the own animals and they make them to reproduce without control increasing is the randagismo (or worse killing nascituri) that the spread of diseases, to greater reason if they do not make not to vaccinate the own animals.


And therefore a lot important to understand that just the cat of race does not go first of all sterilized for its interest, for its health and in order not to put the world micetti that hardships and suffering would live of.

The great and concrete sterilization laiuto devout that can be given to the cats randagi, particularly expensive and impegnativa unoperazione for the veterinary and your micio not to resume itself in a hurry becoming devout calm, devout homely and devout careful when girer for the roads, running little danger than to be invested from the cars.

Sterilizing your animal you will not make it to suffer perch the private ones from the maternit/paternit perch levento that for the men cos wonderful as the birth of the own sons for the animals pure instinct and is not involved the sphere of the feelings, you do not let to condition from makes moralismi, you are not superficial.


To cause dellabbandono of the cats some colonies are been born, places in which these mici without landladies come feed to you, it cures to you and it sterilizes to you from persons who, without scope of lucro but only for love and passion, attend to these animals wonderful fairs and.


A magnificent example of safeguard, protection and cure of the cats abandons to you represented from the Feline Colony of Argentine Tower to Rome.





Argentine tower one between the devout antichi templi roman (centuries 400-300 a.c.) where some volunteers of various nazionalit take care themselves without pause to attend to approximately 250 cats that are hour accommodate to you.

And from 1929 that in questarea the volonterose persons devout take themselves cure of the cats but has need dellaiuto of all in order to succeed to continue in their attempt.



For the volunteers of Argentine Tower every offer and every small aid gesture (a practical aid to even nellaccudire the animals) of vital importance.

It is worth therefore the pain if loccasione of being to Rome is had to visit this beautifulst colony and to discover how much beautiful one on all fours to come kidnapped the beautifulst eyes of one of the hosts of the colony and, who knows it, even to decide to adopt it, also at a distance if the possibilit is not had to carry it to house.


I would want to finally exhort all the persons whom they noticed of the groups of cats randagi or quite of the incustodite colonies to contact the LAV of zone or the USL affinch they take part and they arrange these animals in the better possible way like they it must make.



Bringing back of continuation the legislation puts into effect them with respect to the safeguard of the cats.


Law 281 of 14 August 1991


The Chamber of deputies and the Senate of the Republic have approved of;
Promulga the following law:
Art. 1
Principles generate them
1. The State promotes and disciplines the protection of the affection animals, sentence the actions of crudelta' against of they, the ill-treatments and their abandonment, to the aim to favor the correct cohabitation between man and guardian animal and of the public health and the atmosphere.
Art. 2
Treatment of the dogs and other animals of affection
1. The control of the population of the dogs and the cats by means of the limitation of the births comes carried out, held account of the scientific progress, near the services veterinaries of unita' the sanitary premises. The owners or holders can resort to own expenses to the ambulatory veterinaries authorize you of the cinofile societies, of the protecting societies of the animals and private.
[ ]
7. E' prohibited to anyone maltrattare the cats that live in liberta'.
8. The cats that live in liberta' are sterilize to you from autorita' sanitary competent for territory and the riammessi in their group.
9. The cats in liberta' can soppressi if seriously sick or incurabili.
10. The agencies and the protezioniste associations can, of understanding with unita' the sanitary premises, possession in management the colonies of cats that live in liberta', assuring of the cure of the health and the conditions of soppravvivenza.
[ ]
3. The regions adopt, within six months from the date of entrance in vigor of the present law, felt the animaliste, protezioniste and venatorie associations, that they operate in regional within, a program of prevention to the randagismo.
[ ]
Art. 5
1. Anyone abandons dogs, cats or whichever other animal guarded in the own room e' punished with the administrative endorsement of the payment of one sum from Liras trecentomila to Liras a million.
[ ]
4. Anyone makes commerce of dogs or cats to the aim of experimentation, in violation of the enforced laws, e' punished with the administrative endorsement of the payment of one sum from Liras five million to Liras ten million.
5. The comminata fine for the fine of which to the first codicil of article 727 of the criminal code e' elevated in the minimum to Liras cinquecentomila and the maximum to Liras tremilioni.
[ ]
The present law, fortified of I seal of the State, sara' inserted in the official Collection of the normative actions you of the Italian Republic. Made E' obligation to anyone is up to observe it and to make to observe it like law of the State.
Date to Rome, addi' 14 August 1991

Andreotti, Prime Minister of the Ministers

(integral version )


a dedication personal.

The Cat


Beautiful cat, you come on my burning heart:

it withdraws lunghie and it leaves me

to drown in your rilucenti eyes

screzia I gild to you and dagata.


When my fingers disc of a valve caress

Your head and lelastica rump,

and when my inebria hand of the pleasure of palpare your body electrical worker,


I see again my woman: it has in the look,

like you, amiable beast,

a cold and pungente cut of dart,


and from the feet until the head,

fine unaria, a dangerous scent

they are annoying all around to the bronzeo its body.


Charles Baudelaire Les Fleurs du badly

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