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INSEPARABLE Sig.Ra SUSANNA of the WhiteForest breeding meets

Here under, you will find the questions that many customers of Inseparable , estimative and it gets passionate you of MAINE COON have turned to us in these months.
Naturally we have preferred to group many questions, than also being formulated in various way expressed analogous questions. Friends of Inseparable.

Good reading:

D. 1 From how much time it raises the Maine Coon?
R. From one ten of years.

D. 2 Which or which are the reasons for which it has chosen this race?
R. The choice e' be made based on the beauty. If I must just be
sincere, second me e' the beautiful cat piu' that is. To observe a Maine
Coon da' always an emotion. Later on to discover the wonderful dowries of
character e' be one graditissima surprised.

D. 3 Thing means, second she, to be today Bravo breeder?
R. Every pontifica breeder on this argument, including obviously if
same between the "serious breeders" and accusing its adversaries not
it are it. I do not want to make equally.
However a serious breeder must strive itself in order to always produce subjects

D. 4 Which are devout the great satisfactions collections during its
attivit of breeder?
R. With the time I have learned not to give excessive importance to the extensions even if
I choose with much cure the riproduttori, between the piu' special and competiti you to
world-wide level. However for me the greater satisfaction e' to see that
persons are content of the mici who I have given they.

D. 5 Which are requirement acclimatize them and hygienic to which it adheres itself and
that contraddistinguono a good breeding?
R. Hygiene, hygiene and still hygiene and moreover the possibilita' for the cats of
to have use of of a space protect to the open. And still some angles
_ "secret" in which the the micio can shelter when of have some want. Also to i
mici to times it serves a little privacy!

D.6 How many exemplary are present in its breeding?
R. In our breeding we mostly make selection, for which the mici
they go and they come and the varied number in continuation.

D. 7 There a cat that a sign in its heart has left devout of all
or not?
R. The cat of the dreams. Perhaps perche' it was one of first that I have had. It was one
the sweetest micio, a po' frightening, with a slanciato, wonderful body,
vellutato. Task that, if pits be a gattina, I would be myself in love
lost of he.

D. 8 As it thinks that evolver the selection future of this splendid one
R. The Maine Coon e' a natural race, not constructed to small table and therefore MUST
to remain thus com' e'. I augur myself lively that the several feline associations
they hold account of this and they do not try to modify of the standard.

D. 9 As they come it socializes the puppys to you been born in its breeding?
R. The Maine Coon e' a cat the much sociable by nature and therefore cucciolo
e' affectionate and sociable even if e' be subordinate to some
socialization program. However, like not taking in arm and
to coccolare micino a much graceful one? The thing goes from se'.

D.10 Which guarantees must supply them one person interested to the one purchase
its cucciolo?
R. I want to cite a case limit, but rigorously true. A such one telephones me,
saying that its cat the e' died under one machine. And therefore he
it finds in difficolta', because of the rats that turn around to house. Then it has
thought that, inasmuch as a micio must be taken, it convene quite
to take it beautiful. It would appreciate therefore a great copy, much beautiful one and
healthiest, perche' it does not want to spend moneies ne' time in order to carry it from
veterinary. Obviously, for the purchase of the micio puo' to only spend one
he number paltry, perche' also this could in short going to end
under one machine.
It seems a joke, but I assure you that not the e'. Obviously to this
getlteman the cat not da'; -)

D.11 As he follows the cucciolo yielded? And as the relationship with i is developed
new owners?
R. It does not appeal to to be nagging and I know to me that I can be calm, perche'
nearly all the purchasers deal the micio like a son. However ago
it always appeal to to even receive news on feats of i ours mici and
also some photo, for being able some to follow the development. In our job e'
important to control in that way develops the mici of the several lines
of blood. This we make it of norm in breeding, withholding piu'
puppys of the necessary one, just for having a constant monitoring of
our production.

D. 12 Which are object to it to you that it, with its job, thinks to have
caught up and which others prefixed to catch up itself in future?
R. In the selection I try to above all hold account of the indications of
prestigious Native club American "The Maine Coon Cat", an association
that the scope resolves to do protect and to conserve intact the purity and
peculiar characteristics of this fantastic cat.

And that to say? In many years, a good standard of beauty and character task
to have caught up it, but

it is necessary to always improve.

It must that, in seeing a Maine Coon, the persons exclaim: "Oh, than
wonder! ".


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