Scatophagus Argus or Pesce leopardo

Latin name
Common name
Fish leopardo
Principle 25 cm.
Values of the water
Temp. 28/30 Densit 1000/1022 PH 7,5/8,4

Fish pertaining to the own family of the Scatofagidi, coming from from the Indian ocean and that Pacific.
Spiccatamente eurialino, that is in a position to adapting itself to the variations of the salinit, lives mainly in marine water but, especially in young ET, it attends lagoons of mangrovie and the foci of the rivers passing calmly from a marine water to one salmastra to one perfectly sweet.
Body a lot flattened, squared, head a little prominente one, large mouth with the labbra carnose; the dorsal fin uniform in two pinnule, orthogonal between they, ventral fins thin and lengthened.
Livery a lot striking: on a green bottom one black irregular large series of point; to times the forehead and the back are of color red.
The sturdiest, compatible fish with all the others breeds of equally sturdy tropical fish purch.

In Aquarius pu living alone or also in numerous branches, the important that bathtub of large has to disposition one capacit.
Once acclimatized adapted to all the types of mangime, eating, smodatamente, dry in grains, frozen-dry and, preferibilmente, dept freeze, artemie and chironomus for the small devout exemplary, gamberetti and polpa of cozze for those devout large ones.
Considering the appetite of this fish, the Scatophagus name means mangiatore of refusals (of whichever kind!! ), they are advisable frequent and abundant partial water changes.
Being little demanding as far as the feeding and the characteristics of the water, a extremely advisable fish for the principiante.


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