I fish navy of the coralline barriers of the Pacific, the Caribbeanses and the Mediterranean are known like species marine tropical. The attraction of this type of Aquarius, than devout the recent one of all, due to the large one variet of shapes and colors of the fish.

These have variable dimensions, but large the devout exemplary can have prices forbidden to you. Even if there are less supplying than fish navy that of sweet water, much species are enough easy to find.

The marine tropical breeding of devout species the impegnativa branch of this hobby, is for the nature of the fish that for the difficolt to maintain the environmental conditions adapted them to their survival. I fish navy are much devout difficult to reproduce that not those of sweet water, are devout expensive and stretch to being aggressive. Moreover, poich many are sensitive to the variations of the conditions chemistries of the water, these must be maintained stable. Good aeration, one filtration with filter under sand and a heating one are essential one.

The bathtub would have to be resistant to the saltiness and not to contain hardwares, that they could be corroded. Even if plants cannot be introduced, the corals constitute however an optimal alternative.


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