PERSIAN SUN   (Lepomis gibbosus)


Dimensions Long 10-20 cm

Original geographic distribution of North America

It lives in not deep waters of rivers to slow course and of lagos, in rich sun zones vegetazione.Il Persian a bony sweet water fish, imported in the century slid from the America and present hour in many localit of Europe centers them and southern, where for quickly diffused its prolificit on immense scale.

It has alive colors much between which they predominate the green and the blue but with reflected forts gilds to you, donde the name derives. The compressed and high body; on the posterior part of opercolo present a lobe that enunciates for the dark red color. Long dorsal fin, constituted in realt from two parts has one, of which posterior devout the high one, while the first door spiny beams duri.Questo fish nutre of aquatic bugs us, small crustaceans, avannotti and worms.

It is reproduced to spring, from May to june, and its behavior in makes of the reproduction much characteristic one. The male constructs one species of nest, digging with the tail one small hole on the bottom in order then to attract: one female until making to place it. The eggs (a thousand for female) are many vischiose, join between of they and with the bottom of the nest.

The incarica male to watch them until the schiusa, after to have driven away the female. The small are born after three or five days from the deposition and of them to some other day they abandon the nest and they repair between the aquatic plants. They exist approximately 30 species of Centrarchidi, limits to you in prevalence alI' North America: between these it goes remembered the Persian trout that pu to arrive to the 10 kilograms of weight and that be imported with happening also in Europe.  


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