Ictalurus melas

Characteristics : dorsal fin with 1 followed spiny beam from 7-8 soft beams; adiposa fin; anale fin with 16-22 soft beams.

The maximum length until 45 cm; weight until 1,5 Kg.

DESCRIPTION: a fish from the bluff body with a head massiccia, flattened dorsally, equipped of a great fortified boccale opening of jaw sturdy and supplied of many small sharp teeth. Much characteristic they turn out the 8 present barbels of various length around the mouth: 4 are on the advanced jaw.

The color of the back and the flanks dark, black tawny-green or while the clear abdomen; the body completely lacking in squame and the skin are introduced covered of abundant mucus.

The first beam of the fins chest straps and the dorsal fin turns out extremely spiky, in a position to provoking annoying wounded in case of incautious manipulation of these fish; this peculiarit represents moreover a mechanism of effective defense in the comparisons of other predators.

Biology : the fish cat, original species of the America North, lives in water course discs of a valve, ponds, swamps, lagos prepreferring the zones with little deep waters and deep muddy where infossa during the cold season; in these atmospheres it is recovered in prossimit of zone rich of aquatic plants, of sporgenti roots and coppers.

vorace a predator, particularly active in the serali and nocturnal hours in spring and summer; its prede preferred is constituted from unampia range of organisms animals that go from the benthic macroinvertebrates to the frogs to the small fish.

Excessive numerous populations of fish cat can have a remarkable effect limiting in the ittiche comparisons of other species in how much in a position to carrying out one most remarkable predazione on eggs and avannotti

a species in a position to living in atmospheres to low oxygen tenor thanks also to enables to carry out one limited cutaneous respiration.

The reproduction happens when the temperature of the water is gone around on the 18-20C; the eggs come placed in nest dug on the bottom or gained in shelves of the sides and come watched from both parents who later on supply cures ancestral celebrations to the prole until to when the small fish do not catch up approximately i 5 cm.


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the species diffused in all the country, comprised islands.