order Testudines

family Emydidae

Species Terrapene Carolina



The Terrapene we can find It on nearly all the America north, until to the Gulf of Mexico, the four main subspecies are: 1) Terrapene Carolina Carolina: diffused in the part center it orients them of the United States; 2) Terrapene Carolina Triunguis: diffused in the zone of the Mississipi; 3) Terrapene Carolina Major: diffused on the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico; 4) Terrapene Carolina Bauri: original of Florida.


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This turtle has carapace an oval a lot to cupola with the steep margins, one light fairing and with of the variable designs of color dark and of the yellow striature or orange brown. The piastrone instead yellow, without bridge and with a hinge to the height of the scuti humeral that ago s that when the turtle withdraws the front part it closes nearly completely. This its peculiarit has ago to take the turtle name to them scato it. The scuti of the carapace they show of the light ones furrows concentrates to us of increase, but in the old devout subjects these solcature stretch to disappear. The advanced jaw and leggermente incerneata, the legs is little slaps. The males are light devout large and the posterior lobe of the piastrone concave. The claws of posterior legs are thick, short and curves, and have also one wide and long tail. The females have the long, straight and thin claws posterior devout, while theirs piastrone slowly or leggermente convex. Several subspecies of Terrapene exist of it list some here:

1) Terrapene Carolina Carolina carapace of color brown with yellow designs or orange measure from the 10 to i 15 cm and has 4 small fingers on posterior legs.

2) Terrapene Carolina Triunguis has the same dimensions of devout the light tightened Carolina but the carapace. The color brown rossiccio or olive with the dark devout joints, the piastrone yellow devout clearly. The head and on the front limbs has of the small red orange or yellow spots and has three fingers in posterior legs. The males have the red head.

3) Terrapene Carolina Major devout large with i its 18 cm, carapace the dark brown without no design. The dark skin as the carapace and has 4 fingers on posterior legs.

4) Terrapene Carolina Bauri similar to the Major but devout small and with of the yellow designs on the carapace less marks you of the Carolina.

Are however to signal many hybridizations between the several subspecies being obtained cos many varying of aspect.


The season of the reproduction begins in spring and continues through the summer until in autumn. The male couples devout times in the season also with the same female. The female places fertile eggs also after 4 years from the connection. The hard deposition from the first lights of the dawn to the sunset, the turtle digs a hole in the sand with posterior legs and it places you from the 3 to 8 eggs (in kind 4 or 5). These are elliptic with a thin and flexible shell of 3 x 2 cm. The generally hard incubation 3 devout months but pu to vary if the season or little warmth. Also for this species the sex of the nascituri depends on the temperature of incubation, with 22 27 will have devout embryos males beyond the 29 devout females. The Terrapene very developed sin from birth and grows 1,5 cm medium the year catching up the maturit sexual towards the 5 years and continues to riprodursi for beyond 20 years. Their expectation of life until to 100 years. The varied rituale of connection second the subspecies, the Terrapene Carolina Carolina Has a courtship divided in 3 is made, before encirclement where the male succeeds in also to bite the female a phase of pre-connection where the turtle begins to mount on the female and to the end the true relationship and just. For the Terrapene Carolina Major instead the first characterized phase and from the male who approaches itself the female making to swell ritmicamente the neck and the Terrapene Carolina Bauri quite know them over the female with all and four legs, making then to pulsare the neck.


The degree dattivit of this turtle depends on the room temperature where it lives, the preferred temperatures go from the 29 to the 38. At the height of summer theirs attivit the mattino is shrunk soon or endured after a thunderstorm. When the temperature increases of hides in freschi places like hollow shafts danimali or lairs, but to times a ombreggiato small lake is dipped in some puddle or. The turtles that live devout to north go in letargo from fine October to open them, dig of the deep holes (until to 60 cm) and l they remain all the winter. observed state that these rectums them tendentially dig their every lair year always in the same place. The turtles of the south in kind are active all the year. When threatened ritrae head tail and legs and it closes the piastrone, remaining in this position until to that the last danger. Just for this type of defense except the small, these turtles do not have great enemies.


The Terrapene Carolina onnivora, in nature nutre with lombrichi snails, died bugs, fish, amphibious fungi, eggs, carogne, small insomma their diet much varied one and is adapted to that it offers the season to it. The young devout turtles have a rich protein diet animals, as grow become devout vegetarians. This the reason perch easy to find the young devout exemplary in the pressed ones of the devout water course where easy to find small prede. The adult turtles nutrono on the earth.


The first consideration that we can make that this not advised species to a breeder the first experience, for the reason that the requirements of this turtle are complex. The ideal place in order to raise this species of turtle an external fencing, must hold account, in the realization, that they are optimal scavatrici for which the recinzione must extend at least 40 cm under the level of the land and it does not have to offer seizes perch could scramble up. In the fencing it must it are to us a small basin with always cleaned up water that it has the sufficient dimensions in order to make to dip the immersed animal and in the land so that is simple for she to catch up the water. To the inside of the recinzione we can plant of the vegetation making attention not to use velenose plants. On the land pu to leave themselves also of the grass and to scatter a layer of leaves sand banks that a substrate creates a lot loved from this species. For the inner lodging the turtle advises itself not to use a terrario in glass perch seeing the walls would not continuously hit against of they provoking one stress the animal. For this reason we advise to at least use a large washbowl in plastic or metal 100x40, also we will use here like substrate of the sand of a thickness of 15 cm covered with leaves sand banks, a water small basin dipped in the sand and a root that a shelter offers. The temperature dovr to be maintained between the 28 and the 30 posizionando one lamp heating to a margin of the terrario in way to give a gradient of devout temperature and to have one low temperature nellaltro side of the terrario. The lighting system dovr to be guaranteed from a tube neon UVA-B in order at least 12 hours to the day, but the light does not have to be much fort, considered that the days in which these devout rectums them assets are the warm and cloudy days in correspondence of a summery thunderstorm. Nebulizzare, for this the terrario with one sure frequency in order to guarantee a sure degree of umidit.

Feeding in breeding

Variet the dalimenti that we can offer large, holding account that the small are devout carnivores and the devout adults vegetarians. We consider that a composed feeding type for remaining 70% of vegetablesthe animals. As animal food we can use lombrichi, it browses, larve, small bugs, meat of pollo, but in the measure once to week. The alimony vegetables can be several insalate types of (rucola, lattuga, radicchio, etc), berries (strawberries, more, raspberries, ribes), yields (apples, pears, mango), fungi. Verdure of the type spinaci, peas, broccoli, rhubarb, cauliflower, go used with parsimony for the high content of iodine and ossalico acid. Last thing on the feeding, that one to often vary qualit of foods the offers, this perch the Terrapene stretches to then become accustomed to a food refusing all the others.


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