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INSEPARABLE the Getlteman meets Maria Grace Bregani and Eleonora Ruggiero (respective President and Secretary CIGAS)


1)       Dellintervistato presentation

Eleonora Ruggiero.
I have begun to raise Persians in 1987 and from 2000 I dedicate exclusively to the selection of the cats of Abyssinian race and somali.
I make part of the Directive Council and the Commission Book Origins dellAfeF. They are moreover student judge, always for lAfeF. They are founding associate and Secretary of the CIGAS.

Maria Bregani Grace.
I and my husband we have begun to raise Abyssinian in 1997. We are members dellANFI (National Association Feline Italian), members also dellAbyssinian Breed Council, the international club of race recognized from the FIFe. We are founding associates and I am President of the CIGAS.


2)       That cos, of what it is taken care and which the aim of the CIGAS?

The CIGAS a Feline Club of Race, lay, without aim of lucro.
Poich face to the protection of the Abyssinian race and somali in how much such one, the CIGAS does not make reference to an association or feline federation detailed list, but it demands that all the own ones associate to you are enrolled to feline unAssociazione.

The CIGAS resolves to do of:

-         to develop to the interest and the acquaintance for the cats of Abyssinian race and somali;

-         to preservare the genotype and the phenotype of the cat of Abyssinian race and somali;

-         to promote some and to encourage of the breeding;

-         to contribute to the control   and to the prevention of the hereditary genetic diseases;

-         to favor the mutual attendance between associates to it to you, which breeders or owners of cats of Abyssinian race and somali.   


D. 1             Could shortly dirci who for she a cat and that it leave occupy the cats in its life?
R. 1      
ER. The cats are integrating part of my life and are the companions of my days.            

D. 2      Which or which are the reasons for which it has chosen these breeds? how it has known to them?
R. 2     
ER I essentially have chosen these breeds for their character. I tried a lively and expansive cat devout of the Persians who I had had until then.
MGB We have uncovered the Abyssinian and ce we are in love is for the beauty and leleganza (seem concentrating of felinit), it is for the extremely affectionate character, is for curiosit and the lintelligenza.

D. 3      What means, second she, to be today Bravo breeder?
R. 3      To be Bravo breeder in the first place means to love the own cats and knowledge that the way introduces full load of difficolt. In the first place to select considering them their well-being and their health and, only in according to moment, the correspondence to the standard, than however fundamental.          

D.4       To who in particular recognizing for competence and passion?

R. 4      ER To my friend Marlne Messerli, Swiss Abyssinian breeder and somalis from a some thirty of years and vice president of the Cat Club de Genve, that it has had confidence in me and has allowed me to carry in Italy Abyssinian and somalis of new lines.  

MGB To many breeders, above all foreign, than they have helped us with their experience when             we were to the beginnings. In particolar way we are now legacies from friendship with Doris Angermund, German unallevatrice of Abyssinian. And sure we must be grates to Clear Tassara and Pino Star, until little years ago the only Abyssinian breeders in ANFI, for lamicizia that they have to us classified when we were muovendo the first steps in the world delbreeders and of the exposures.

D. 5      There are things that it would not rifare in its experience in within gattofilo?

R. 5      ER not J

MGB Not, but perhaps, with greater experience, I would have avoided sure errors that I have made allinizio, had to ingenuit.

D. 6     Which are devout the great satisfactions here end collections?

R. 6      ER To have 3 Champions dEuropa, a Great Champion dEuropa, a Grand Champion TICA and possession cats between the best ones in expo than various federations, to confirmation of the level from they caught up.

MGB. To have 5 Champions dEuropa, and all the others to several levels in the championship, to second dellet, what that testifies of a qualit that we succeed to maintain in the time. In the past two years we have been the first one and according to Italian breeding of breeds to short hair in ANFI: these successes testify of a good medium level caught up, that it involves also the fact that by now we are introducing also to international level. The greater satisfaction for being resolutions to found a race club, the first Abyssinian club never existed in Italy

D. 7      If us they have been, which the greater disappointments?

R. 7      ER Devout that about disappointments it must be spoken, to times, of pains, when it is badly or a cucciolo it dies or a pregnancy does not reach the term. Also being a cat with little problems to riproduttivo level, some time, in the course of the years, they can capitare of the problems.

MGB . Draft as well as of disappointments tied to is not turned out to you, how much allamore for our cats: when one of they is badly, or one cucciolata does not succeed to survive although all our efforts, then it is felt to us impotent and it is suffered.              

D. 8      Which are requirement acclimatize them and hygienic to which it adheres itself and that contraddistinguono a good breeding? (structures, feeding, pulizia)

R. 8      To such purpose requirement are various demands to ALL the Associates of the CIGAS. All in the Ethical Code are found that possible to unload from our situated one, , nellarea Download. Memory here only the main ones: prohibition dellutilizzo of cages in breeding, obligation of test for the genetic diseases in which pu to incur labissino. Many breeds have genetic problems, legacies to the selection, all the breeders unfortunately do not make for a prevention speech.


D.9       That cos for she an optimal subject?
R. 9             An optimal subject a cat answering to the standard, that it achieves devout the high titles them and has one good health and an optimal character.  


R. 10    C a micio that has left of all a sign in its heart devout or not?

D. 10    ER. Every cat has just the place in my heart, every various cat dallaltro. A particular place has my first cat, a cat not of race of siamese type, than it has approached all the other cats to me. Pesos was called, me lha killed pirata of the road, investing it of purpose with the own car; from that time my cats devout have not been able to exit in road.

MGB. All our cats make part integrating of the family. But a held particular place from Gina, our decana, and from Lionel, a our dead male without warning of a fulminating lymphoma two years ago. Its dead women have left empty an indeed incolmabile one.


D. 11    Which, or which would have to be the main scope of the selection?

R. 11    The selection would have to be fixed to obtain subjects of good qualit, always holding docchio health and character, perch only one minimal part of our cats ago the espositiva career, the greater part enters to make part integrating of other families and, if also of good qualit, for their new ones amiciquello that he counts are the character and the health, not that they are of the Champions.


D. 12    Which are the sanitary guarantees that a breeding CIGAS offers in case of tares and/or of genetic diseases that are manifested after the cession of the cucciolo?

R. the 12 CIGAS make a speech of prevention of the genetic diseases. At the moment of the cession of a cucciolo or an adult cat, lallevatore of it it guarantees its good health, lassenza of you adorned and lassenza to you of clear genetic tares, less than these clearly they are indicated and illustrated who it means to take the cat and that the new owner underwrites one liberatoria from the responsabilit dellallevatore on the consequences of these tares.

In the case of genetic tares clear and/or certifyd the cat dovr to be declared Not for breeding

Cucciolo or the cat that leaves breeders must obligatorily be accompanies to you from the documentation of competence. Such composed documentation gives:

sanitary booklet (or European Passport veterinary) debitamente compiled with the data of the cat and lelenco of the vaccinazioni dated and signed of the veterinary;

  1. eventual certificate of good health signed from the veterinary of confidence delbreeders in not front date to 10 (ten) days from that delleffettiva cession of the subject;
  2. cession contract that dovr to be underwrite from both the parts (buying breeder). Such contract dovr to adhere itself to the principles esplicati you of the Ethical Code of the CIGAS;
  3. rilasciati pedigree and eventual microchip dallAssociazione of belongings or, in the case in which this still it had not been rilasciato, copy of the birth denunciation   and it mounts and copy of the demand for pedigree of the cucciolata one.
  4. copy of the genetic tests, carries out to you on the cat or the parents, in agreement with Ethical code of the CIGAS.


D. 13             According to she a good cat, must be also a domestic hunter? To hunt rats from house and outskirtses? To make one feline life?

R. 13             Labissino must calmly have an optimal relationship with the own human friends and pu living in apartment where sar to sure from incidents caused from it blots some, from the thefts and diseases transmitted from other cats. Its instinct of hunter sfogher with the flies or littles ball and topolini feints.


D. 14    Which it could be the gattofilo devout adapted for a cat somali or an Abyssinian?

R. 14             Labissino and the somali is cats adapted is for of the children who for of the adults, on condition that she can herself be dedicated they of the time during the day and make them to play. An Abyssinian left to if same intristisce. This does not mean to be to its disposition 24 hours on 24, but simply to have of the time for he. When we are outside house he we sleep, ready to risvegliarsi to ours I re-enter!


D. 15    Where they are similar and where they differ lAbissino and the Somali?

R. 15    The Somali only differs dallabissino for the length of the hair, for the rest they are the same cat and they have the same character


D. 16    Which are the fundamental rules to which to adhere itself in the relationship with a cat?

R. 16    The cat, and labissino/somalo in particular, establishes with we a relationship that not of dependency, but of parit, founded on affection and respect. The fundamental rules which to adhere itself, second me, they are only these: to love it and to respect it. The cat knows to exchange again perfectly all us, cos settles down itself unintesa truly strordinaria.


D. 17    What means in terms of time and engagement to select excellent exemplary?

R. 17    The selection means to dedicate they great part of our time and our moneies. Differently from what the devout ones think, a serious breeding and of qualit difficultly ago earning of the moneies. This the reason for which the greater part of the feline breedings they are amatoriali. Expenses of management delbreeders and for the participation to the exposures are many elevating and often they are not covered from the sale of the eventual puppys.


D. 18    How it thinks that evolver splendid the spread future of this race?

R. 18    We hope that these splendid cats always diffuse themselves of devout in Italy. The Abyssinian, also belonging to a race between devout the ancient ones, are   much rare in Italy; what that it does not happen in the rest dEuropa and in America.


D. 19    How it judges the job of selection carried out in Italy till now? (perch? With which motivation)

R. 19             Labissino one little diffused little famous race and in Italy. The rare somali still devout. Until the end of years 90 they are themselves selects mainly the colors to you lepre and sorrel, catching up optimal he turns out to you also to international level. Lately, thanks to the passion of some breeders, are selecting also colors like the blue, the fawn, and quite lilac and the tortie, colors these last two not recognized from all the associations. This enthusiasm for the race very makes to hope us for the future. Up to now, given the insufficient spread here in Italy, the greater contacts were allestero, what that could also create of the difficolt of logistic type. Now for the race it is beginning to expand itself here also, for which we augur ourselves that thanks to the job of all, soon the Abyssinian and the somalis will be known and always appreciates you of devout.


D. 20     We often feel to speak about cats acquires to you in store and coming from from breedings better it does not identify to you, probably this plague does not plague still Abyssinian and Somali, which are the risks in the general panorama? (Which risks run the cucciolo and which problematic ones can interest the owner of a cat of dubbia origin)

R. 20    It must diffidare of who wants to sell an Abyssinian or a somali without pedigree!
If who yields you the cat you does not want to rilasciare the pedigree, perch, probably, that cat the pedigree ce does not have it at all, or ce it has it, but its breeder has something to hide * genetic problems, crossings not allowed or other ancora* and does not want rilasciarvelo. Pedigree a coast between the 15 and 20 euro to second of the Association of belongings and comes rilasciato in times and with very precise norms. The price of a cat depends on all a series of devout factors articulates to you.
ALL the feline associations obligate the own ones associate to you to yield the own cats, young people or adults, with the pedigree. The pedigree the only document that proves the purity of esemplare.Per a who wants guardian the own lines of blood or it does not want to make to reproduce not consistent cats to the standard, they exist the pedigree "Not for breeding", that they confirm the genealogia of a cat, but prevent that this can be used in reproduction. The cats with pedigree, moreover, must submit to all a series of regarding norms the vaccinazioni and ET of removal from the mother, the number of times that a mother pu riprodursi.Gli recognized breeders are subject to controls from part of the Federations of belongings, in order to guarantee the minimal level of pulizia and sanit between the own exemplary. Cats without pedigree, often and gladly sold in store or from persons without scrupoli, cost however devout of cats it acquires to you with regulating pedigree.
A cat without pedigree potr to appeal to to you, but does not guarantee to you under no point of view, from that sanitary to that one economico.In store can itself often be found cats imports to you dallEst, where the ill-famed ones exist mills, true factories of cats to pure ends little trade them that smerciano price these poor animals in all Europe, forcing them living in proibitive conditions. The puppys are amass to you in truck not quite, in cages if in largees box, subordinates to debilitating travels al cold and in poor hygienic conditions, what that provokes a highest rate mortalit. Several feline associations in all Europe are themselves muovendo in order to place fine to this practical one without scrupoli, but if they are continued to buy cats imports to you cos in the storees, of fact if of it it encourages the continuation. Moreover a trader who has in its turn acquired a cat pu not to know its history, the characteristics of its lines of blood: insomma, pu they do not give to you to those information and those guarantees of fundamental importance for the dellanimale well-being. The cats that often find themselves in the storees then have been remove to you from the mother and the family prematurely, for which they can be fragile of health and not of all the stable ones of character: living in house in flood libert, with mother and siblings, to tightened contact with the persons and the familiar life, coccolati and various one vezzeggia you much who to be sluices in overcrowded cages talora, in means to persons and noises of every kind, single.      

D. 21    How it socializes a cat? Devout C a cat or less   adapted to every person? How to orient itself?

R. 21    There are cats with various characters between they, must understand that what is asked a cat for knowing like orienting itself. Labissino however a cat much sociable one, than ago he the first step and difficultly has fear of someone or something. And for a cat that must be left free to express themselves, perch all a unless cat ornament. As it was said before, search devout affection and attention that space, has need to interact a lot with we, to feel our affection. And tuttaltro that a cat introvert, therefore adapted who wants to have true and a just similar one who fills up its days (even if not a dog!) with its presence.


D. 22    Which are the mainly found characterial differences between a cat, in the specific case an Abyssinian, male and one female? To who to advise one and who the other?

R. 22             Various from how much it happens in others breeds, Abyssinian male and female somigliano a lot; even if the females are leggermente devout live us of the males.


D. 23    Which instead the social different relationships and positions between the members of one family of two or devout ones gatt i?

R. 23    The Abyssinian are cats from the character much tendentially dominant fort and. We strongly advice against to hold two integral adult males under the same roof. Between cats of various sex, between females or cats it sterilizes to you stabiliranno inner hierarchies automatically. Although us, it does not have to be believed that it is a geloso or possessivo cat: it shares space and affections with other animals very well. If in family cats of other race live, will often see that these last ones will stretch to emulate the Abyssinian, without riuscircisar a life po devout movimentatama a greater company for the game moments!


D. 24    How it is made to mean from the micio and that type of favorable cohabitation?

R. 24    as one said before, labissino a extremely intelligent animal, that it knows is made to understand very well and that it understands perfectly what you ask to it. It does not go limited in its esuberanza, forced to be firm, but a cat that pu to educate to the basic behaviors demands. It demands much affection, but it repays to you wide: the cohabitation that from there emerges one cohabitation at par, from faithful and affectionate companions.


D. 25    Abyssinian, somali and other cats and/or dogs in house.

R. 25    The Abyssinian are adapted to the life with other cats and the dogs. For these last ones bisogner to avoid, obviously, dogs that gi in a generalized manner know themselves to have problems of cohabitation with the cats.         


D. 26    Which guarantees must supply them one person interested to the purchase of its gattino?
R. 26     Guarantees of seriet and love for the cats. We prefer that the cat moreover not decoy allesterno if not in recintate and sure zones, this for the safeguard of the same cat.
In ours contracted of cession we demand explicitly that
gattino it lives in normal conditions and that it does not have, in no case, being locked up in one cage or narrow place.
_ the the gattino not potr be rivenduto to store or to Institute of search or experimentation, n couple with cat of race various dallabissina or from the somali.



D. 27    Which vaccinazioni have been made to the gattini the moment of the cession?

R. 27    All the gattini come yielded with pedigree at least three months of ET; to that point they have received a cover vaccinates completes them, comprised callback, for herpesvirus, calicivirus, panleucopenia, gastroenteritis. They come moreover sverminati and they are available certifys you of the tests geniti to us and not   of the parents.


D.28     How it follows the gattino yielded? And As the relationship with the new owners is developed?

R. 28    In the first days after the change of house, we call the new owners in order to see like evolve the situation; subsequently we have pleasure to receive photo and news of the small and eventual acknowledgments you achieve yourself in exposure. We remain however to disposition for every doubt or problem that had to be introduced.


D. 29    What must know a fan that it is approached the world of the exposures?

R. 29    The expo they are a much beautiful, but laborious and expensive and cat top show a cat easy not to find itself. Often encounter to disappointments is gone, but new persons with our same passion can themselves be known and she is ended cos in the spiral of the lovers of the cats.


D. 30    Which are the obbiettivi that it, with its job, thinks to have caught up and which others prefixed to catch up in future?

R. 30    ER. I would want that this race could devout be known, perch has many pregi. I hope of being able to give to my contribution to one serious selection and ethically corrected. Personally my engagement in improving the standard, in particular the color, of the Abyssinian and the blue somalis.

MGB: in these years we are resolutions to select a type of always devout Abyssinian supporter with the standard and, above all, we are resolutions to fix it, cos to have relatively homogenous like qualit and recognizable cats like origin. Also the character a lot very fixed, and this allows us to guarantee to the new owners cats very balances to you and affectionate as they must be the Abyssinian. The job of prevention on the genetic diseases moreover concurs us to program in oculato way the cucciolate ones, cos to eliminate progressively several the problems of health that could rebel and improve, in a generalized manner, the qualit of the race. C still much to make, but limportante to have luminosity objects to it to you that we resolve to do.    


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