EDREDONE - The softest Somateria



  Classification Class Birds, Anseriformi order, Anatidi family

Practically diffused common Ledredone in all lEuropa northern, a true and own duck of sea, mostly allocates them.
The males have one coloration much marked with the back white man and the ventre black; the females, are tawny and streaked of black.

The edredoni they have the head with the wide spout that nellinsieme assumes a profile to cone. one   its characteristic pure the dark line that the males carry on the head and that one prolongeds in ahead and arriving until the base of the spout. The livery of the females much similar one to that one of the females of the real germano excluding the color chest white man. Ledredone nests and sverna along the marine coasts: in winter pu to form numerous flocks much of hundred of exemplary. It loves to nest in colonies and imbottisce the nest with a large one quantit of piumino that the female tears itself from the chest.  

This softest one piumino comes searched and used from the persons for imbottire pillows and covered. In sure regions of Scandinavia and dellIslanda the nest and the brooded eggs of the first two are collected piumino from; the eggs let finally piumino and of third brooded to the birds that can cosi riprodursi and return every same year to posto.Oltre alledredone the common one, in Europe can be met ledredone from glance at them, devout the common king of the edredoni that characterized from the neck white man and a great orange shield on the spout and ledredone of Steller.


No breeding to signal
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All the edredoni nutrono of molluschi of every type, gamberetti and fish; they are skillful swimmers and they succeed to face also the strong marine currents. The slow and heavy flight delledredone and produces a sound that is similar complains