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Gordon di Niria
Selezionato(Italia and Switzerland) - Free from cardipatie, spondilosi- HD 1- SchH3, IPO3, BH

Shadow of Niria:
photo to 3 months


FCI-Standard N°144  / 08. 02. 2006 / GB

TRANSLATION : Mrs C. Seidler, revised by Mrs Sporre-Willes and R. Triquet.

ORIGIN : Germany.


UTILIZATION : Companion, Guard and Working Dog.

CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. :   Group   2      Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid breeds- Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and other breeds.
                                               Section 2.1   Molossoid breeds, mastiff type.
                                               With working trial.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY : The small, so called Brabant Bullenbeisser is regarded as the immediate ancestor of the Boxer.  In the past, the breeding of these Bullenbeissers was in the hands of the huntsmen, whom they assisted during the chase.  Their task was to seize the game put up by chasing hounds and hold it firmly until the huntsman arrived and put an end to the prey.  For this job the dog had to have as wide jaws as possible with broadly spaced teeth, in order to bite firmly and hold on tightly.  A Bullenbeisser which had these characteristics was best suited to this job and was used for breeding.  Previously only the ability to work and utilization were considered.  Selective breeding was carried out which produced a dog with a wide muzzle and an upturned nose.

GENERAL APPEARANCE : The Boxer is a medium sized, smooth coated, sturdy dog of compact square build and strong bone.  His muscles are taut, strongly developed and moulded in appearance.  His movement is lively, powerful with noble bearing.  The Boxer must be neither cumbersome or heavy, nor light or lacking in body substance.

a) Length of body / Height at withers : Square build, which means that the horizontal line of the back is perpendicular to the vertical line passing through the point of shoulder and to the other vertical line passing through the point of buttock, thus defining a square outline.
b) Depth of brisket / Height at withers : The chest reaches to the elbows. Depth of chest is half the height at withers.
c) Length of nose bridge / Length of head : Length of nose bridge in relation to skull should be 1 : 2 (measured from tip of nose to inner corner of eye or, respectively, inner corner of eye to occiput).

BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : The Boxer should be fearless self-confident, calm and equable.  Temperament is of the utmost importance and requires careful attention.  Devotion and loyalty towards his master and his entire household, his watchfulness and self-assured courage as a defender are famous.  He is harmless with his family but distrustful of strangers.  Happy and friendly in play, yet fearless in a serious situation.  Easy to train on account of his willingness to obey, his pluck and courage, natural keenness and scent capability.  Undemanding and clean, he is just as agreeable and appreciated in the family circle as he is as a guard,  companion and working dog.  His character is trustworthy, with no guile or cunning, even in old age. 

HEAD : This gives the Boxer his characteristic look.  Must be in good proportion to the body and appear neither too light nor too heavy.  Muzzle should be as broad and powerful as possible.  The harmony of the head depends on the balance between muzzle and skull.  From whichever direction the head is viewed, from front above or sideways, the muzzle must always be in the right proportion to the skull i.e. it must never appear too small.  It should be clean, not showing any wrinkle.  However natural folds are formed in the cranial region when alerted.  From root of nose, folds are always indicated running in a downward direction on both sides.  The dark mask is confined to the muzzle and must be in sharp contrast to the colour of the head so that the face does not appear sombre. 

Skull : The cranial region should be as lean and angular as possible.  It is slightly arched, neither round and short nor flat; neither should it be too broad.  Occiput not too pronounced.  Furrow in forehead only slightly marked, must not be too deep, especially between the eyes.
Stop : The forehead forms a distinct stop towards bridge of nose.  Bridge of nose must not be forced back into the forehead as in the Bulldog, nor should it be downfaced. 

Nose : Nose is broad and black and only slightly turned up with wide nostrils.  Tip of nose is placed slightly higher than root of nose.
Muzzle : The muzzle is powerfully developed in three dimensional volume, neither pointed or narrow, nor short or shallow.  Its appearance is influenced by :
a) Shape of jaw. b) Position of canine teeth. c) Shape of lips.  The canines must be placed as far apart as possible and must be of good length, making the front of the muzzle broad, almost square and forming a blunt angle with bridge of nose.
In front, the edge of the upper lip rests on the edge of the lower lip.  The part of the lower jaw with lower lip curved upwards, called the chin, must not markedly protrude over upper lip, seen from front.  Nor should it be hidden by the lip but should be well defined from front and side. 
The canines and incisors of the lower jaw must not be visible when mouth is closed, neither should the tongue show.  Median groove in the upper lip (philtrum) is clearly visible.
Lips :  The lips complete the shape of the muzzle.  The upper lip is thick and padded and fills the space formed by the undershot lower jaw; it is supported by the lower canines.                   
Jaws/Teeth : The lower jaw exceeds the upper jaw and is slightly curved upwards.  The Boxer is undershot.  The upper jaw is broad where it joins the cranial region, tapering only slightly towards the front.  The teeth are strong and healthy.  The incisors are as even as possible, set in a straight line.  Canines wide apart and of good size.
Cheeks : Cheeks are developed in proportion with the strong jaws without markedly bulging.  They merge with the muzzle in a slight curve. 
Eyes : The dark eyes are neither too small nor protruding or deep set.  Their expression conveys energy and intelligence and must not be threatening or piercing.  Eye rims must be dark. 
Ears : The natural ears are of appropriate size. They are set on wide apart on highest part of skull.  In repose they lie close to the cheeks and turn forward with a definite crease especially when the dog is alert.


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NECK : Topline runs in an elegant arch from the clearly marked nape to the withers.  It should be of ample length, round, strong and muscular.

BODY : Square body resting on sturdy straight legs.
Withers : Should be marked.
Back : Including loin should be short, firm, straight, broad and muscular.
Croup :  Slightly sloping, broad and only slightly arched.  Pelvis should be long and broad, especially in bitches.
Chest : Deep, reaching to elbows.  Depth of chest is half the height at withers.  Well formed forechest. Ribs well sprung but not barrel-shaped, extending well to the rear.
Underline : Running towards rear in elegant line.  Short taut flanks slightly tucked up.
TAIL : Set on high rather than low.  Tail is left natural.


FOREQUARTERS : Front legs seen from front must stand parallel and have strong bone.
Shoulders : Long and sloping, connected firmly to body.  Should not be too loaded.
Upper arm : Long, making a right angle to shoulder blade.
Elbows : Neither too close to side of chest nor turned out.
Forearm : Vertical, long, clean muscles.
Carpus (wrist) : Strong, well defined, but not exaggerated.
Metacarpus (Pastern) : Short, almost perpendicular to ground.
Front feet : Small, round, tight, well cushioned and hard pads. 


HINDQUARTERS : Very muscular, the muscles brick hard and visible under the skin. 
Hindlegs : Seen from rear straight.
Thigh : Long and broad.  Angles of hip and knee are open but as little as possible. 
Knee (Stifle) : When dog is standing, should reach so far forward that it would touch a vertical line from point of hip to ground.
Lower thigh : Very muscular.
Hock : Strong and well defined but not exaggerated.  Angle approximately 140 degrees.
Metatarsus (Rear Pastern) : Short with slight inclination, 95-100 degrees to the ground.
Hind feet : Slightly longer than front feet, tight; well cushioned and hard pads.
GAIT / MOVEMENT  : Lively, full of strength and nobility.

SKY : Dry, elastic without any wrinkles.



HAIR : Short, hard, glossy and close fitting.

COLOUR  : Fawn or brindle : Fawn comes in various shades from light fawn to dark deer red but the most attractive shades are in the middle range (red fawn).  Black mask. The brindle variety : fawn background of varying shades has dark or black stripes running parallel to ribs.  Stripes must contrast distinctly to ground colour.  White markings should not be discarded.  They can be quite pleasant.

Height at the withers :   Dogs :       57-63 cm.
                                    Females :   53-59 cm.
Weight : Dogs :     over  30 kg when height at withers is ca 60 cm.
              Bitches : about 25 kg when height at withers is ca 56 cm.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

  • Behaviour / Temperament : Aggressive, vicious, cunning, untrustworthy, lack of spirit, overly shy.
  • Head : Lack of nobility and typical expression, sombre face, Pinscher or Bulldog type head.  Dribbling, showing of teeth or tongue.  Muzzle too pointed or slight.  Bridge of nose falling away.  Leather or weather nose, pale nose leather.  So called, “hawk eye”, lack of pigment in haw.

In uncropped ears : Flapping, half erect or erect ears, rose ears. 
Wry jaw, slanting teeth, incorrect position of teeth, poorly developed teeth and unsound teeth due to illness.

  • Neck : Short, thick and throaty.
  • Body : Front too broad and low to the ground.  Sagging body, roach or sway back.  Lean, long, narrow, sagging loin, loosely coupled body.

Arched loin, croup falling away.  Narrow pelvis, hollow flanks, pendulous belly.

  • Tail : Low set on, kink tail.
  • Forehand : French front, loose shoulders, loose elbows, weak pastern, hare foot, flat, splayed feet.
  • Hindquarters : Weak muscles.  Too much or too little angulation, down on hocks, barrel hocks, cow hocks, narrow hocks, dewclaws, hare foot, flat, splayed feet.
  • Movement : Waddling, insufficient reach, pacing, stilted gait.
  • Colour of coat : Mask extending beyond muzzle.  Stripes (brindling) too close together or too sparse.

Sooty ground colour.  Mingled colours.  Unattractive white markings such as a whole white head or white on one side of the head.  Other colours and white markings exceeding one third of the ground colour.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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The ancestors of the Boxer were two breeds German of mastiff type: the Bullenbeiszer and the Barenbeiszer. Later on they have been intercrosses to you with the ancestors of the powerful Mastiff and the Bulldog. These dogs have been appreciate you for the hunting and others attivit between which we mention the "game" with the Taurus where the Boxer ran around until making to it to irritate it and to innervosire and came used also in order to pull the carts. Some of its ancestors have been use also for the guard the cattle you but he was devout frequent to see these athletic dogs to exhibit in shows circensi or from road thanks to their bravura and skill to learn and to execute amusing it makes up. A first standard that delineated the race of the Boxer had in 1904. Although its origins are German, its English name and describe in appropriate way the style of fight of this race that exactly uses very front legs in order to land the enemy and a much agile on legs posterioricome true one boxer! Nowadays the Boxer comes used nellesercito and in police, for the search and the aid, like dog from defense and obedience.


in the beautiful photo the Homer to 11 months of ugly

The body of the compact and powerful Boxer and the driven in mantle and I polish pu to be of various colors between which fallow deer, streaked of white man and several shadings of red, with spots white women.

To keep in mind who the Boxer white men is outside standard. The tail generally cut allaltezza of the second one vertebra. The cut of the optional orecchie: in some countries the cut of the orecchie and the tail is illegal. The head would have proporzionata to the body, lean and without grinze. The inferior jaw extends beyond to that advanced one giving to the unaria Boxer perenniallyimbronciata. Important if a dog wants itself to be acquired that it answers to main requirement of the race standard to know that n the teeth n the language would have to be seen when the Boxer holds the mouth sluice. The large, black nose and with the narici many opening. The eyes are dark and deep. The neck would have to be round, strong and muscoloso and without giogaia. The body would have to be instead square. The tail capacity up. The front legs would have to be straight and parallels.

in the boxer Arming with Fiorella81

The temperament.

The Boxer a dog without doubt between the devout ones lives to us, happy, giocherelloni, onlookers and full loads of energy. Extremely intelligent, the Boxer yearning and at the same time much fast one to learn but however pu to have of the testardaggine moments and to show much "unpleasant one". The Boxer a good dog for the obedience contests. Constantly in motion, the Boxer alloy a lot to the family: they are by nature faithful and much affectionate and for this they go very well also for the children. With one good made socialization since the first months of life, the Boxer pu to cohabit also with other domestic animals without some problem. Like gi said a giocherellone and as an example potr to bark and to carry the ciotola of empty eating or dellacqua in turn for the house attracting cos lattenzione of that filling up, making it happy. For he the game a lot important, essential. With some of its funny expressions it even seems to want to invite someone to play with indispettito he and mostrer if avr not obtained demanded lattenzione. The nature of the Boxer that one protect its family and its house and is much affectionate also with the persons who have had way to know. The Boxer has an extreme need of coccole and the company of just the landladies. Also nellet been left over they will turn out to be much athletic. And important to teach to just cucciolo of Boxer controlling po its vivacit and not making the festivities in irruente way jumping literally I lean to the persons: in fact the Boxer loves to jump and uses this gesture is for welcoming to someone, is like invites to the game. The Boxer one brave race much and optimal one for the defense. And used in fact in army camp and from the police. Laddestramento naturally would have to begin in young ET and to be constant. The Boxer needs of a dominant master.

Problems of health.

Some of the greater problems of health of the Boxer are the stenosis (of aorta or pulmonary artery) - the dysplasia, even if present in degree until mean difficultly provokes disturbs that they influence the qualit of life. Instead devout important and disturbing e' the spondilosi.. Some subjects are tilt allepilessia. From the eight years of ET in then they are devout subjects to the manifestations of tumors in several shapes regarding dogs of same ET but of others breeds. These dogs Can russare seen the conformation of jaw the characterized from devout or less obvious prognatismo.

Ideal Atmosphere

If sufficiently trained the Boxer will live well also in apartment to pact naturally comes they granted a po of motion nellarco of the day, even subdividing it in two or three every day walks. The Boxer lives better in zones with the moderated climate.


The Boxer like gi previously said, an athletic race, much lively assets and and for this reason needs of daily physical exercise. Therefore a pair of every day walks will be sufficient in order to maintain it in shape and to make it happy. A game that loves a lot to make that one of the bringing back.


The average life of the Boxer of approximately 9 years.


in the beautiful photo the Homer to 11 months of ugly

The Boxer has a mantle easy to hold in order in how much is introduced short and smooth. Baster therefore to brush it every so often in order to maintain it clean and to rerun themselves to the bagnetto only if necessary: it does not have fargli the bath often perch is risked to eliminate natural oils of the skin. The boxer cleaning up are dogs many. This race has one dumb average.

Race demanded from GIANLUCA S. (vi)



General aspect

The Boxer a dog of medium largeness, to shaved hair, of square construction and with strong skeleton. The dry musculature, strongly developed and plastic found. The movements are live to us, full loads of force and nobilt. The Boxer does not have to appear n stocky or heavy, n lacking in substance or excessive slanciato.

Important proportions

  • Length of the construction - reported to the Height: The square construction, that is the lines that delimit it, one horizontal that the back touches and those vertical ones that comes down, front from the tip of the shoulder, and posteriorly from the ischi, form a square.

  • Height of the thorax - reported to the Height: The thorax come down until to the elbows. The height to the equal thorax to the met of that one to the garrese.

  • Length of the nasal cane - reported to the length of the head: The length of the nasal cane, measured from the tip of the nose to the inner angle of the eye, is in the relationship of one to two to the length of the skull, measured from the inner angle of the eye until to the occipite ones


Behavior and character

The Boxer must be balance of nerves, aware of if, calm and balanced. Its character of maximum importance and demands one noticed cure. Its attachment and its fedelt to its landladies and all the house, its vigilance and its courage which defender is for a long time famous. Innocuous E' in mistrustful family but towards the strangers, cordial allegro and in the fearless game but in serious situations. One easy trains thanks to its disponibilit to the submission, to its overhong and courage, its natural hardening and its fiuto. Since it has not expected and cleaned up, pleasant and precious it is in family that like defender, companion or dog of service. Its loyal character without falsit and perfidy also in advanced ET.


Defects: aggressivit, malignit, it lays a trap, inaffidabilit, lack of temperament, vigliaccheria.



It confers the print of tipicit, must be in good proportion regarding the body and it does not have to appear n light n too much too much heavy. The snout must be devout possible wide and the powerful one. The beauty of the head depends on the harmonic proportion between development of the snout and the skull. From whichever direction the head is watched, of forehead, over or of side, the snout always must be in just relationship with the skull and it does not have to never appear too much small. The head must be dry, therefore it does not have to show wrinkles; naturally they are formed of the wrinkles on the skull when the dog in attention. Leavingfrom the root of the nose towards the bottom, on both sides of the snout always they are pointed out of the wrinkles. The dark mask is limited to the snout and must distaccarsi clearly from the color of the head, affinch the expression does not turn out dark.


Skull: the skull must be devout possible tight and the angular one. Leggermente convex E', does not have to be short and globoso, n flat and not even too much wide, the occipite ones not too much found. I only leggermente furrow pointed out facade and, above all between the eyes, it does not have too much to be deep.

Stop: the forehead forms with the nasal back a clearly marked jump. The nasal back does not have to be pushed within the forehead as in the Bulldog but it does not have not to be descendant.

Cheeks: the cheeks are developed in harmony with the strong jaw, without however risaltare in way too much emphasized. They agree again, with one light curving, to the snout.

Snout: the snout must strongly be developed in the three dimensions of the space and therefore it does not have to be appuntito, n tightened n, n short flat. Its conformation comes influenced:


  • From the shape of the jaws

  • From the position of the canine teeth

  • From the shape of the labbra. The canine teeth distance to you devout possible one the other must be of good length, in way that the frontal surface of the snout becomes wide, nearly square, and forms with the nasal back an obtuse angle. On the margin of the labbro advanced it rests on the margin of the labbro inferior. The part ricurva towards the high of the inferior jaw with to the labbro inferior, called mento, front does not have to exceed considerably the labbro advanced n, much less, to disappear under than it, but it must be very marked is seen of side forehead that. The canine teeth and I recorded to you of the inferior jaw, to mouth sluice, do not have not to show the language. I furrow of the labbra advanced very visible.

Labbra: the labbra they complete the shape of the snout. The labbro advanced large and rigonfio; it fills up the determined empty space from the prominenza of the inferior jaw and comes supported from the canine teeth of the same one.

Nose: the wide and black nose, leggermente turned to the ins, the narici are wide. The tip of the nose up mails a p devout regarding the root of the same nose.

Set of teeth: the jaw sopravanza the advanced jaw and incurva leggermente towards the high. The Boxer "bites in ahead", that is prognato. The advanced jaw has a wide junction to the skull and it is only shrunk little in the front part. The strong set of teeth and heals. The teeth I recorded to you must be devout possible the regularly disposed ones on a line, canine the a lot distances one to you from the other and of good largeness.

Eyes: the dark eyes do not have n small n sporgenti or too much to be inserted deeply. The look expresses energy and intelligence, but it does not have to appear threatening or insidioso. The contours must be of dark color.

Orecchie: the orecchie, integral, are of appropriate largeness. They are attacked laterally to the skull, devout the up possible one and in rest position they join to cheeks. When the dog in attention, the orecchie would have to fall back in ahead forming a very obvious fold.

Defects: lack of nobilt and expression, dark appearance, head of Pinscher or Bulldog, bavosit, visible teeth or language to mouth sluice, appuntito or too much too much light snout, spiovente nasal cane, tartufo of color leather or ages them, the so-called eye of bird rapace, third depigmentata eyelid, svolazzanti orecchie or to rose, which had jaw, system sghembo of the teeth, defective disposition of the teeth, teeth little it develops, compromised set of teeth to you as a result of disease.



The advanced line of the neck slides with one elegant curving of the junction of the nape, clearly marked towards the garrese. The neck must be of abundant round, strong, muscoloso and dry length.


Defects: , short massive, giogaia


Construction: square. The log rests on sturdy and straight limbs.

Garrese: it must be marked.

Back: the back, comprised the lumbar region, must be short, solid, straight, wide and much muscoloso.

Rump: leggermente slanted, sweetly rounded off and wide. The river basin must be along and, above all in the females, wide.

Thorax: come down, it reaches until to the elbows. The height of the equal thorax to the met of the Height. Chest very developed. The ribs are very try, but rounded off to shape of botte and are not projected a lot to GO BACK TO LIST.

Inferior line: it slides with elegant curve going back towards the posterior part. Short flanks, thesis, leggermente retratti.

Defects: too much wide chest and low, hung between the shoulders tightened back, insellato back, thorax back carpa, lombi straits, strongly grooves to you and weakly it connects to you with the rump, lumbar region arch, rump scoscesa, tightened river basin, ventre falling, empty flanks.



The front limbs, seen from, must be straight, parallels between of they and having strong boneses.

Shoulders: long and oblique, saldamente joined with the log they would not have too much to be loaded with muscles.

Arm: along and place to angle resisted regarding the bachelor.

Elbows: n too much pressed you to the cost one, n discosti.

Forearm: vertical, along and with dry musculature.

Carpo: , strongly very marked, but rigonfio.

Metacarpo: short, nearly vertical to the ground.

Feet: small, round, plantari sluices, very full bearings with use hard.


Defects: not adherent mancinismo, shoulders, elbows unglue, carpo weak person, feet of lepre, feet plates and spread fingers to you


Strongly muscoloso E', the hard musculature like the wood and prominence plastic. The seen posterior limbs give GO BACK TO LIST must be straight.

Thigh: long and wide. The angle of the hip and the articulation of the ginocchio must be devout possible the little obtuse one.

Ginocchio: in its normal position a lot in ahead touching still one vertical pulled to earth from the tip of the hip must be pushed.

Leg: much muscolosa

Garretto: strongly, very marked, but not prominente. The angle of the garretto of approximately 140 degrees.

Metatarso: short, with one light inclination of 95-100 degrees regarding the land.

Feet: they are a p devout long of those front ones, enclosed, have very full the plantari pillows with uses hard.


Defects: musculature weak person. Posterior or too much little esageratamente angled. Limbs to sabre, limbs to botte, vaccinismo, garretti draw near spread fingers to you and foot,, spur foot of lepre plates.



The junction of the rather high tail that low. The left tail integral.


Defects: low and malformata junction from shunting lines



It lives to us, full loads of force and nobilt.


Defects: sailing point staggering, insufficient cover of space, Ambio, rigidit.


Skin: Dry, elastic, it deprives of folds


Short, hard hair, I polish and supporter


Color: FULVO (several tonalit) or TIGRATO, with spots white women who do not have to exceed 1/3 of the total.


Defects: mask that exceeds the snout, strisce too much thickened or only single, little recognizable. Color of deep dirt. Colors that are stirred, spots disarmoniche white women, like one head entire or to met white woman. Other devout colors or coler of bottom of a white man third party



Measurement executed from the garrese to earth, grazing the elbow: males cm. 57-63; females cm. 53-59



Males (of approximately 60 cm. to the garrese): beyond 30 Kg; females (of approximately 56 cm. to the garrese): approximately 25 kg.


Annotation: the males must introduce two testicoli of obvious normal development, completely lodge to you in the scroto.






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