Tropical sweet water fish  

All nearly original ones of lagos and the rivers of wrap tropical of Africa, Asia and of the America, the greater part of these fish has need of an heated Aquarius and to constant temperature - of usual between the 21 and the 27.

However, unless for the system of heating of the water, the identical equipment to that one for the maintenance of sweet the water species moderated. The tropical sweet water Aquarius currently the devout type of popular Aquarius.

Several they are the reasons of its happened one: as an example, the fish are discreetly small and, in the greater part of the cases, easy to raise; moreover they can be held to greater densit regarding those of tropical marine moderated sweet waters or. They are the all most colorful ones and they are fed calmly with eats to me that they are found in commerce.

Many easy reproduce in Aquarius, exhibiting one large variet of riproduttivi behaviors. Eccezion made for those of dimensions many large or many small, the greater part of they accepts without problems the cohabitation with other species.


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