Equus caballus
Mammalian classification Class, Perissodattili order,
Equidi family
Variable dimensions Much, in high kind to the garrese from 1,20 to 1,90 m

  Geographic distribution In nearly all the world . Il domestic horse, subdivided in a great number of breeds, diffused in nearly all the world. Thanks to the fossil rests of lived horses million years ago, we are today in a position to reconstructing the history of this animal in the time. . Il first horse lived 50-60 million years ago; it was much small, being high single 30 cm, and had four fingers in front limbs and three in the posterior ones. L ' evolution, that it has had place in North America, has carried gradually to high devout shapes, in which irrobustiva and the third finger grew tall always devout, while the other fingers shortened themselves. Approximately 2 million years ago 1,30 meters existed high horses and similar to it puts into effect them and from the America they penetrated in Asia, Europe and Africa.Molto probably, the first horses were tame to you in China and Mesopotamia approximately in the 3500 a.C. and devout late in Europe. Today a high number of breeds exists of horses and little specialists are in a position to recognizing them tutte.Per semplicit the horses come distinguished the dimensions in dwaries second, if they have a Height until 119 centimeters; small, if they measure from 120 to 134 centimeters; means, from 135 to 149 centimeters; light, from 150 to 160 centimeters; and sturdy or heavy, from 160 to 190 centimeters. A lot important is the horses raises you for the race that derive all from those Arabs. I domestic horses come also subdivided in horses to cold blood and horses to blood: warmth, with reference not to the temperature of their blood (than same in all) but to the gravity and the slowness of first, the Opposite one to the agilit and vivacit of the second ones.

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