Dysplasia of the hip




When the dysplasia of the hip be described in 1930, thought that it was a rare event. Today one knows like common the hereditary problem devout the dogs of race of great ransom. In spite of they have been very many investigators and breeders this massively present anchor engages to you in order to avoid spreading of this "disease" in many breeds. The diagnosis based on the race, the history, turns out to you physicists and in particular with a x-ray executed in anesthesia total where the dog comes posizionato on the table with legs lengthened posteriorly and spread This today practically obligatory examination for the serious breedings that must guarantee that the parents of the puppys to sell are free from the dysplasia.
Unfortunately also with these examinations a 5% of possibilit are had that the puppys introduce this pathology if the parents do not manifest it but of they are recessivi bearers.

The diagnosis

your dog has the dysplasia of the hip." A feared diagnosis that confirmation serious the devout fears of the owner, and that induces to think it that the parents of its cucciolo were not healthy even if had the certificate of dysplasia absence and that therefore lallevatore was little serious, but this in the greater part of the cases does not correspond to the true one. In fact even if the dysplasia to the hip seems "a simple" disease in realt a poligenetica disease, than caused from several geniuses, with an infuence acclimatizes them. Cos some dogs that are predisposed   to the disease from their geniuses they will not develop senelle they to it screw will lack the factors acclimatizes them. L articulation of the hip composed from the sphere of the head of the femore and dallaccetabolo of the pelvic town-walls.
beyond that from the complex of the tendini and the legamenti. The malformation of the head of the femore or dellacetabolo or the structure of the tendini and muscles from the disease. But the not simpledisease like this description. A dog pu to be displasico in or both also, can have a little deep acetabulum and a normal sphere, a deformed sphere and a normal acetabulum, a little deep acetabulum and a deformed sphere, a badly aligned joint, the legamenti loosen to you, or a combination of these structural problems complicates to you from the factors acclimatizes them which the rate of growth, the level of nutrition and the practice. The puppys to fast increase of large breeds are the devout ones to risk, even if both parents had also excellent, perch their boneses, muscles, tendini and legamenti can be developed to different rates.


On the left normal articulation to the center with light dysplasia while to skillful serious dysplasia



The favorable outpatients' department for dogs with serious dysplasia and the medical veterinaries can replace the hip with an artificial joint.
However, for the greater part of the dogs it is attempted to diminish only dolorediminuendo lesercizio the physicist and putting it to diet. Many displasici dogs are of excessive weight and this exercises one excessive pressure on its also. A method that pu to have of the optimal ones turns out to you perch reinforces muscles and the legamenti without pear tree to strain gia the precaria articulation dellanca are from the 15 to the 20 minuteren of swim to the day. The Useful farmacologiche therapies analgesic and anti-inflammatory under are tightened control of the medical veterinary. There are cases in which the necessary outpatients' department. If the dog does not answer to the chosen therapies and continues to being dolorante, a following veterinary pu to suggest one of ambulatory:

Triple pelvic osteotomy, a procedure in order to stabilize the joint and in order to prevent the degenerating changes that they accompany the effort of the weight on an abnormal hip;

Rimontaggio total of the hip.

The decision on the type of surgery based on ET of the dog, the progress of the disease and the general health of the animal.