The Knabstrup Nasce in   Denmark. Allepoca of the Vichinghi.

In origin it was high approximately 143 cm. It has dry limbs clean and; great and strong posterior quarters; and one small, sharp head. The qualit of base they are: an easy and manageable temperament and these horses appreciate you for theirs velocit and resistance. From 1100. the main lines of distribution have extended fastly when China has opened    commerce using the spotted horses   in order to transport silk and other articles. Part of their main route crossed France and the Spain, for that they have been the first horses exports to you in America.

The scope in the breeding of the horses of Knabstrup today to conserve the Danish horse in any ransom. Us only, perch little breeds can introduce the horses in all the dimensions. Today the Knabstrup is found is like pony   that in horses to 100%.

The Knabstrup has a beautiful and spotted cape, accepted in many colors and variations. The race known for its temperament and its intelligence but above all for the docilit. *$21$* The horses of Knabstrup are muscolosi with solid dry limbs and the strong hooves. Medium height 150 165 cm to the garrese.

Recently they have been intercrosses to you with other horses and some selezionatori are concentrate to you devout on the color that on conformation. Consequently, many different types are represent you to the inside of the race and the type originates extinguished them nearly.


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The horses of Knabstrup are beginning introduce themselves in the ring of exposure and the competitive sports you.

Condition Of The Population: Rare