In winter the wild birds us faticano to above all find the food, if on the fallen land the snow covering the seeds of which nutrono.
Therefore if you want dargli a hand to exceed the ugly season you will be able to construct a mangiatoia to arrange in garden, making this, on one side helped the uccellini that in spring rallegreranno to us with their song and from the other you will have the possibilit to see always devout from vicino(inasmuch as the birds will become accustomed themselves to your presence associating it to the food) that of usual we do not observe even if live always close our houses.

Procuriamoci one tablet from 50 x 40 cm and one small pole at least a meter of height. on four sides of the tablet we will fix of the tablets of equal length and of a height of 2 cm these spondine will make so that the mangime that we will go to supply to feathered not the flights via when these last ones "take off". once fixed the spondine with of the glue or best with of the chiodini, we will fix the tablet on the sommit of the paletto(that we will have supplied to plant in garden) with a nail of great dimensions (at least 10 cm).


if mangiatoia andr the mail in terrazzo the small pole not servants, but we can hang the mangiatoia with four it spins fixed to the angles of the tablet.

In order to avoid that the predators are useful for the situation, provvederemo to arrange a disc in sheet or other material around the pole.