Suricato (the suricatta Suricata) a viverride and belongs to the sottofamiglia herpestinae, comprising the mangoste; a social animal, lives in fact in groups that usually count a some thirty of individuals, often cohabits the lairs with citelli and mangoste yellow.

The suricati ones are diurnal and nutrono in a territory from the beam of approximately 200/250 m around to the lairs dug in the land.

They spend the first hours early risers to take the sun in the pressed ones of the income of the lair, while the rest of the day to try food incessantly.


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While the group eats or takes to the sun a brace is of guard in a high point in the vicinities of the lair, assuming the particular erected position.

Just perch they try single food in pressed of the lairs, exausting the disponibilit migrano, going to insediarsi also to some kilometer of distance.

These animaletti communicate with mugolii and trilli that they compose one risen of language composed from devout of 300 various sounds.

An animal does not exist to which it comes attributed the guessed term of "onnivoro" devout of the suricato one, in nature eats truly all: mammalian small, birds, snakes, lucertole, eggs, bugs and aracnidi (comprised scorpions), tuberi, yield... Their predators are the wild jackal, cats us and above all the rapaci.

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