European Burmese

TIFFANY = black silver tabby blotched
national champion

CASANOVA = Brown tabby blotched
CORNELIO SILLA (of shoulders) = red tabby blotched


GENERAL: the European Burmese is an elegant, unique cat breed of far eastern origin, moderate type with gently rounded contours. Any oriental elongation or excessive cobbiness is incorrect and should be regarded as a fault. SUGGESTED BREEDINGS by MENANDPETS.COM No breeding to signal
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HEAD: top slightly rounded. Good breadth between the ears. Wide cheekbones, tapering to a short blunt wedge.

EARS: medium in size. Set well apart. Slight forward tilt. Broad at the base. Slightly rounded tips. The outer line continues the shape of the upper face, except as that may not be possible in mature, full-cheeked males.

MUZZLE: Jaw wide at the base. Strong lower jaw. Strong chin.

PROFILE: Visible nose break.

EYES: large. Alert. Set well apart. Top line slightly curved, with an oriental slant toward the nose. Lower line rounded.

EYE COLOR: yellow to amber. The deeper the color, the better. Lustrous and bright.

BODY: medium length and size. Hard and muscular. Heavier than it looks. Chest strong and rounded in profile. Back straight from the shoulder to the rump.

LEGS and FEET: legs rather slender, but in proportion to the body. Hind legs slightly longer. Feet small and oval.

TAIL: medium length. Not thick at the base. Tapering slightly to a rounded tip.

COAT: short, fine close-lying. Very glossy. Satin-like in texture. Almost without undercoat.

PENALIZE: pronounced muzzle pinch (top view). Oriental eye shape. Round eyes. Green eyes.

DISQUALIFY: white patches. Noticeable numbers of white hairs. Visible tail kink. Excessive tabby markings.


GENERAL: the coat shades gradually to the roots, with no smoke effect or ticking. Body underparts are slightly paler than the back. The points may show some contrast. Kittens and adolescents may have faint tabby markings and a lighter color. Non-red/cream adults should have no tabby markings.

BROWN: rich, warm, seal brown. Near-black brown is incorrect. Nose leather: rich brown. Paw pads: brown.

BLUE: soft, silver blue-gray with a warm tone. Nose leather and paw pads: blue-gray.

CHOCOLATE: warm milk-chocolate; overall evenness of color very desirable. Nose leather: warm, chocolate brown. Paw pads: brick pink shading to chocolate.

LILAC: pale, delicate dove-gray with a slightly pink cast. Nose leather and paw pads: lavender-pink.

RED: warm, orange apricot. Slight tabby markings permitted on the face. Small indeterminate markings permitted elsewhere (except on the side or belly) on an otherwise excellent cat. Nose leather and paw pads: pink.

CREAM: rich cream. Slight tabby markings permitted on the face. Small indeterminate markings permitted elsewhere (except on the side or belly) on an otherwise excellent cat. Nose leather and paw pads: pink.

TORTOISESHELLS: color patches over the whole body and extremities. Patch distribution is less important than the other color details. Except on the face, no tabby markings in the red/cream parts, which may be of various shades.

BROWN TORTIE: seal brown and red; pure and bright. Nose leather and paw pads: seal brown, pink or both.

BLUE TORTIE: blue-gray and cream. Nose leather and paw pads: pink, blue-gray, or both.

CHOCOLATE TORTIE: milk chocolate and red. Nose leather and paw pads: milk chocolate, pink or both.

LILAC TORTIE: lilac and cream. Nose leather and paw pads: lavender-pink, or lavender-pink and pink.

above the CFA Breed Standards

after automatic translate from


Descendant from felis silvestris the Libyan devout North African the cat cat that is.
The European cat, contrarily to how much believes itself, a very precise race, whose standard was only defined 1 January 1983 when it came recognized to international level.
Unfortunately in Italy, it still comes considered tight relative of the cat randagio, soriano or of house and not like a selected cat of race and with a lot of pedigre.
The selection of the European cat be and a difficult job just perch the first subjects have been chosen from a group of free and therefore various cats not only for morphology, but also for structure and colors.
After job years today we can very boast subjects that also to the eye of the profane one the difference between the cat of house and the European appears very obvious.
E' one of the breeds devout ancient, of which descriptions gi in some documents of XI the century are found.
List of dog breeds, also devout the noble ones, come down just from the European.
Intelligent, sweet and affectionate, but independent, sturdy and equipped of great psychical equilibrium, the ideal companion for anyone.
Its character, extremely ductile, adapted very well to the cohabitation with the man also in apartment.

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