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Health of the cats


In a generalized manner [ you go to summary ]

Not always easy to notice that something does not go. The felines are by nature capacities sopportare the suffering without to manifest of openly the symptoms. Indispensable E' perci to daily control the behavior of just the cat, and the way in which interacts with the outside: any change - it is in the corporeo weight that in the level of attivit or socialit- must be interpreted like spy of one possible disease, and like such marked to the attention of the veterinary.

Fundamental E' to weigh the cat to regular intervals. Normally, the classic balance from bath adapted to the scope. The simple system devout consists in finding just the weight, is with the cat in arm that without: embezzling the two values avr the relative value to it, with tolerances of measurement of 400/800g to second of the model. In case taken care of measurement devout (to es was necessary one. in the control of slimming diets or reconstituting), they are from preferring the digital models them or from kitchen (this last with a mounted support much wide one over). Pu invogliare a recalcitrante cat to salt itself to us over with the aid of croccantini or snack [ comes cited "Pounce", ndt ]. Any substantial change in the weight goes immediately marked to the attention of the veterinary, with particular sollecitudine in the case of improvvida a loss.

The acid feniletilbarbitrico or fenobarbita them, the Lasix, amossicillna and the other medicines for human use, available like drugs from bench or GO BACK TO LIST medical prescription, often come employed in veterinary. They do not have never to be used if not GO BACK TO LIST specific indication of the veterinary! Sure drugs of use for common we, as the acetilsaliclico acid (Aspirin) and above all acetomnofen (the Tylenol) can BE DIED THEM. Only the qualified veterinary to establish the posologia of somministrazione.

One precisazione care the next sections: they are from agreeing solo like informative guide on devout the common affections, and professional diagnosis cannot in any case be replaced to one. For every single indispensable case to entrust itself to the judgment and the therapeutic indications of the veterinary.

Cures veterinaries [ you go to summary ]

Internet Resources

In the newsgroup [ and the medical sections of the situated ones web, ndt ] it dedicates to you to the cats, come frequently raised issues of the type:
" My cat has begun to behave itself cos, what can make? "or " I cannot carry it from the veterinary, than advised to make to me? ". The simplest answer: PORTATELO FROM THE VETERINARY! E' a irresponsabile loss of time, in case is the symptoms of one serious disease, to try elsewhere remedies empiricists rather than to consult immediately, also by telephone, the veterinary. The health of your cat entrusted entire to you, and anyone chip axes the responsabilit must some above all manage the economic engagement that this involves, in unexpected case of sanitary type.

Firm remaining the inderogabilit of a opinion professional characterized, "rec.pets.cats" * [ and "it.discussioni.animali.gatti", ndt ], it represents - with to the situated ones web dedicated one precious mine of indications, experiences and solidariet for all the lovers of the cats.
* [ in divided March 1997 "rec.pets.cats" in groups: here found the complete directory with the relati to you fields of interest. Shortly: "rec.pets.cats.anecdotes" "rec.pets.cats.announce (moderated)" "" - "" - "rec.pets.cats.misc" - "rec.pets.cats.rescue", ndt ]

Handbook on the cure and the health of the cat

For smaller problems, and for all the one which regards the maintenance of an optimal state of health and the understanding of devout the common feline behaviors, one of the effective devout methods consists in buying an appropriate handbook. This obviously does not replace the presence of a veterinary (less than it you are not same...), but he is placed side by side simply.

Forfetarie sanitary policies
[ the brought back information under refer to the USA assurances, ndt ].
The number of August of "Cat Fancy", contains a regarding article the offer of sanitary policies for the domestic animals: with a contract anniversary us a "package" of sanitary performances of base - with the possibilit is made sure to have use of of reductions in price for the extras to settle down with your veterinary, managed from one company HMO [ Health Maintenance Organization, type of sanitary insurance company, ndt ], the RLI Planned Services Inc. - Dept. CF - 9025 N. Lindbergh Drive - Peoria, (Illinois) 61615.

To es, for a annual rate of 75 dollars [ less than 150.000 Liras ], they come offered:

1 visit of control
1 vaccinazione FVR CPC
1 antirabies vaccinazione
1 examination of the blood for the feline leukaemia (FeLV)
1 vaccinazione FeLV (reduction in price of 50%)
Examinations of I made, pulizia of the orecchie, treatment against the worms
1 cut of nails

Sterilization (reduction in price of 40%)
Declawing [ removal of nails, of the cells germinates them and of part of the bone ] (reduction in price of 20%)
You outlined dental, included anesthesia (reduction in price of 50%)

X-rays (reduction in price of 20%)
Elettrocardiogrammi (reduction in price of 20%)
Examinations of the blood (reduction in price of 20%)

Surgical expenses or hospitals worker, various from medicines and the diet (reduction in price of 10%)

The article advises to demand ulterior information to just the veterinary: in the case lui/lei it was not any to acquaintance, pu to contact the company for the stipulazione of conventions.

For particular situations, the same veterinary pu to advise to solutions alternatives. Considered that a policy anniversary of 100 dollars [ approximately 180.000 Liras, ndt ], for an expectation of 15-20 life years, catches up the figure of 1.500/2.000 dollars [ 2.500.000/3.500.000 Liras ], to which it must add not enclosed expenses, those beyond the limit of cover and those deductible ones. The sanitary assurance could reveal much profit in the case in which cures expensive and extended in the time must be faced, to es. for Feline treatment della FUS [ Urinary Syndrome, ndt ], del cancer or delle clinical emergencies. Even if your cat enjoys optimal health, the costs of the assurance are not much advanced to those necessary for the controls and treatments of ruotine.

Chosen of the veterinary

E' a lot important to entrust itself to a professional available, for il/la which nourished confidence, and that it can offer full support to you. Considered its atmosphere of job: the animals only normally seem thesis or are completely outside control? It knows it of aspect or shelter a pandemonium, or the very organized outpatients' department for the number of present animals? You know someone that can gives you of the references? E' a veterinary specialized in domestic animals or works also, in order to say, with the cattle from breeding? The better way in order to find a good veterinary, if of it you do not know gi one, to ask nominative case and references someone - knowing friend or that cures the well-being for the just animal one. If you do not know nobody, here some fast suggestions written from Kay Klier (, profits in the case you must yourselves be transferred in one new citt:

- You ask yours accustoms them veterinary if pu to address to you towards operating colleagues in the new citt. Often this the best source than information [ the author American of the FAQ reports to have found the new veterinary thanks to the notoriet acquired in the medical atmosphere from its colleague of outpatients' department like surgeon, ndt ]

- Controlled if near the local associations of voluntary service or communal shelters there are veterinaries who lend their work free of charge or through conventions. A veterinary who demonstrates itself sensitive in the cares of the animals abandons to you pu to be considered an optimal choice, also in the case in which you find yourselves in economic situations of difficolt.

- You ask the local associations for the breeders the name to you and references for the veterinaries with which they work.

- Considered the possibilit to associate to you to organizations like American Animal Hospital Association (which regularly executes rigorous inspections), Feline Practitioners Association, American Assoc. of Vet Cardiology, Animal Behavior Association, etc., all generally a lot very informed on the relative situation to the levels of professionalit [ in USA, ndt ].
Emergencies - 24 hours to the day

If the chosen veterinary pu not to receive the emergency calls directly, would have however is you of aid in indicating an operating alternative service in your zone. Inseritelo in the list of the "numbers useful", to hand capacity, and controlled the address periodically in order to control that not they have been changes.

Champions for the analysis of I made

The periodic visit anniversary an optimal occasion in order to make to execute a examination of I made, profit in order to find the presence of eventual internal parasatisms: captured a small champion, of the dimensions of a nail, and portatelo in one bustina of plastic or the appropriate container. In case there are difficolt to reperire sufficiently recent champions, the same ones can be maintained for approximately 12 hours in refrigerator, but after 18 hours of permanence they are not devout usable.

Reactions of the cat

The overwhelming majority of the cats dislikes the visit from the veterinary. The travel in automobile before, and then the odore of the other nervous animals or scares to you is source of greatest stress. Always transported the cat within a container: an animal taken from the difficultly controlable panic, and pu to hurt is you that s same. One common scato it of cardboard, with openings in order to breathe, pu to go well in emergency occasions. For the regular visits better to acquire a sturdy one they transport in glass fiber or plastic, than aiuter to maintain the cat under control is within the machine that in it of aspect knows. Suggestions common in order to reduce stress from visit veterinary:

  • Accustomed the cat to travel in machine, guiding without one precise goal and without to carry it in outpatients' department.
  • Somministrate [ GO BACK TO LIST indication of the veterinary, ndt ] a sedativo made up of acepromazna.
  • Tried a veterinary that he is only taken care of cats.
  • You ask your veterinary to carry out that instead ambulatoriali domiciliari visits.
  • Tried to fix the appointment so as to to reduce lessened the time of waited for in it knows it of aspect.
  • You hold wide the eventually present dogs in knows it of aspect.
  • Tried to use a ag [ of the type used for the small dogs of small ransom ] in place of transport.

Other sagacities

Advisable E' to accustom it to "being handled" since small. To house sottoponetelo to a species of check-up periodic, verifying the state of the orecchie (they must be clean, clear, of color devout or little rosato), of the eyes (limpid, not lacrimosi, with the "third null eyelid" hardly or for visible), of the nose (clean and the usual color), of cavit oral (the clean teeth and rosate gums). Firm Mantenetelo and controlled the conditions of the anale opening and the base of the tail. Raised legs and verified the state of nails and bearings. Beyond that a training for the cat, this ruotine is revealed most useful in order to find on being born eventual anomalous or changes of condition.

Better than the gattino it comes accustomed from endured to be in means the persons: this a lot important for its future socialization, otherwise to stretch to hide or worse, to assume aggressive attitudes.

Honorarium and medicines

Probably gi you have preventivato necessary expenses to the medical attendance of base, comprising visit anniversary, examinations of I made, eventual treatments pesticides, and vaccinazioni. However, incidents and diseases can capitare petitioners expensive unexpected expenses or much: the sanitary assurances to which were pointed out over, are a good system in order to secure themselves and in order to reduce lessened the incidence of expenses. In the case of rare diseases or scientific interest (to es. new treatments, therapies experience them etc), can try to turn you to the facolt of Veterinary of the Universit, often interested to allow to the own students a experience "on the field".

Otherwise, in some cases possible to obtain one delay salary on one "particularly heavy" parcel, or to obtain one in exchange for price reduction some job: succeeding to es, that a commerce graduate has obtained a reduction in price on operating expenses for just the dog offering itself to assist the veterinary in the compilation of the income tax return.

The voluntary service associations, or enviromentalists, could be in contact with clinics or veterinaries disposed see again the just honorary one for the persons in necessit financial institutions. Null coast not to ask...

However, you hold to mind that making the veterinary a profession, and as such goes considered. Generally, the returns are not highest, and there are expenses to support for the outpatients' department, the equipments, the staff and the pharmacy [ in reference to the USA situation, where some medicines or prepare to you dietetic are acquired from the veterinary, ndt ].

Contagious diseases for man (zoonosi) [ you go to the summary

Some infectious diseases that hit the animals can be transmitted also to the man, but not all: impossible as an example to take to the AIDS from cats affections from FIV [ syndrome from immunodeficiency, ndt ] or FeLV [ feline leukaemia, ndt ], bench both the diseases is caused from back virus to the par of the AIDS. The disinformation, devout that the same disease, the main cause of died for hundred of cats becomes ill to you abandons you from the masters in preda to the panic.

Only who has - for one some reason a immune system gi weak person or compromise runs of the risks ogniqualvolta comes to contact with germs or other normally present microorganisms on the cat, independently from the state of health of the same one.

Given the modalit of transmission - nasal, ocular, oral or physiological secretions are currently very greater possibilit to contract determined diseases from the other human beings that do not give your animals. Some elementary norms of good sense, and the constant observation of good hygienic habits, reduce great any risk [ that, to remember it well, present only in the case in which the animal for first of it is affection, or that of it is carrier, ndt ]

From "The Cornell Book of Cats" [ the Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, one prestigious universit scientific, ndt ]

  • Anger : dangerous, even if devout highly frequent in the dogs randagi cxhe not in the cats, caused from a virus present in it salted, transmissible to the man through the bite of animals affections [ the profilssi subject to strict legislation: in some immune countries - to es. England not possible to introduce animals does not vaccinate to you, and must observe rigid quarantines, also of six months, for those even equips you of certificate of recent vaccinazione, ndt ].
  • Virus vaiolosi : transmissible for direct or indirect contact (respiratory, cutaneous ways...) [ devout you attend in the cats that live near small farms to contact with the cattle that not in those metropolitans, ndt ].
  • Tricofiza : an infection fungina localized on hats, cute and nails, transmissible for direct contact or through the spore [ in veterinary, uses the term dermatofitsi or tricofitsi, ndt ].
  • Pasteurellsi : [ provoked from bacteria of the sort "Pasteurella", which the pathogenic agents of the plague and the tularema belong: contagious patients for the man, hit in prevalence the wild animals us in conditions of hygienic degradation ].
  • Tetanus : [ caused from a bacterium sporigeno, "Clostridium tetanuses", for upgrades them pericolosit according to solo to botuliniche toxins. Bovines, dogs and cats single ' eccezionalmente' come some hit: devout the high incidence, after the man, verification on the equine ones and, less frequently, on the ovines. It is transmitted through bite of animals infects ].
  • Enterite from campilobattri : an affection of the transmitted tenuous intestine through contact with I made contaminated.
  • Fever from scratch of the cat : an infection caused from a bacterial agent, transmitted through scratches does not disinfect to you.
  • Clamidovirsi : the contact with nasal or ocular secretions of cats affections, pu to cause congiuntiviti in the humans.
  • Bugs ematfagi: acarus, pidocchi, pulci, zecche... [ rimuovete these last ones within 24 hours in order to limit the possibilit of veicolazione, ndt ]. They are bearers of several and dangerous diseases in the comparisons of the man and the other domestic animals:

  • - borrellisi [ identified 10 years ago spirochete - the responsible Borrelia burgdorferi-. E' in experimentation course a vaccine, ndt ],
    - maculosa fever of Full of rocks Mountains [ "Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever", caused from microorganisms of the sort "Rickttsia", similar clinical to the tifo esantemtico and rather dangerous for the house dog, perch d place to one serious febrile disease. E' transmitted from zecche of the sort "Dermacentor". The persons hit in USA are to incirca the 600 to the year, ndt ]. Very rarely the cat, bench the antigen ones deriving from the contagio are present in its blood, extension the signs clinicians of the disease: in case affection came some, pu to become one source of contagio direct.

  • Salmonellsi : the contact with ocular, oral secretions and above all with I made contaminated, pu to provoke disturbs internal.
  • Toxoplasmsi : it comes transmitted through contact directed with contaminated faecal material: disease relatively not difficult to cure, one of the greater sources of worry and sometimes of unreasonable panic when in family there is an pregnant woman, for the most serious consequences that pu to involve for the fetus [ are precise hygienic norms that - in presence of a cat I do not infect reduce the risk to the lowest percentages, ndt ]. Currently, the possibilit to contract the disease consuming cooked meat [ carpaccio, roast-beef..., ndt ] devout not perfectly much probable.
  • Parassitsi inner , transmissible to the man by means of contact with I made contaminated or bugs carriers:

  • - anchilostomasi [ hits the tenuous intestine, producing diarrhoea, weakness and anemia, ndt ],
    - ascaridasi [ devout the common infestazione from nematdi which the puppys go encounter, often for contagio placentare, ndt ],
    - the less dangerous tenasi [: the round eggs and piccoline can easy be found attacked to the perianal zone ].

Sterilization [ you go to summary ]

Less than you are not breeders of breeds valuable, or mean however to make to reproduce your cat [ assuring you of being able to arrange ALL decorous the puppys, ndt ], you would have to consider the opportunit to make to sterilize it or to castrate. This last term generally devout used R-with regard to the cats males.


The cats males come subordinates to orchiectoma [ removal of the testicoli, ndt ] previa local anesthesia [ less dangerous than that general: they remain aware but "it dissociates to you" from the sensory stimuli, ndt ]. When the case, comes applies little points to you of sutura [ currently not devout necessary, being available bioassimilabili mastics, ndt ]. The period devout indicated in order to carry out the participation after the happened one completes come down of the testicoli, but before that the urines assume the characteristic odore, around the 6 months of life [ when the flow of blood to the testicoli still reduced, that it limits possible post-operative complications due to emorraga, ndt ]. The castration carried out before that the cat has begun "to spray" [ to mark the territory with superficial urine sketches on vertical, not to get confused with the orinazione that a medical problem, ndt ], reduces the possibilit largely that this behavior establishes [ bench not eliminates it subsequently of all, ndt ]. In the past the premature castration had been indicated like one of the concomitant causes in the insorgence of problems to the urinario feature (FUS, Urinary Feline Syndrome), but hour succeeded studies to you they have proven that even the castration to 7 weeks of ET, does not have effects on relative statistics of incidence to this disease. From 1993 the Association of the Veterinaries Americans (AVMA) has assumed like general rule that, from the come down happened one of the testicoli, every considered moment appropriated.

In some cases, or - devout very rarely both the testicoli do not come down in the scrotale bag and remain "unripe" [ criptorchida, ndt ], demanding of the removal also to outside of reasons legacies to sterilization, since often they develop tumorali complications. E' in these cases necessary an exploratory participation in anesthesia general, similar conceptually to that one practiced on the females, with an operating risk and one spold economic rather advanced.

If you are indecisi approximately the opportunit or less than to make to castrate your cat, considered that:
- a integral male ("tom") mainly induced "to spray" on trees, walls, and superficial vertical in kind. But above all its urine maintains characteristic, persistent and nauseous a odore, than of it it renders nearly the cohabitation in apartment impossible. If free to exit, sar often been involved in zuffe and combats with other males, it could disappear for days in the period of the connections, and stretch to wander for devout an immense territory [ approximately 10 hectares, ndt ], exposing to a number much greater one of dangers, than statistically of it they reduce of some year the life expectation.
- a castrated male could "still spray" [ not being closely employee from the sexual instinct: especially if the successive castration to establishing itself of the behavior, ndt ]. But sure the urine to lose the characteristic odore, rendering less difficult the pulizia of the superficial ones. If free to exit, its territorial beam sar much devout limited [ hardly advanced one to that one of one female, approximately 1 hectare, ndt ], and sar much less inclined to engage... battaglia [ a male castrated to the last step in the hierarchical scale, ndt ]. Perfectly adaptable E' like cat from apartment. Contrarily to the places common, not diventer devout lazy or devout fat person. The slackness depends in great part from the character and the opportunit of game who come offered to it, and a correct feeding to allow to the maintenance of an optimal weight [ the caloric requirements of a castrated cat, lacking the anabolizzante action the testosterone, is of 25% inferiors regarding those of a integral male: you consult yourselves with your veterinary, ndt ]


The females come sterilized by means of ovary-isterectoma (removal of the uterus and the ovaie), generally with two techniques:
- ventral recording, through makes us muscular of the abdomen, where a wide one wraps of hair comes rasata in order to avoid infections. E' the participation devout commonly practiced, relatively devout the economic, but demands a successive visit of control in order to eliminate the points of sutura.
- lateral recording, through one small recording on the flank. E' one technical little used, and all the veterinaries do not apply it: it has of the much smaller times of convalescenza and usually it allows the employment of surgical points to organic fading, than they do not have to be removed. Mainly expensive E' in order.

For the gatte ones indispensable to practice to the anesthesia total, which - also with it it puts into effect them level of affidabilit- involves always a sure dose of risk, legacy to possible anaphylactic reactions characterizes them. Even though in much reduced number, nevertheless some owners have sadly experienced the dead women of their animal because of the anesthesia.
The opportune moment devout for the participation after the four months, to discretion of the veterinary. Better however front to the first one estro, than in some breeds pu to begin also to 5 months. Sometimes, pu to capitare that a ovaia, or also a woven adhesion of ovarian does not come removed: the gatta one could regularly enter in estro, and to become an ulterior operation necessary in order to eliminate the disadvantage [ you they can be tumorali outcomes if this does not come made, ndt ].

If you are indecisi approximately the opportunit or less than to make to sterilize your gatta one, considered that:
- a integral female ("queen") andr constantly subject to periods of estro, than in apartment not subiranno pauses for all the arc of the year [ in nature, is believed follows a course ages them: a first useful period between January and you open them, and a second between june and september. In every period heat cycles are taken place due/tre, everyone of devout which hard or less two weeks. The heat protrae for 3-4 days, but generally not infrequent that can last until 8-10 days. If the gatta one comes fertilized, the heat stops for all the duration of the pregnancy, ndt ]. If not wished that he remains pregnant [ that happens in the greater number of the cases, since the release of the mature ovum - to difference of the dog probably comes provoked just from the connection, per.share of the ipfisi on the hormonal mechanisms, ndt ], you will have to hold it accurately confined, and while she tenter of scappare, the integral males of the circondario will try to catch up it (have news of cats enter to you in the houses passing from the culverts of aspiration of the fireplaces!). During the estro, to times possible that also the gatta one can "spray", exactly like a integral male, a urine of penetrating odore. Sure, dimostrer restlessness, extends to you miagolii with acute tone, and a inusuale behavior languido, rolling themselves for earth and exposing to the genitals them. If not subentra one pregnancy, after 2 or 3 weeks inizier a successive cycle of heat. If instead it remains pregnant, you will have to preventivare the increase of relative expenses to the visits veterinaries, the necessary food during breast-feeding and to that necessary for the weaning of the puppys [ hard pregnancy approximately 9 weeks, and the weaning is completed after the 2 months of life. If you cannot or you want hold them with you, you will have also to consider the time necessary in order to find one good sistemazione to the puppys. The abandonment, or worse... the abolition, is not does not give to take in consideration, ndt ]

In the gatte ones vergini not sterilized, verification with the time a high incidence of ovarian cysts and diseases uterine. Between a this last particularly dangerous piometra [ particular physiological degeneration, in which it is had it graduates them thickening of the uterus that produces a chronic inflammation. With the time secretions of suppurativo material from the vulva appear, abdominal slowness, swellings up and general organic weakening ]. The sterilized gatte ones obviously do not go encounter to this type of problems.

The gatta one pu to return in estro to short distance from the delivery: if after an undesired pregnancy you decide to make to sterilize it, tried to program the possible participation not hardly sar [ consulted the veterinary, above all in relation to puts into effect them puppys: gatta mother not sar in a position to taking care itself some, in the days succeeded to you, ndt ].

Post-operative Convalescenza

E' of EXTREME importance that the points do not come in some way tears to you: the gatta one to stretch naturally to leccarsi and biting themselves, and in order to prevent a sventramento, with consequent hemorrhages and infections, the used system devout, and devout hated from the gatte ones, the application of one gorgiera or elisabettiano collar [ an other system, less traumatic but also less effective, consists in threading one stocking or one sleeve opportunely sagomata for legs on all the body of the animal, and reinforcing the zone near the points with wide and more rather turned surgical doily devout times, ndt ]. Swellings up, reddenings or losses of blood must immediately be signal you to the attention of the veterinary.

Some points do not need of removal, and come slowly dissolved from the organism. Others demand the participation of the veterinary [ to 5-10 days from the participation, ndt ]. In the cats males altres a lot convenient I use it of mastics I affixed to you.

Attended that the level of testosterone and - limitedly to the adult males the presence of spermatico liquid, employs a sure one lasso of time in order to lower itself completely: a male castrated from little in a position to still fertilizing one female for 3- 4 weeks, before completely becoming sterile.

Cost of the participations

The cost pu to vary remarkablly, to second that comes executed from freelance or less. Often, in the "communal gattili" or the shelters for animals it abandons to you, offers come services of sterilization to low cost, or quite gratis (obviously as far as the foundlings to adopt: for the race cats all an other speech!). In any case, sterilization of the females devout expensive of that one of the males, perch the complex participation devout and demands post-operative attendance, reason for which the participation carried out from expensive freelance generally devout of that one carried out from the recovery centers, even if offers better guarantees.

In USA you an association -"Friends of Animals" - than pu to supply information to you on the obtaining of participations of sterilization to contained cost, being able also to contact your veterinary for an eventual convention.

For a principle idea, the cost pu to go less from the 10 dollars [ than 20.000 Liras, ndt ] for the castration of the male in a center of recovery to the 100 dollars [ less than 200.000 Liras, ndt ] demands from a veterinary for sterilization of the female, comprehensive for of post-operative attendance. They are in any case moneies expenses well, if you cannot face the costs of repeated pregnancies [ and if you cannot arrange all decorous the gattini, ndt ]: a brace of free cats of riprodursi, will have two cucciolate to the year, in ognuna di.le which 2-3 gattini sopravviveranno. Considering that nel.giro.di 6-12 months the able puppys will be to they time to generate, nel.giro.di 10 years the original brace pu to arrive to having 80,000 descendants!

Premature sterilization

Given to the impressive number of cats randagi in the metropoli, some centers of recovery and associations of voluntary service frequently choose always devout to sterilize in just the animals, before giving them in adoption, especially the puppys.
E' be definitively assessed that also a sterilization carried out to ET of 7 weeks does not have statistically importance in the possibilit to contract diseases to the urinario apparatus. For ulterior comparisons, you read the relationship of the CFA R-with regard to this problem:

It disturbs of the cute [ you go to the summary
The tangled hair a land of perfect development for you adorned and inflammatory processes to you of the cute. Better not to try than to cut the nodes with the scissors, perch the possibilit to hurt the cat there. Opportune E' devout to address to the veterinary in order to make to shave the hair under sedazione. To disentangle the nodes pu difficult being and much painful one for the cat: preferibile to prevent of the formation with regular spazzolamenti.

Specks lacking in hair

Often they are accompanied from pruritus or cutaneous irritation: pulci, allergies, eczemas and dermatofitsi [ dermatitis from fungus, ndt ] can are of some causes. Other times the problem of nature behavioural, and associated to some type of stress: the veterinary potr to prescribe hormonal cures or tranquilizers in order to control the grattamento.

If the dermatofitsi diagnosis, you will have to adopt of the precautions in order not to come any contagiati (like for the athlete foot). "similari Trisaderm" and treatments go rather carry out you for a period of time along. In the meantime, since the fungus reproduces itself through spore, you can avoid diffusing itself of the contagio disinfecting all us that possible (except the cat) with candeggina, and washing sheet and linen in hot water.


Grattar the orecchie furiously, scuotendo repeatedly the head, one of the symptoms classics of the infestazione from acarus in the auricular pavilion: controlled for the eventual presence of granellini black, or dark red cerumen. In positive case, consulted the veterinary for the opportune otologici treatments, generally in drops. The acarus complete their entire vital cycle to the inside of the ear, cosicch not necessary to preoccuparsi of one they possible "colonization" of domestic atmospheres, with the exception of how much happen for the pulci. If you possess devout animals, however, possible that episodes of contagio are taken place in occasion of the directed contacts, as an example while they clean up one with the other. Generally the cats, after the application of the drops, shake the head: assured to you that the medicinal one does not come shaken via anch' it. An other fundamental hygienic measure to adopt that one to regularly clean up the auricular pavilion with a cotton flock (without to push to you in bottom in the channel too much), using of the mineral oil of the type used for children. Cos making the present acarus eliminate themselves mechanically and the inhospitable atmosphere becomes them for they successive reinsediamento.

Grattamenti and clear of essudato or pus from the orecchie they can mean instead an infection turns them or fungina, and go immediately signals you to the veterinary for the opportune treatments. Other possible causes of pruritus can be due to the presence of pulci or pidocchi, or to a metabolic problem like sopracaudale eczema, allergies and seborra [ known like "stud tail", caused from one overproduction of the sebacee glands to the base of the tail: many visible in the cats white men like a yellowish and untuoso warehouse, pu to carry to the inflammation of the piliferi follicles and to the development of pustole and small abscesses. Devout common in the integral males, however present also in the males he castrates to you and in the females, ndt ]

Feline acne

The cats are affections from the acne to the par of the humans: of the sebacee glands localized on the mento are responsible, that they cause I placed you of fat material containing bacteria, visible like small head black, or dirt traces. The causes vary from hygienic factors to metabolic dysfunctions, comprising also eventual alimentary allergies (as an example to the lactose contained in the latte ones, like some persons for the cacao). Sometimes the problem originated from one inaccurata pulizia of the mento to work of the same cat.

Councils care the feline acne

E' a lot important to observe a scrupulous hygiene of the pottery used from the cat, in order to avoid that developments an infection: the always associated acne with the presence of bacteria. When the cat eats, its mento leaves of residual the bacterial ones on the walls of the bowl. If these do not come removed, to the next one I use will newly scatter for all the snout, creating the ideal conditions for one folliculitis.
Councils generate them:

  • used ciotole of glass or stainless steel. E' nearly impossible to remove the bacteria from those of plastic.
  • washed the ciotole of the water and the food daily: this eviter getting worse of the situation. Above all where there are devout cats, this avoids that the infection propaghi to all how many.
  • disinfettategli daily the mento with a product advised from the veterinary. "Nolvasan", "Xenodine", "Betadine" are commonly usable. In the strict devout cases, you repeat the operation for two times to the day. NEVER NOT USED DISINFECTANTS FOR The HUMAN ACNE: they are too much concentrates you for the epidermide of the cat and can cause to series complications. Analogous, spremete the black points, but detergeteli only.

Indispensable E' to consult the veterinary if the acne does not resolve nel.giro.di a week or two, or if they appear foruncoli and pustole inflamed. An antibiotic treatment or other could be necessary. When the situation improves, you weekly take the habit of disinfettargli the mento, to scope estimate.

Oral hygiene [ you go to summary ]

Formation of the Tartar

The cats go subject to dentale problems to the par of the humans: one of devout common the progressive one I accumulate of Tartar, employee from the mineralization of the plate. This visible one like a white man-yellowish warehouse localized above all on the external surface of the advanced teeth, and which had to the different tipologia to feed of the domestic felines regarding their wild cousinses us. In the time, the Tartar pu to carry to the development of gingivitises and problems of stabilit, until the eventual loss of the teeth. The reddening of the gums long the line of the collar in an adult cat the first symptom of one gingivitis in action.

The predisposition to I accumulate of the Tartar characterizes them: some cats do not need of some dentale treatment, while others must regular sottoporsi to removal sitting. Some veterinaries advise to annually carry out a complete one pulizia of the teeth, previa general anesthesia. Eventually, pu to estimate the opportunit to use a sedativo softly rather than the general anesthesia, or - if the cat has devout of 5 years the use of the gaseous anesthesia instead of that traditional one.

Some rules of dentale profilssi directly to house can while be observed:

  • - spazzolategli weekly the teeth with one soft small brush for children and one eatable dentifricia paste (buyable in the storees of animals). Since the cats hate this type of attentions, it could be necessary to wrap them in a towel and makes you to help from someone. In the case in which you are just skillful, and you have a cat a lot much accommodating, possible one to use the same instruments of mechanical removal uses you from the dentists.

Cloggings to the channel to radicolare

Although in the cat they are rather infrequent, decays can however be verified on the collar or also in the immediately below zone. If you an infection to the polpa, necessary to remove the nerve and to clean up the entire channel to radicolare: subsequently, it comes executed a x-ray in order to assess that all the necrotico material has been effectively removed, pain the development of a focolaio infectious that pu in the time to attack the nasal breasts and to expand themselves to the entire respiratory system, the lungs comprised. An infection of this type would demand an antibiotic treatment a lot extended.

Bad breath

For this problem you they can be several causes:

  • Dentizione: caught up the 6 months of ET, the gattino it changes the latte teeth from in favour of those permanent ones. If the gums swollen and are reddened, and the new teeth can be caught a glimpse, not you reason of preoccuparsi.
  • Gingivitis: An inflammation not connected to the dentizione, es. in an adult cat, it demands the opinion of the veterinary.
  • Alimentary regimen: sure types of foods, devout of others, render the breath heavy: to es, some alimony formulated for particular dietetic requirements. If the scatolette they stretch to produce flatulence, you could be oriented towards the croccantini.
  • Dentale abscesses: often, the only appreciable symptom of processes suppurati you to the mouth the particularly bad odore and, sometimes, the excessive salivation. E' necessary to carry the cat from the veterinary in order to make to drenare the abscess and eventually to remove the tooth. If this does not come ready made, the infection pu easy to extend to the nasal breasts and to cause swellings up, especially under the eyes. Necessary E' also an antibiotic treatment.

Removal of the claws [ you go to the summary
It is carried out - previa general anesthesia through the removal of the nail and the cells germinates them of front legs. Sometimes, it comes removed also part or all the bone finishes them of the finger. E' a carried out participation to precautionary scope, in order to avoid damages to the mobilio [ or small children, ndt ]. A cat very instructd sin from small to scratch only the objects for this purpose approntatigli, difficultly causer future damages to the persons or the furnishing. In Great Britain and other countries not concurred, if not for medical causes. The private cats surgical of the claws cannot concur to the exposures, and in USA some veterinaries refuse however to carry out a similar participation.

Often the cats satisfy the lack of front claws using those posterior ones, and still succeed to scramble up on superficial not too much steep. However, they remain lacking in their main arm of defense, and not possible to leave them to exit liberations without supervision, perch are of all the unarmed ones of forehead to eventual dangers, as an example the attack of a dog. Sometimes, they develop devout a marked tendency morsicare, and some manifest their disappointment with ringhi and brontoli. Siccome scratching a behavior legacy to the territorial demarcation (the cats has odorifere glands between their bearings), easy to see cats private of the claws that still sfregano the legs on the zone prechosen in the attempt to mark it.

You sone of the less drastic alternatives: regulating cut of nails (you see the section "Cut of nails" in the FAQ "Cures generates them"). The other the application of plastic pointed hoods on the same ones: "Soft Paws" [ "soft Legs", ndt ] comes in kind applied from the veterinary, but also the owner pu to make it after to have learned the technique: in spite of the efforts of the cat in order to remove them, they last like minimum a month. In the number of July 1992 of "Animal Sense" there the interesting article "Fake Fingernails for Felines" [ "It makes claws for cats", ndt ] of the Dr. Marilyn Hayes of the Rowley Animal Hospital in Rowley, BUT. This product works very well in conjunction with appropriated technical training behavioural, apt to ridirigere the requirement to scratch and to claw towards acceptable alternatives.

Like somministrare drugs [ you go to summary ]

Pills and tablets

The cats do not love to ingest tablets. When necessary somministrargliele, this pu to be one technical much valid one:
- you kneel down yourselves on the pavement, the cat between the ginocchia and with the head turned in ahead. Imprigionategli the front legs locking thighs, the intercrossed ankles so that it cannot scappare to GO BACK TO LIST. Assured to you that it cannot divincolarsi, so as to not to be able to you to scratch. Appoggiategli the palm of one hand on the head, with the inch and the index to two sides of the mouth: pressing leggermente and rovesciandogli hardly the head to GO BACK TO LIST you would have to succeed in fargli opening the mouth. Otherwise, abbassategli the jaw, supporting the mean of the other hand on I recorded to you inferior. The pill would have to be maintained between the index and the inch of the same one. . Assicuratevi di avere una buona illuminazione, che vi permetta di vedere all'interno della bocca: dovrete posizionare la pillola sulla lingua, il pi in fondo possibile. . Permettetegli di richiudere la bocca, e mantenendogli sempre la testa un po' alzata, massaggiategli gentilmente la gola finch non inghiotte, quindi lasciatelo scappare libero [non sottovalutate l'abilit dei gatti nel far finta di inghiottire, sono state ritrovate medicine nei luoghi pi impensati, ndt]. . Dal vostro veterinario potete reperire un "lanciapillole": una specie di siringa che, una volta introdotta nella bocca del gatto, rende semplice posizionare la medicina in fondo alla lingua.

. Un altro sistema consiste nell'acquistare delle capsule di gelatina, svuotarle del contenuto e riempirle con la pillola o le pillole da somministrare al gatto. . Questo molto comodo nel caso si debbano somministrare pillole molto piccole o pi di una per volta. . Molti negozi (specialmente di alimenti biologici) vendono capsule di gelatina vuote, di misura 00. . Attenzione che la comune gelatina sia realmente l'unico ingrediente: questa si scioglier senza nessun danno per il vostro gatto, mentre eventuali additivi potrebbero non essere molto adatti!

. Potete anche ricorrere, in maniera meno traumatizzante, ad un piccolo inganno [chiedete SEMPRE al veterinario se il medicinale in questione pu essere somministrato a stomaco pieno, ndt]. . Cercate di introdurre la pillola in un'offerta di cibo che il vostro gatto gradisca: ad es, polpette di carne... . Quindi offritegliela sulla punta di un dito: possibile che nel mangiare il bocconcino ingerisca la medicina senza neanche accorgersene! . Molti gatti, tuttavia, imparano presto a mangiare tutto tranne la pillola!

. Liquidi e sciroppi

. Se non riuscite a farglieli leccare direttamente dal cucchiaino, per la somministrazione di liquidi potete utilizzare nuovamente una siringa piccola, priva di ago, con la quale iniettarli lentamente in bocca [i denti ferini non combaciano completamente, ed molto facile far passare la siringa inserendola lateralmente, ndt]. . Bench sia infrequente che il gatto respiri con la bocca, e che il liquido possa andargli di traverso, comunque opportuno dargli il tempo di deglutire prima di iniettarne altro.

. I gatti vomitano con grande facilit e senza molta pena, specie se quello che hanno inghiottito non gli piace. . Controllatelo per qualche tempo dopo la somministrazione: non improbabile che rigetti la medicina appena girato l'angolo. . Qualche croccantino dopo la somministrazione dovrebbe evitare questo tipo di problema.

. Applicazioni topiche

. Se dovete pulire, medicare o applicare una medicina localmente, provate questo sistema, specialmente se il gatto recalcitrante:
. - non iniziate subito con la zona interessata. . Distraete il gatto accarezzandolo dove gli piace [generalmente la testa, il collo e la zona dietro le orecchie, ndt], parlandogli dolcemente e a lungo. . Avvicinatevi alla zona da trattare gradualmente, per permettergli di abituarsi alla sensazione. . A seconda del temperamento e della medicazione, potrebbe volerci pi o meno tempo. . Raggiunta l'area da curare, mentre effettuate il trattamento se possibile distraetelo con i croccantini, e ditegli quanto stato buono...

. A meno che non si tratti di una medicazione urgente, meglio non forzare: per trattamenti da ripetersi nel tempo molto meglio arrivare a far tollerare la cura senza costrizioni, associandola con esperienze piacevoli.

. Se invece fosse necessario provvedere subito al trattamento, afferratelo per la collottola, con na certa fermezza, e spingete la testa verso il basso: il veterinario vi pu mostrare la tecnica corretta. . Per i casi limite, quando il gatto reagisca aggressivamente, preferibile immobilizzarlo con un asciugamano avvolto strettamente, per impedirgli di graffiare.

. Parassiti interni: vermi . [vai al sommario]
. Queste note sono un condensato da David Taylor.

  • . Nematdi: [pi frequentemente, ascridi: "Toxocara" e "Toxascaris", ndt]. . Causano diarrea, stitichezza, anemia, gonfiori addominali e deperimento generale. . Si insediano nell'intestino nutrendosi del cibo parzialmente digerito che si trova nel canale alimentare.
  • . "Trichiuris" e "Filaria": pi piccoli degli Ascridi e molto meno comuni [in USA, ndt], possono causare diarrea, perdita di peso o anemia. . Le larve del genere "Trichiuris" si insediano nell'intestino crasso, mentre quelle della "Filaria" colpiscono di preferenza l'intestino tenue. . Entrambe possono perforare le pareti intestinali causando emorragie.
  • . Anchilstomi ed "Uncinria": causano diarrea, spesso con tracce di sangue, spossatezza e anemia. . Le larve penetrano attraverso la bocca o piccole ferite della cute e, attraverso i polmoni, si insediano nell'intestino tenue [dove si sviluppano nella forma adulta, agganciandosi alle mucose con gli uncini di cui munita la testa: sono molto piccoli e la loro presenza nelle feci pu passare inosservata. . Hanno una lunga durata di vita, comparabile a quella del gatto stesso. . Le larve possono anche penetrare all'interno della pelle umana, causando dermatite, ndt]
  • . Tnie: parassitizzano sia l'intestino tenue sia-meno comunemente- l'intestino crasso. . Le forme adulte si attaccano alla mucosa attraverso la testa, nutrendosi del cibo parzialmente digerito [Hanno il corpo costituito da proglttidi, o piccoli segmenti, dei quali l'ultimo, contenente le uova mature, si stacca e viene eliminato con le feci, ndt]. . I segmenti possono essere individuati come piccoli grani di riso attaccati in prossimit della coda, nella regione anale, dove causano irritazioni, e -ma non sempre- nelle feci. . E' uno dei parassiti pi facilmente trasmissibili attraverso le pulci, per cui se il vostro gatto ne affetto, meglio fare un controllo per verificare la contemporanea presenza di tnie [che sono, al contrario di quello che si pensa, meno pericolose dei nematdi e dei trematdi, ndt].
  • . Trematdi: possono causare problemi digestivi, itterzia, diarrea o anemia. . Si insediano nell'intestino tenue, nel pancreas e nei condotti biliari.

. Se sospettate una possibile infestazione da vermi, portate sia il gatto sia un campione di feci (preso da poco) dal veterinario: non tentate di autoprescrivervi dei farmaci da banco, perch molto difficile che possiate aver individuato la terapia corretta. . In pi, il veterinario vi pu consigliare circa le precauzioni necessarie ad evitare il ripetersi del problema.

. Come norma generale, consigliabile:
. - evitare che il gatto possa predare animali selvatici, specialmente topi e piccioni,
. - spazzolarlo regolarmente, utilizzando anche il pettine metallico a denti stretti,
. - mantenerlo libero dall'infestazione delle pulci, intervenendo con prodotti appositi [chiedete al veterinario, ndt]
. - osservare una buona igiene generale e dei posti adibiti a giaciglio in particolare.
. Non sempre l'esame delle feci sufficiente, da solo, a stabilire il tipo di parassita eventualmente presente (le tenie, in particolare, sfuggono spesso alla rilevazione), ma comunque una buona regola far effettuare periodicamente l'esame delle feci.

. Parassiti esterni: pulci . [vai al sommario]

. Sebbene sia possibile trovarsi la casa piena di pulci anche senza un animale domestico, con la presenza di quest'ultimo le probabilit aumentano di parecchio. . Potreste trovarvi di fronte ad un'infestazione sia di pulci adulte che di larve incistite. . Data l'importanza dell'argomento, e la sua ricorrenza nei ng, c' un FAQ apposito dedicato a questo argomento, scaricabile via FTP:
. . in . pub/usenet/news.answers/pets/fleas-ticks . [ . . ]
. Se non vi possibile scaricare il file via FTP, potere spedire un'e-mail a questo indirizzo
    . . con la scritta . send usenet/news.answers/pets/fleas-ticks . (senza virgolette o punteggiatura) come testo di messaggio. . ATTENZIONE: lasciate in bianco la riga riguardante il soggetto.

. Sostanze tossiche: . [vai al sommario]

. Le informazioni contenute in questa sezione sono un compendio da Carlson & Giffins, e non possono essere considerate esaustive. . Cos anche per i trattamenti consigliati: sono da intendersi come soluzione d'emergenza in attesa della necessaria assistenza del veterinario.

. In particolare, nella lista delle piante sono menzionate solo alcune fra le pi conosciute: nemmeno i botanici hanno ancora potuto redigere un database completo di tutte le piante che possono essere ritenute pericolose: questa una delle ragioni per le quali quasi mai due liste provenienti da fonti diverse sono comparabili fra loro. . In caso di dubbio, consultate le fonti di informazione e i centri tossicologici locali per maggiori informazioni riguardo la vostra zona.

. Cosa fare dopo l'ingestione di sostanze velenose:

. Se il caso (vedi sotto), cercate di farlo vomitare somministrando sostanze emetiche:

  • . perossido d'idrogeno (acqua ossigenata) al 3% : un cucchiaino ogni 10 minuti, per tre volte. . Molto efficace!
  • . 1/4 di cucchiaino di sale posto direttamente sul fondo della lingua, o una soluzione concentrata di sale in acqua.
  • . sciroppo di Ipecac: 1 cucchiaino ogni 10 libbre [4 kg e 1/2, ndt] di peso corporeo

. NON inducete il vomito se il gatto:

  • . ha inghiottito acidi, alcaloidi, solventi chimici, detersivi, catrame o derivati del petrolio, tranquillanti, vetro o oggetti appuntiti [es. . frammenti d'ossa, ndt] che potrebbero causare danni maggiori nel venire vomitati.
  • . appare fortemente depresso, inattivo o addirittura comatoso.
  • . ha ingerito la sostanza tossica da pi di due ore.

. E' anche opportuno proteggere con emollienti stomaco ed intestino, e cercare di ritardare o impedire l'assorbimento del veleno:

  • . 1) mischiate 5g di polvere di carbone attivo in 20cc d'acqua: 1 cucchiaino ogni 2 libbre [meno di 1 kg, ndt] di peso.

  • . 2) mezz'ora dopo, somministrate 1 cucchiaino di solfato di sodio ogni 10 libbre [4 kg e 1/2, ndt] di peso, oppure 1 cucchiaino di latte di magnesia ogni 5 libbre [poco pi di 2 kg circa] di peso corporeo.

  • . Se non possibile reperire queste sostanze, proteggete le mucose intestinali con la somministrazione di latte, bianco d'uovo crudo, olio d'oliva. . Praticate un clistere con acqua a temperatura corporea felina [38,6 C, ndt].

. Se un qualsiasi prodotto velenoso finito sulla pelliccia, lavatelo via immediatamente per impedire che il gatto, nell'atto del pulirsi, possa leccare ed ingerire la sostanza tossica. . Utilizzate acqua saponata o fategli il bagno in acqua tiepida (non calda).

. Coltivazioni in serra

. Per controllare le infestazioni da funghi o parassiti, spesso le piante provenienti dalle serre sono state trattate con insetticidi sistemici., i quali hanno un periodo di latenza -tempo durante il quale la sostanza attiva- ed una persistenza di pericolosit notevoli [gli insetticidi sistemici vengono assorbiti dalla pianta attraverso le radici o le foglie: l'intera pianta, compresa la terra del vaso, da ritenersi contaminata, e per un lungo periodo. . Gli insetticidi di contatto vengono spruzzati solo sulla parte aerea: fusti e foglie sono contaminate, cos come l'eventuale strato superficiale del terriccio, ma il periodo di latenza pi ridotto, ndt].

. Dovreste sempre informarvi circa il prodotto utilizzato per la disinfestazione, sul suo periodo di latenza e sull'effetto chimico espletato: utile consultare il prospetto dell'azione farmacodinamica (MSDS, material safety data sheets), che ogni prodotto chimico per uso floreale dovrebbe avere. . Alcune serre importano piante, specialmente da fogliame, coltivate in altri garden [si riferisce specialmente al sud degli USA, ndt], cos dovrete informarvi presso il produttore.

. PIANTE TOSSICHE da appartamento . [vai a "Sostanze Tossiche"]
. [con nome botanico, ndt . . Grazie Paolo, grazie Jaime!]

. Esantema per contatto . (reazioni allergiche ed orticarie) :

  • . Crisantemo [ . Chrysanthemum . ]
  • . Ficus [ . Ficus pumila, Ficus benjamina, Ficus elastica . ]

. Infiammazioni, gonfiori alla lingua e alle labbra . (alto contenuto di cristalli di ossalato di calcio) :
. NB: Se il gonfiore alla trachea o all'esofago impedisce la respirazione, necessario effettuare una tracheotomia d'urgenza.

  • . Singonio [ . Syngonium podophyllum . ]
  • . Caladio [ . Caladium . ]
  • . Diffenbachia [ . Dieffenbachia amoena . ] . molto tossica
  • . Filodendro [ . Philodendron scandens, Philodendron cordatum, Philodendron hastatum, Philodendron selloum . ]
  • . Monstera [ . Monstera deliciosa . ]
  • . Potos [ . Scindapsus aureus, Scindapsus aureus "Marble Queen" . ]
  • . Vite americana [ . Parthenocissus tricuspidata . ]

. Effetti vari: vomito, dolori addominali, crampi; tremori; problemi cardiaci; problemi respiratori; danni renali.

  • . Amarillide [ . Amaryllis . ]
  • . Azalea [ . Rhododendron albiflorum, Rhododendron macrophyllum . ]
  • . Uccello del Paradiso [ . Strelitzia reginae . ]
  • . Euforbia spinosa [ . Euphorbia milii . ]
  • . Bergenia [ . Bergenia cordifolia . ]
  • . Colocasia [ . Colocasia esulenta . ]
  • . Edera [ . Hedera helix, Hedera helix "Needlepoint", Hedera helix "Ripple" . ]
  • . Ciliegio d'Inverno [ . Solanum capsicastrum . ]
  • . Cipero o -impropriamente- Papiro [ . Cyperus alternifolius . ]
  • . Crisantemo [ . Chrysanthemum mortiforium, Chrysanthemum morifolium . ]

. PIANTE TOSSICHE da esterno. . Evitate qualunque pianta con lattice o linfa verdina o comunque colorata!

. Vomito e diarrea:

  • . Speronella o Delfinio [ . Delphinium bicolor, Delphinium glaucum, Delphinium menziesii . ]
  • . Narciso, bulbi [ . Narcissus . ]
  • . Ricino [ . Ricinus communis . ]
  • . Fitolacca [ . Phytolacca americana . ]
  • . Dulcamara [ . Solanum dulcamara . ]
  • . Digitale [ . Digitalis purpurea . ]
  • . Glicine [ . Wisteria floribunda . ]
  • . Albero del sapone [ . Sapindus saponaria . ]
  • . Tabacco ornamentale [ . Nicotiana tabacum . ]
  • . Lisichiton o Simplocarpo [ . Symplocarpus foetidus . o . Lysichitum americanum . ]
  • . Alchechengio [ . Physalis longifolia]
  • . Arisaema [ . Arisaema triphyllum . ]

. Vomito, dolori addominali, . talvolta . diarrea:

  • . Tasso . [ . Taxus baccata, Taxus canadensis, Taxus brevifolia . ]
  • . Ligustro [ . Ligustrum . ]
  • . Filadelfo [ . Philadelphus . ]
  • . Pittosporo [ . Pittosporum tobira . ]
  • . Albicocco ornamentale [ . Prunus armeniaca . ]
  • . Mandorlo, noccioli [ . Prunus amygdalus . ]
  • . Pesco [ . Prunus persica . ]
  • . Ciliegio dolce [ . Prunus avium . ], Ciliegio acido (amarene) [ . Prunus cerasus . ]
  • . Susino [ . Prunus domestica . ]
  • . Robinia [ . Robinia pseudoacacia . ]
  • . Ippocastano [ . Aesculus glabra, Aesculus hippocastanum . ]
  • . Chelreuteria [ . Koelreuteria elegans, Koelreuteria paniculata, Koelreuteria bipinnata . ]
  • . Agrifoglio [ . Ilex aquifolium . ]
  • . Momordica [ . Momordica charantia . ]

. Effetti vari:

  • . Rabarbaro [Rheum rhaponticum]
  • . Spinacio, foglie crude [Spinacia oleracea
  • . Patata comune, tubero [Solanum tuberosum]
  • . Lupino [Lupinus]
  • . Ranuncolo [Ranunculus]
  • . Gelsomino [ . Jasminum floribundum, Jasminum officinale, Jasminum sambac]
  • . Erba morella [Solanum nigrum]
  • . Prataiolo, fungo [Psalliota campestris]
  • . Astrgalo [ . Oxytropis . ]
  • . Menisprmo rampicante [ . Menispermum canadense . ]
  • . Amaranto [ . Amaranthus retroflexus, Sarcobatus vermiculatus . ]
  • . Alogeton [ . Halogeton glomeratus . ]
  • . Podofillo [ . Podophyllum peltatum . ]
  • . Dicentra [ . Dicentra cucullaria . ]
  • . Datura [ . Datura candida . ]
  • . Lcium [ . Lycium barbarum . ]

. Effetti allucinogeni:

  • . Campanella rampicante [Ipomea]
  • . Pervinca [Vinca minor]
  • . Peyote [Lophophora williamsii, Echinocactus] coltivazione illegale!
  • . Marijuana [Cannabis sativa] coltivazione illegale!
  • . Noce moscata [ . Myristica fragans . ]

. Convulsioni:

  • . Melia [Melia azedarach]
  • . Cicuta di Socrate [ . Conium maculatum . ] . fatale . (alto contenuto di alcaloidi tossici)
  • . Coriaria [Coriaria myrtifolia]
  • . Noce vomica [Strychnos nux vomica] contiene stricnina
  • . Stramonio [ . Datura stramonium . ]

. Piante NON TOSSICHE. . Evitate qualunque pianta con lattice o linfa verdina o comunque colorata!

. Quali piante si possono lasciare alla portata del gatto in tutta sicurezza? . Empiricamente, tutte le piante appartenenti al genere Mentha, distinto principalmente per il calice e la corolla quasi actinomorfi [tecnicismo botanico: a geometria simmetrica regolare sul piano longitudinale, ndt] con le varie specie [6 circa in Italia, ndt]. . Inoltre:
. - l'erba gatta [ . Nepeta Cataria . ], . facile da coltivare sul davanzale. . Attenzione che il gatto non la faccia cadere di sotto!
. - il coleus [ . Coleus blumei . ], con . foglie simili all'ortica, vivacemente colorate in giallo, verde, rosso e marrone. . Molto facile.
. - il plectrantus [ . Plectranthus oertendahlii . ], facile da coltivare, a foglie rotonde verde bronzato con nervature argentee. . Sta molto bene nei cesti appesi, e tollera occasionali ...mordicchiate.

  • . Tulipani [ . Tulipa . ] - NON narcisi [ . Narcissus . ] e mughetti [ . Convallaria majalis . ]
  • . Roselline miniatura [ . Rosa . ]
  • . Ciclamini, foglie e fiori [ . Cyclamen persicum . ] - NON il tubero, ndt
  • . Violette afridog [ . Saintpaulia ionantha . ]
  • . Glossinia [ . Sinningia speciosa . ]
  • . Erantemo [ . Hypoestes . ]
  • . Eschinanto [ . Aeschynanthus lobbianus . ]
  • . Cactacee, TUTTE: controllate le caratteristiche areole dalle quali si formano i peli, le spine, i fiori e i germogli. . NON tutte le piante spinose o succulente sono cacti [ad es. . le euforbie spinose non lo sono, ndt]
  • . Falangio [ . Chlorophytum comosum . ], a foglie completamente verdi o con striature bianche, generalmente utilizzata nei cestini appesi e molto facile da riprodurre attraverso le plntule. . Chiamata anche pianta-ragno.
  • . Begonia da fiore [ . Begonia semperflorens . ]. . Belle e non tossiche, sono utilizzabili come piante da giardino o da interno. . Anche le altre begonie sono considerate sicure [non Begonia rex, ndt], bench pi delicate nella coltivazione.
  • . Patata americana [ . Ipomoea batatas . ]: spesso trattate per ritardarne il germogliamento, per usi alimentari. . Le foglie verdi a cuore ricordano quelle del filodendro.
  • . Beloprone [ . Beloperone guttata . ].
  • . Maranta [ . Maranta leuconeura . ].
  • . Aloe [ . Aloe vera . ] - [alcune fonti la riportano come non sicura, ndt].
  • . Cisso [ . Cissus . ].
  • . Asparagina [ . Asparagus plumosus . ]. . [NON il ricadente "Sprengeri", . Asparagus densiflorus sprengeri . , ndt].
  • . Felci: nefrolpide [ . Nephrolepis exaltata . ], capelvnere [ . Adiantum . ], ptride [ . Pteris . ]. . Necessitano di molta umidit.
  • . Zebrna [ . Zebrina pendula . ].
  • . Impatiens [ . Impatiens walleriana . ].
  • . Geranio comune [ . Pelargonium . ], qualunque variet.
  • . Tarassaco [ . Taraxacum officinale . ].
  • . Poinsezia o Stella di Natale [ . Euphorbia pulcherrima . ]: comunemente ritenuta pericolosa per animali e bambini. . La Ohio State University ha condotto alcuni test che SMENTISCONO la pericolosit della poinsezia, e secondo "Feline Practice" (Norsworthy, 1993 - grazie a Kay Klier) nei gatti produce solo disturbi gastrici e diarrea, che possono essere risolti con Kaopectate.
  • . Columnea [ . Columnea microphylla, Columnea gloriosa . ]

. ELEMENTI CHIMICI . [vai a "Sostanze Tossiche"]

  • . stricnina . - fluoroacetato di sodio - fosforo - zincofosfati: si trovano nel veleno per topi, ratti, talpe e scarafaggi. . Il fosforo utilizzato anche nei fuochi d'artificio, fiammiferi e scatole di fiammiferi, fertilizzanti.
  • . arsenico . - metaldeide - piombo: si trovano nelle esche per chiocciole/lumache, veleno per formiche, diserbanti ed insetticidi. . L'arsenico rintracciabile come impurit in molti composti chimici. . Vernici, linoleum, batterie contengono piombo.
  • . varfarina . (Decon, Pindone): usate come veleno per topi, e talvolta come anticoagulanti in medicina umana, con varie denominazioni commerciali (ad es. . Coumadin). . Gli animali si dissanguano lentamente fino a morire: l'antidoto la somministrazione di un antiemorragico, come la vitamina K. . Controllate se vi siano delle chiazze purpuree nel bianco degli occhi e sulle gengive (segno che l'animale MOLTO grave).
  • . antigelo . (etilenglicole): utilizzato nelle macchine. . E' consigliabile non utilizzarlo, perch oltre che essere altamente tossico ha un sapore che molto gatti trovano accattivante.
  • . organofosfati . e . carbammati . (Dichlorvos, Ectoral, Malathion, Sevin in alta percentuale) - idrocarburi clorinati (Chloradane, Toxaphene, Lindane, Methoxychlor): utilizzati in alcuni insetticidi ed antiparassitari
  • . idrocarburi . : benzina, cherosene, trementina.
  • . corrosivi . (acidi ed alcalini): detergenti per la casa, disgorgatori per gli scarichi, solventi commerciali
  • . Molti . detersivi . : i prodotti contenenti olio di pino sono altamente tossici, e devono essere evitati o perlomeno tenuti sotto chiave. . La candeggina preferibile. . Evitate qualunque prodotto contente fenolo.
  • . spazzatura . (intossicazione da cibo avariato): carcasse, cibo in decomposizione, escrementi animali.
  • . medicine . per uso umano: antistaminici, antidolorifici (ed es. . Aspirina), sonniferi, pillole dimagranti, medicine per il cuore e preparati vitaminici. . Qualunque cosa contenga metilsalicilato. . Il Tylenol (acetominofen) pu essere mortale.
  • . teobromina . e . caffeina: . il cioccolato (specialmente il tipo fondente) contiene teobromina, la quale tossica per i gatti. . Maggiori informazioni possono essere trovate nell'edizione estiva 1992 di "Cat Life". . La caffeina pu dare problemi, meglio evitare caff, Coca Cola o altri alimenti che la contenengono.

. MEDICINALI . [da Norsworthy, 1993] . [vai a "Sostanze Tossiche"]

. Da NON somministrarsi, o lasciare in giro:

  • . acetominofen . (Tylenol) - paracetamolo: 1 pastiglia pu essere letale anche per un gatto adulto.
  • . benzocaina . (anestetico locale): si trova in spray o in crema come antidolorifico, ed spesso impiegata nella formulazione di pomate antiemorroidarie.
  • . alcole benzlico
  • . idrocarburo clorinato . : come Lyndane, Chlordane etc.
  • . esaclorofne . : antisettico utilizzato nella composizione di alcuni saponi dermatologici disinfettanti
  • . blu di metilne . : impiegato un tempo per alcuni disturbi urinari, molti gatti non lo tollerano.
  • . fenazonpiridne . : usato in combinazione con sulfamidici come AzoGantrisin. . Ottimi per umani, mortali per i gatti.
  • . fenitoin . (=Dilantin): spesso usato nella cura delle sindromi apoplttiche in altri animali
  • . enteroclismi a base di . fosfti . (=Fleet . tm . ): possono essere fatali.

. Da somministrarsi SOLO dietro prescrizione del veterinario:

  • . acido acetilsaliclico . (Aspirina): in ogni modo non pi di 1 dose pediatrica in 3 giorni!
  • . cloramfeniclo . : generalmente non tossico in dosi minori di 50-100 mg 2volte al giorno.
  • . fulvicina . (Griseovulfin)
  • . lidocaina . : un altro anestetico locale
  • . megastrlo acetato . (Ovaban, Megace): pu avere conseguenze come cambiamenti comportamentali, cisti mammarie, diabete. . E' di aiuto per determinate patologe, ma il suo uso deve essere sottoposto a regolari monitoraggi.
  • . Antinfiammatori non steridi (ad es. . ibuprofen . ): tendono a causare gastriti e ulcere perforanti. . Banamina ed Aspirina sembrano le meglio tollerate fra queste medicine.
  • . peptobismlo . : ha un contenuto troppo eleveto di salicilti.
  • . miorilassanti . muscolari (ad es. . Lomotil): causa anomalie comportamentali.
  • . tetraciclne . : possono causare diarrea, febbre, depressione. . Sono da preferirsi altri tipi di antibiotici.
  • . triacetarsamde . (Caparsolate): utilizzata per il trattamento dei parassiti cardiaci nei cani
  • . tiamilalsodio . (Biotal): usata per interventi chirurgici brevi. . I gatti possono sviluppare una sensibilizzazione dopo varie esposizioni. . Se cambiate veterinario, assicuratevi di metterlo al corrente circa i precedenti trattamenti a cui il gatto stato sottoposto.
  • . acidificanti urinari . : rispettate il dosaggio stabilito dal veterinario!

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