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Games for cats and like using them


How we can characterize "a sure" game respect to one "not sure"?

There are many factors that can contribute to the pericolosit or emergency of a game! Ill-fatedly, many of these factors depend entire on the dimension of the single animal, on its level of attivit and the personal preferences.
An other factor to consider e' the atmosphere in which the animal passes its time.
We cannot assure the enthusiasm or the emergency to you del your animal, however we can offer some lines to you guides...

You are cautious

Just those things that attract the cats mainly are often devout the dangerous ones. Transformed your house "to cat test" controlling: spaghi, tapes, spin to you, rings of the plastic bottles, clips, needles and pins, and whichever other thing that can be ingested. They are all dangerous ones, to prescind from how much the cat seems pretty when it plays to us.
Modified or avoided the games that are not to "cat test"; problematic they are tapes, piume, spaghi, eyes or others parts that can be removed, be chewed and/or be ingested.
The soft games would have to be washable in washing machine. The labels controlled that bring back the indications for the emergency of the children: a peluche indicated like sure for children under the three years pu not containing a dangerous padding (the reference e' to the legislation American - ndt). Between the paddings that it gives problems are grains of polistirolo and the shells of walnuts. Moreover, the attracted cats are not a lot from the rigid games.

Here our recommendations

"active" games

The rings of stretch in plastic for the Amusing shower the single ring to make to move with the leg, to hide or to transport.
Amusing also when they come joined devout rings and even hung in a tempting place.
Plastic littles ball that roll - with or without of the door-bells to the inside.
Littles ball from ping-pong and littles ball from golf from practical in plastic - with of the holes in order making s that the cats can transport to them better. Tried to put them in one dry bathtub; the ball that pu not to exit e' much devout amusing of that it disappears under the divano, but ATTENTION, you remember yourselves to remove the littles ball from the bathtub before going to bed, less than you cannot feel the cat from your bedroom. The preferred hour for this type of game seems to be the two of the mattino!
Envelopes of Paper - You remember yourselves to remove the manici; they are optimal in order to jump to us within, to hide and for of the interactive games you; they are also an optimal distraction for the cat if you have need that lend little attention us that YOU been trying to make!
The plastic envelopes are not a good game in how much many cats love to chew and to ingest that type of plastic.
Games of rolled up rope SISAL. Many cats, species those that ignore the soft games, love that consistency type rope.
Cardboard empty coils - Ideal those of the paper from kitchen and the hygienic paper, especially if "you unravel" a pezzettino of cardboard for "giving the way" to the cat.

Gatta Grass

Many cats ignore the gatta grass. Between that they are attracted some, some can are some excessive stimulate to you, to the point to become aggressive, while others light will be sedati. The gattini under the six months they seem it are of immune.
The sprays made up of gatta grass very rarely have concentration to attract the cats enough.
The gatta grass not da' habit, in fact the interest seems to always diminish when the gatta grass e' to disposition.
Filled up soft games of gatta grass - they are amusing to kick with legs, to transport and to sfregare
Pure gatta grass - riducetela in powder with the fingers and spargetela to earth (or on a towel put on the pavement if the traces wished to remove all, otherwise the oil remain on the not visible pavement for we but sure the cats it will be able "to still feel"). The cats can themselves be rolled in the gatta grass, strofinarcisi or to eat it, all goes to us well and e' sure.

Games of comfort

Animals with soft padding - useful to many scopes. For some cats the games would have to be enough small from being able to be transport to you in turn, while for others (that they want "to kill" all the games) would have less to be devout or of their same ransom. The games with legs and tail seem to have one march in devout.
Cardboard boxes - especially those in which the cat is LEGGERMENTE too much tightened

You obtain the maximum from your games!

Ruotateli - 4 or 5 only Left play available to the time, maintaining to "leg" capacity one variet of types. You put via the others, ruotandoli every week. If your cat has a particularly favorite game (especially a "soft big doll") you will have to probably leave it always outside or risking the ire to the cat!
You put to disposition of the games that offer a range width of uses - at least to transport, "to kill", to make to roll and "to coccolare".
Nascondino - the games "scova you" are often much devout attractive of games introduced in "plateale" way.

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