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To take a cat




You can have a cat? [ you go to summary ]

Your cat to depend on you for all its life, and with the appropriate cures potr living for 15 devout years or. You will have volont and the possibilit to cure it and provvedergli one appropriately stable house for all this time?

You do not take a cat without to have considered the expense for the cures veterinaries and the other costs. The normal cures veterinaries include vaccinazioni, test for the worms and examinations for the typical diseases. This comes to cost 100.000-300.000 Liras to the year. These figures are only indicative and depend on your veterinary and the health of your cat. To take cure preventively and constantly of just the cat turns out less expensive in the long run.

If you cannot allow you to the cures veterinaries for a cat you do not have to take of one. Not thoughts of being able to take a cat and not to never see the veterinary. Vaccinazioni and visits anniversaries are a duty in order to maintain your cat in health; sure vaccinazioni are demanded from the law in various states (in USA, ndt).

Other usual costs include the food for cats, the sand for the lettiera, the same lettiera and the shovel for pulizia and the all the other accessories like grattatoi and other.

Many changes in your life not impediranno of giving you to the cat one good house. Many persons think that they must give via the cat when they move themselves, but not true. relatively easy to move itself with a cat, even if been been transferring to you of state or overseas.

In any case, if thoughts of being soon in a situation in which you will have to get rid of the cat considered to pass the time with the cats of your friends instead taking of one yours. Difficult Pu to be much, if not impossible one, to find a house for an adult cat if you will have to be separated from he.

Which type of cat? [ you go to summary ]

Many persons are attracted from the cats or the gattini for their aspect. Considered also their characteristics perch the gattino that you choose today could be a member of your family for 15 devout years or. Been trying a cat much assets and giocherellone? To need a cat that is kind especially with the children and the old persons? A cat that is not scared from a dog that barks? Or a calm and become attached cat that it sleeps in your bed of night?

Gattino or adult?
Considered the fact to adopt an adult cat. An adult cat has gi one completely developed its personalit, in this way you will know to that what been going encounter. The adult cats generally adapt themselves well to the new houses and they are become attached to the new masters like the gattini. Moreover the adult cats have less much probabilit than to be it adopts to you, many persons want to adopt graceful small gattini.

The gattini they are terribly graceful but they can have many disadvantages. They demand many cures and surveillance, does not use endured the lettiera and crosses "a wild" phase around the 6 months during which they demonstrate an uncontrollable energy. The gattini they have need of many travels from the veterinary for vaccinazioni, controls and, finally, for being it sterilizes to you. What a lot important, difficult to preview like diventer a gattino when to grow, it is like aspect that like character.

If you decide to take a gattino tried not to take of one too much small. The gattini they would not have to be separates to you from their mother and the other companions of cucciolata before 8 or 10 weeks. Many breeders do not sell the gattini before the 14 or 16 weeks, when their immune system completely developed.

Male or female?
Males castrate to you and sterilized females are both good companions. Quantunque some persons insist with cats of a several sex or of the other they independently have personalit a lot from the sex. No sex devout affectionate, devout intelligent, devout calm or devout giocherellone.

Of other part pu to be dificile living with cats does not sterilize you of both seies. The males do not castrate to you "spray" a urine from the odore displeasing on the walls and furnitures. If they can exit they wander and they fight with the other cats. The sterilized females cannot "spray" and generally "they call" when they are in heat; this an incessant howl that porter you and your neighbors to the desperation! In conclusion the cats castrate to you or sterilize to you are of pleasant the devout companions much.

A cat or two?
Many persons recommend to take two cats instead of one. A single cat pu to feel itself single and bored. Two cats make company an other, especially during the day when you are via. They stretch to having little problems and are amusing to observe together.

Types of cat
The greater part of the cats does not belong to no particular race. These cats are often call you of "mixed race". Also domestic servants to short hair "or" domestic servants to long hair "are known like". These domestic cats to short or long hair vary tremendously like aspect and personalit. They have large variet of colors and designs and can to times remember very give close of the race cats even if it they are not. Every cat has only its personalit, however it is its color or the length of its hair.

The domestic cats to long or short hair are easy to find. In fact many cats and gattini soppressi in the shelters for animals since there are many devout cats of puts into effect them question. (Memory that this a translation from the text originates them American, me does not turn out that in Italy the cats in the "gattili" can themselves sopprimere - ndt)

The race cats are not common, the esteem goes around between 1% and 3% of the total of the cats. Approximately 40 breeds they are recognized of cats. Every race consists in a group of cats closely connects to you with similar aspect and personalit. As an example the Siamesi typical is snelli, assets, lovers of the company and stretches to vocalize a lot. All the Siamesi do not have these characteristics but many have to them. A gattino of race probably to grow with the particolarit typical of its race like aspect and personalit; a gattino of race potr not to turn out different from as ve the waited for ones.

Many persons are attracted from the race cats perch want a cat with a color, one dimension and one length of the particular hair. As an example, you could be interested the Blue Russian cats perch appeals to to their color gray-blue to you, or you could be interested to the Maine Coon perch you want a large cat from the long hair. But not necessary to buy a race animal in order to find again these physical characteristics. You can close find large cats from the long hair or cats blue-grays or cats of any dimension and color to the shelter for devout animals. If devout you are interested to of personalit specific a cat of race pu being devout expectable: in spite of any type of personalit it can be found again between the population of race not simple not to understand if the cat less svilupper the characteristics that interest to you, than you are not trying an adult cat.


Where to find a cat? [ you go to summary ]

Shelters for animals
A shelter for animals a good place in order to take a cat to in compensation saving it from the abolition. Tried a clean cat and in health. It observes it to you in order to see of marks them of friendship and vitalit. Speeches with the persons who take to cure of the animals for any information you can give; often they can on purpose tell a lot to you of the personalit of the cat. Considered also the adult cats.

For the shelter for the animals you prepare yourselves to pay a honorarium, to answer to some questions on the house that you mean to give to the cat and, to times, debit of the references. This normal school. The honorarium covers some of the costs operated you of the shelter, the questions are times to make sure that the cats adopt to you go in one pleasant and stable house.

Many shelters will demand sterilization of the cat. Some will make it before the adoption, others will demand you to make it within a month or two from the adoption. Also this normal school and face to reduce the population of the gattini that they will return to the shelter. In particular, the shelters that sterilize all the animals before giving them in adoption have a good ones happening in the reduction of the population of cats in the same shelter. You are prays you to sterilize your cat if the shelter ve the rilascia integral.

Private announcements
The people who try to find a house for of the adult cats to times insert of announcements on newspapers (or in the showcases in the storees or to school). These cats normally are much cure to you and you will be able to meet them in a homely atmosphere.

Poreste also to see of announcements of gattini on newspapers. Assured you of entrarein possession of gattini in health and very svezzati, you too much do not take gattini (devout young people of 8 weeks young), and assured to you that the parents of the gattini have been she sterilizes to you. Tried to find people that she is trying to place of the gattini that they have been finds to you, or persons who gi have sterilized the gatta mother after an accidental connection, this in order to discourage the persons who do not cure themselves to continue to produce gattini. Moreover if the gattini the persons are been born perch not they cure to sterilize the own cats probably of do not take care to feed and to cure in appropriate way the gattini same.

Responsible breeders
If you want to buy a cat or a gattino of race you must try a good breeder. You do not support the storees of animals or breeders tried on newspapers, could end with a gattino sickly or svezzato badly. An optimal way in order to meet the breeders to the feline extensions, a directory of the extensions pu to be consulted on periodicals of the field like "Cat Fancy" or "Cats" (in Italy are publish "my Cat to you" - ndt). The feline extensions are also an optimal one opportunit in order to inquire itself on the various ones breeds of cats.

Tried to speak with devout about a breeder before buying a gattino. Tried an honest breeder that cures of the well-being of its cats and that he has of the cats from the good character. Speeches with the breeder of the hereditary problems of health of the race that interests to you and of as they have been grown the cats. If possible visited the breeding before acquiring a gattino. Listened to your intuitions; if felt that something "does not go" with this breeder, gone from an other.

A good breeder to make you also of the questions, in order to try to understand if you can give one good house to the gattino. You potr also to ask to sign a contract in which engaging to take to you cure to you in appropriate way of the gattino. This normal school and a sign of responsabilit from part of the breeder. You expect to pay 400.000-500.000 devout Liras or for a gattino, to second of the race and the zone in which you live. The breeders can also have adult cats of race that can be available at a low cost or free of charge for trovargli one good house.

The variet of the race cats pu to be narcotic. They are available FAQ on the various ones breeds in order to help to understand the differences you between the several ones breeds.

Storees of animals
Not bought gattini from the storees of animals. The storees of animals are famous in order to sell cats not in health or of low race, or quite domestic cats deal to you like of race. The gattini sold in these storees they are offensively expensive, often from two to four expensive devout times of the same types of animals obtained from a private breeder. They often are obtained from the "factories of gattini" where the animals are deal to you poor and raise to you for profit. Acquiring them from these storees you will help these factories and will contribute to the problem of the sovrappopolazione of the animals.

Some storees declare that the animals are all acquire to you from local breeders or "grown to house". The store clerks gift often instructd to tell the consumers that they are acquire to you from local breeders while it they are not. No responsible breeder would allow the sale of its gattini in a store of animals, where they could not speak with the purchaser for being sure that to acquaintance of the responsabilit to take care itself of an animal.

moreover recommended that you do not support this type of storees. Fairies your transactions with storees that sell alone the necessary one for the animals, not the same animals.

One single exception: eventually tried a store of accessories that works with some local shelter helping it to place the animals. These programs give a opportunit in devout to the shelter and are a wonderful example of constructive collaboration to benefit of our animals. In any case fairies attention that the animals are givenin adoption second the rules of the been involved shelter.


Before the visit veterinary [ you go to summary ]

You must make to examine your cat from your veterinary in order to discover signs of diseases or you adorned to you. The ideal, especially if you have other animals to house, you will have preoccuparvi to make to visit your cat Before carrying it to house.

The veterinary must control the temperature of the cat, to observe if they are present pulci, eggs of pulci, acarus in the orecchie and signs of tigna; to control the general health, the vivacit and to modernize the vaccinazioni if necessary. moreover one good idea to make to analyze the cat for devout the common malarrie.

If your cat gia not sterilized speeches with your veterinary of when puo to be a good moment for the sterilization operation. Not thoughts that your cat is too much young for the operation; new searches have demonstrated that sterilization to 7 weeks of ET does not have contrary effects on the physical and social development of the cat.

Vaccinazioni registered letters
The gattini they have need of a series of vaccinazioni for proteggerli from the feline Herpes (Rinotracheite) or FVRV, virus "decreases" or FCV and the Panleucopenia or feline Enterite to us. Much vaccine for cats proteggono moreover from the Clamidia. For the best of immunity answer the vaccinazioni for the gattini are made with an interval of 3 or 4 weeks, from ET of 7 or 9 weeks to ET of 14 or 16 weeks.

If your devout cat an adult foundling or a gattino old could not have had its vaccinazioni from small. In this case your veterinary could have to begin the series of the vaccinazioni to before the visit.

The vaccinazione against the angers pu to be a good idea if you preview to leave to exit your cat. The anger in increase in the wild animals us, especially in the raccoons (I know it, Italy not are raccoons, but cos they are simpati to us! :) - ndt). The vaccinazione against the angers also demanded in many states. The first vaccinazione for the anger pu to be made ET of 16 weeks.

Many persons vaccinate their cat also against the feline Leukaemia. This vaccine expensive, but recommended if your cat pu to exit.

moreover available a vaccine relatively new for feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). There are some controversies on the emergency and the effectiveness of this vaccine. Many veterinaries of it advice against the use.

Examinations recommend to you
Fairies to examine your cat for the virus of the feline Leukaemia (FeLV). If the positive cat you will have to hold your cat in house, separated from all the other cats, or could risk to infect them. The FAQ controlled on the Feline Leukaemia for ulterior information.

Other common examinations are that one for the virus of feline Immunodeficenza (FIV).

Not possible to carry out a direct examination for feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIV), than died them. A known examination exists as "examination FIV" but currently this examination does not evidence the FIV or the virus responsible of the FIV. This relative examination to the exposure to virus of the family of "coronavirus" (the FIP only one of the many "coronavirus"). If you decide to carry out the "FIP test" you know that its result much difficult one to interpret correctly. Perfectly healthy cats often are positi you to this test, even if never they have not been exposed to the FIP. If your veterinary thinks that vosto the cat, otherwise in health, test has the FIP in base alla positivit del could have need of a second opinion.


To have cure of a gattino [ you go to summary ]

Generally, a cat much young person does not have need to move in all the house. Used your judgment, but to leave it in one room until that sar a little devout old one potr not to save little to both of anxiety. A gattino it has need of a various diet from that one of an adult, many food Marches for cats have also one line for the gattini. They have a small stomach and a great appetite; for this it must give they give to eat devout times to the day.

The greater part of the gattini understands like using the box it with the lettiera. Usually the mother insegner they, otherwise the capiranno ones easy alone. If you have a too much small cat you will be able insegnargli same confining it in one room so as to fornirgli an easy access to the endured it lettiera and putting to you after eaten.

They could capitarvi of the gattini that they have been separates to you too much from the mother soon for whichever reason. If you have a gattino orphaned you will have fornirgli a warm and free area obstacles and to use a substitute of the latte ones maternal like food, giving it to it with a dropper. Consulted your veterinary for of the councils and aid.

Since young accustomed your cat to let to manrggiare. Watched in its orecchie (they must be cleaned up, white women and clear rose), eyes (cleaned up, do not have to lacrimare, the inner eyelids can wink but they must remain open), nose (clean and of the usual color) and mouth (cleaned up, gums clear rose) regularly. Firm Tenetelo and guardategli the ano, prendetegli the legs and observed the bearings and nails. This sar useful in order to notice whichever change fastly and to perceive your veterinary in case of problems.

Tried to make to meet devout possible people to yours gattino, this abituer and it not to hide the persons when sar adult.


To insert your cat with other animals [ you go to summary ]

You could have need to make to cohabit a cat with other animals (but before you are sure that the new cat or gattino has been seen from a veterinary in order to reduce the risks of transmission of diseases or you adorned you to the others your animals). The key the patience. Puo to demand from various weeks to a month in order to obtain the wished result, or could be enough one night. You do not yield and not arrabbiatevi. It depends on the temperament and ET of the been involved animals.

Nella greater part goddesses cases you will have simply to introduce them, you will be they to know itself and, after approximately a week, the things will go well. In any case to times a process little devout ones along and you will have to work. In a generalized manner the following procedure funzioner:

You put the cat in a room to part, where the other animal can feel its odore but not see it. After a day approximately you remove the cat and left that the other animal can explore the room to bottom. You replace the cat in the room. To second of the reactions you decide if to let out the cat and fargli to meet the other animal under your supervision. If noticed ostilit teneteli separates to you when not there are until when you will not be sure that the things go better. better if you can preview "a withdrawn" place of for every animal.

You can modify the duration and the attention with which the supervisionerete reactions of the two cats. Some shapes of game between the cats can appear hostile but it they are not. Observed the orecchie like indication (up and in ahead during the fight or flat and to GO BACK TO LIST when they are firm and are observed are indications of problems). If the fight finishes immediately when one of the two urla or squittisce all good goes.

The introduction of a cucciolo or a gattino in an atmosphere with devout a old animal pu to be stressanteper the old animal. The better thing to make in these devout cases to be sure that the old animal does not feel itself threatened from the new one arrived. Your devout attentions to the old animal prodigate, not to the gattino. You are sure that the old animal devout has a space where to withdraw itself and is not disturbed while it eats and it is rested.

A small dog inserted with a cat sees it as an other dog and leaves it alone or, devout often, tries fastly to play with he. The cat potr to see the small dog like an annoyance for a po of time but imparer to ignore it or quite to play with he. The introduction of a gattino with an old dog devout to depend on the temperament of the dog. Many dogs are good with the cats, as an example the Labrador, and they will not introduce some problem. Other dogs, with instinct predator, could demand an instruction in order to leave to be the gattini. Enough soon the gattino sar in a position to going up to the difuori of the capacity of the dog when vorr to be left single. To assure to the cat a place dome the dog cannot always take it of aid. This pu to be made using one steccato for children between the door of a room, high enough so that the cat can pass to you under but not the dog. Dulled moreover nails to the cat in order to diminish the damages to the nose of the dog.

According to made studies here some combinations of animals that stretch to work:

  • Two gattini
  • An old cat devout and a small dog
  • A brace of mature animals sterilizes to you
  • Two cats
  • Two dogs
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