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To eliminate lodore dellurina

Fresh urine: as an example to clean up the spot with a whichever good detersivo for carpets (Spot Shot). Later on, to deal the spot with simple sodium bicarbonate, to leave to act for approximately ten minuteren and drying. If lurina has impregnated the tappetino bathing also the pavement to of under, sar difficult to eliminate lodore independently from the products it uses to you.

In order to find the spots when you are not sure of where they are, procurate one to you lamp to ultraviolet beams with the filter (in order to eliminate every residual visible light). Lurina becomes fluorescent if exposed to the "black light". You can procurarvi this lamp near one blacksmith shop. These lamps to ultraviolet beams can be found also near storees of hobbistica and in storees that supply articles to speleologi and rocciatori, but are devout expensive. The bundle of beams sure GRAPE purch is used one long-wave lamp and not to short waves like that one used in order to get tan itself.

Enzymatic Products

Products that eliminate smell it: Simple Solution (for carpets and others); Outright! (for carpets); Resolve (for carpets and perhaps others); Odor Dumb (originally created in order to remove lodore to the various dogs pu to have employs, leaves a residual effective white man and on the concrete). Odor Abolish di Endosome Biological, pu anchesso to be useful. These products use enzymes in order to decompose lodore provoked from present compounds in urines and in I made.

When they are used produced enzimati to us, important to use freschi enzymes, fairies to absorb lenzima in profondit end where penetrated lurina and to hold the surface warm and bathed in order at least 24 hours. The reactions chemistries, included those enzimatiche, have one velocit greater to high devout temperatures. However, the greater part of the enzimatiche reactions does not catch up leffetto wished if the temperature goes beyond 38 - 39 degrees C., therefore is adviced against the too much high temperatures. After to have used lenzima to try to cover the surface interested with of the napkins imbevuti dacqua pure, therefore covering with a curtain from shower or of the plastic so as to to make sure that the zone remains humid.

The enzymes contained in the normal schools I cleansed you from bucato are equal to those contents in the expensive products "kills smells", but they cost very less. They work equally well. Biz one of these, as an example, and pu easy to find itself in the unit of I cleansed you of the own mesticheria with the relative product for the prewashing. To remember well to bathe the interested zone and to cover it in order to avoid that it is dried up. Smelling Larea badly must remain bathed with lenzima in order at least 24 hours if not beyond.

Washable Materials

You put the washable materials in washing machine with one cup of vinegar without detersivo, dopodich to proceed to the customary washing.

Concrete .

If you have of the concrete and (as an example, in the pavement) in which the urine is infiltrated, pu to be much difficult one to eliminate it poich the concrete not sealed much poroso. You will have to neutralize the urine and later on to seal the concrete in correct way. One specialistic company of pulizie probably the better way in order to neutralize correctly the urine infiltrated in the concrete. The vinegar and others I cleansed to you can help, but only temporary. Known Odor Dumb like a product that works well on the concrete. Also to improve the ventilation pu to help. In extreme cases, potr to resolve the problem throwing an other layer of concrete over originates it them.

The pavements in wood .

The pavements in parquet that they have been spotted with the urine can be much difficult to clean up. In the first place it deals them to you with an enzymatic product in order to remove the odore, Natures Miracle as an example. You can find turning white and coloring for wood near your blacksmith shop. If you want, you can be consulted with one of employs you of the store for knowing which produced available. You will have to remove all the varnish or polyurethane from the interested area, leviga you it a po', it turns white it to you and/or it paints it to you, and finally you put the protecting covering. They exist, moreover, of the specialistic companies that you can consult. In the cases in which the area it is much spotted one, you will have to replace the wood.

Gatta grass and Valeriana .

The gatta grass a plant that provokes various reactions in the cats. Many young cats and gattini will not be interested from the gatta grass. Only 20% approximately of the cats have not never manifested gatta interest allerba. One does not know in that way and in order which reason the gatta grass has effect on the rest of the feline population. Draft of a "recreational drug" for cats that not d habit and that, for how much knows, does not bring damage. On Science an article was published that it regarded the neurological effects of the grass gatta on the cats. It seems that through questerba the mind of the feline stimuli the same centers of appeal to of the orgasm. Many cats rilassano and become themselves lazy and happy, others instead are behaved like puppys. Only one low possessiva percentage diventer in the comparisons of its plant of gatta grass and could try to bite to you or to blow to you.

You can find wild plants derba gatta in the areas infested from erbacce, and collect of seeds. You will be able also to buy seeds from specialistic companies. Many centers specialize to you in giardinaggio have seeds of grass gatta in this period of the year, will be able to find them in the classified unit to the plants. Drogherie or supermarkets can be quite found between the shelves of seeds near.

The gatta grass easy to cultivate. You will have to far away hold the plant from the capacity of the cat poich, being some ghiotto, destroying fastly. The strategy better than to leave to grow some plants dopodich to prune them regularly and sfrondarle giving to the leaves collections to your cat. You hold the plant in its vase, to grow quickly devout. The cats will stretch to extirpate the transplanted plants eating them all, comprised roots, but they will be many devout rispettosi with those planted former-novo. The leaves must be stepped on in order to give off the odore.

The Nepeta Cataria the common gatta grass; other species of Nepeta has changed the rate their "active ingredient". The Nepeta mussini one good, a true "Bonsai" from full of rocks garden (to the Japanese). The Nepeta a species of the graminacee (Labiatae), that it belongs to the family of the mint. A group dibridi between the species exists approximately 250 species of gatta grass, devout. However in United States the only 10 are available species of these plants.

The root of the Valeriana has effects similar to the gatta generally grass and it renders the cats like crazy.
Not however common like the gatta grass and perhaps a po' devout powerful of this last one.
The gatta grass and the valeriana are both of the sedati ones you for the man.

The cats and the water .

Some breeds of cats have affinit for the water. Some readers of rec.pets.cats have told of cats that s' they thread under the shower with they, and have been reported to other anecdotes a lot amusing to read.

The greater part of the cats, that they love or they do not love to bathe itself, will remain fascinates to you watching the water to sgocciolare from the taps or that it gushes out from the bathtub, the washbasin or the w.c.

The cases of cats that drink from the bottom of the shower, the washbasin or other improbable places are frequent. Some demanding cats can be a lot as far as the water; it seems it appeal to devout they preferibilmente fresh possible and in motion. You can succeed to prevent to some of these behaviors changing the water of the every cat day, also moving the distant ciotola devout from that one of the food. In a generalized manner this habit not to make badly your cat, for how many unpleasant you potr to seem. It would be opportune dissuadere the cat from the drink the water of the W.C., but this endured made leaving lowered the cover.

All the cats make the fused one?

The greater part of the domestic cats ago the fused one. But the great felines, make them? Many say not, but the book "The Big Cat" filler:

"be wide asserted that the great felines that ruggiscono are not able to make the fused one, however these affirmations hour have been refutation. George B. Schaller reports that also the lions, the leopardi, Tigris, as the ghepardi they make the fused one. It finds that in the lion the sound only produced during the expiration, that vocalizzazione less common seems to be one than that one of domestic cat (160). Leopardo of snows ago the fused one as the domestic cat is during the expiration is during inspiration (60). Others have reported that the adult young people of Tigris, the leopardi, the giaguari and the ghepardi train make the fused one to you like answer the coccole. Finally, the fused one has been noticed in five species of the family of the Viverridi (Family of Carnivorous Mammals is diffused in southern Asia and Africa) like in the puppys dellorso tawny not still svezzati and in the maculate hyenas when figliano and nurses. (36).

These observations are interesting if they are put to comparison with the comment of Gustave Peters that still regards the fused one, in tightened sense, of the wild felines us (178). He question if the noise emitted from fused of the great felines same one, in the detail and the way, to that one of a domestic cat. Of the seven great felines that it has studied (without to consider the ghepardo), osserv of the true ones only fused in the puma, but consider probable whom also leopardo of snows and the leopardo streaked they made the fused one. Cos, is still of the doubts approximately the spread and the capacit to make fused between the wild felines us.
[ 36 ] Ewer, R.F. 1973 - The Carnivores Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press
[ 60 ] Hemmer, H. 1972 "Uncia Uncia". Mammalian Species , No.20, 5 pp.
[ 160 ] Schaller, G.B., 1972 The Serengeti Lion Chicago: University of Chicago Press
[ 178 ] Stuart-Fox, D.T., 1979 "Macan: The Balinese Tiger " Post Male baby minders (English Edition), July, 1979, pp. 12-13."

Other cats in the family of the felines .

There are other cats of the family that are not normally consider feline domestic servants you. In a generalized manner, too much large, strong and they are destroyed to you. In devout, many states have one rigid norm R-with regard to the wild felines held us like domestic animals; and moreover cruel that in order to render them sure, must be deprived these animals of zanne and dartigli.

If you have this strong inclination for the wild animals us, the better thing the zoo local. Many zoo have programs held from volunteers, cos will not only be able to pass your several time with danimali types, but you will be able to know many things that on they, having also lopportunit to distruire the public while fairies these turns or participated to other programs.

Particolarit genetic of the cat and the color of the cape .

A cat that introduces red and black spots saying "cat turtle" or "Tortie". If to these colors we add the white man we obtain instead a said cat "calico". A cat turtle that omozigote for the recessivo gene "the weak person" pu to be blue-cream that is with clear spots gray and cream. Draft of the same gene that transforms the black cats in blue cats (grays ndr) and the red cats in cats color cream. A cat blue-cream and white man "a weakened" calico in the feline world. The red black type or blue cream pu to manifest itself in three various ways: with of the obvious spots much, of the striature and sometimes with both. The presence massiccia of the color white man seems to be the responsible of the formation of great spots.

Red in the cats and a color legacy to the sex and carrying from a gene contained in chromosome x. However, a cat male the whose x door the gene of red sar a Tabby (tigrato, ndr). One female xx that has the red gene of in one the single one x, sar one gatta to spots, turtle or calico (in case has the dominant gene of the white man). A red female omozigote (that Red Tabby (red tigrata has the gene of red in both x) sar one, ndr). This explains perch is devout common the red males regarding the females (red tabby), and also perch the males calico are rarest: two x for being must have a calico. The males calico have genetic aberrations of varied type, of which xxy that devout common one. The greater part of the males calico, in fact, sterile; even if cases of fertilit exist assess to you. In any case generic laffermazione that all the calico cats or true turtle are of feminine sex 99.999% of the times.

The fact that the red females are not common perch, statistically speaking, the number of the single equal red males to the number of gatte the calico turtle, "tabby" pezzate, and of the red females. The red males and the females "turtle", the calico, "tabby" pezzate can be generate when also a solo to you a parent the gene of the red one, but in order to generate a red female we must intercross a red cat with one female turtle, pezzata calico or tabby of red. Perci the females of red color are less common, but not rarest like the males calico. A red cat "solid" (to joined ink, ndr) to always put in extension its character tabby (although he is much tenuous and even invisibile one, without that is necessary to brush the cape of the cat contropelo in order to have of a reply). An other gene engaged on the control of the character exists "agoutis" (and cio if the cape of the streaked cat or to united ink). The cats not agoutis, generally, do not show you drinkable unless in the zones in which the red color appears. The gene agoutis intacca the red pigment, cos the red cats shows their type "tabby".

The gene of the red one is overlapped to the strong gene, rendering the new type tabby of visible (on other colors solid, can sometimes be noticed of the below striature, species in backlighting).

A cat that has the characteristics of "solid red" (red to ink joined, ndr) pu to be or not to be genetically strong (solid). These cats, generally to long hair, are originate to you with indistinct spots that do not produce a cat from the particularly marked cape.

Solid (to joined ink, ndr) Tabby (tigrato, ndr)

Tabby brown

Blue (gray)

Tabby blue

Red Red Tabby
Cream Tabby color cream
Chocolate Chocolate Tabby color
Cinnamon Tabby color cinnamon
Fulvo Tabby fulvo

The colors that one calico to produce depend on the color of the progenitore, if not the figliare gatta one pu gattini red and not, pezzate gattine tabby, turtle or calico but the fact that gatta the not puppys kinds or tabby depend solo from the DNA of the progenitore. Moreover, all the gattini could have or not to have of the spots white women.

Colors of base of the Cat

Color Shape "weak person"
Black Blue (gray)
Chocolate (the color chocolate depends on a recessivo gene that transforms the black one in brown). Lilla (gray pearl)
Cinnamon Fulvo (rosato orange-colored much tenuous one; a brown rossiccio just to the greater part of the cats Siamesi and Abissini.)
Red Cream (with striature that go from the yellow, to the marroncino, the chamois. The geniuses of the red one and the cream are contained in chromosome x and camouflage i previous colors. In effects, c a shading rosso/crema that it joins everyone of the previous colors, but difficult to distinguish them, less than is not had to that to make with a pezzato cat turtle or "tabby" that it does not have zones of red that of it they give lindizio).
White man (we refer to the dominant gene here that covers the previous colors and that not attenuated.) nobody

Modifiers .



Specks white women (legs etc.) Dominant
Polidattilia (large devout feet) Dominant
Cat of Man (without tail) Dominant
Silver (lack of color to roots) Dominant

Maculato white man (small spots on the neck and sullinguine)

Shading nero/grigia (blue) Recessivo
Shading chocolate Recessivo
Shading cinnamon Recessivo
Bobtail (average tail) Recessivo
Solid (to ink united without striature) Recessivo
To long hair Recessivo

Some geniuses are completely dominant, in other words making part of a series, dominate luno sullaltro like as an example, the geniuses of the Siamese/Birmano cat; from the devout ones colored to that less colored:

The Birmano/Siamese with the blue eyes and the Birmano/Siamese albino.

The color of the Birmano and the legs and the tail of the Siamese are sensitive to the temperature; in fact, the estremit devout fresh of the Siamese they are devout dark, while the cape of a Birmano that has had the fever pu, for a po of time, to turn out devout clear. Generally, these changes are momentary, but pu to want to us of the time, before that they happen.

All the cats (also the omozigoti "solid") have one matrix "tabby": there are various types "tabby", from devout the dominant one to the little dominant.

"Smokes" and "Chinchillas": this the combination given from the geniuses "silver" (a dominant) and "solid" (a recessivo that produces the united color to ink). Other modifiers influence, moreover, to second that the cat is "smoke", "shaded" or "chinchilla" (dark, ombreggiato, clearly, ndr). Leaving from the devout ones colored, "smoke" it has the base white woman, "shaded" has approximately 50% of white man and laltro colored 50% in direction of the length of the hair, finally "chinchilla" have only lapice of the colorful hair. If instead of being "solid" (to united ink), the cat "tabby", it sar "silver tabby", and if the base color not the black one, pu also to modify the name adding "smoke", "tabby" etc. like, as an example: blue-cream smoke, red silver tabby etc.

Cats and elettricit static

During linverno or the seasons sand banks, the hair of the cat pu to electrify themselves and to unload every time that the coccoliamo. One good solution of frizionarlo with an appropriate chemical cloth. The chemical agents presents in these stoffe do not constitute a problem for the cat, always that they are not too much perfumes and perci he to you disliked.

Some persons acquire humidifiers to put in house that equally reduce well the static problem dellelettricit on the hair of the cat.

To prepare the food for your cat.

The following prescriptions are extracted from D.S. Kronfeld. They are of the therapeutic diets, for dogs and cats, than they are based on a simple prescription system. Tijdschrift voor diergeneeskunde 111 (suppl.1) 37s-41s.

Prescription base for the diet of maintenance of the cat

70 g. of rice white man (1/3 of cup)
140 g. of lean hamburger (2/3 of cup)
30 g. of liver of manzo (1/8 of cup)
11 g. of flour dossa (1 spoon)
5 g. dolio of seeds (2 teaspoons)
2 g. of it knows iodurato them. (1/2 teaspoon)

Joined the rice with 2/3 of cup dacqua, the flour dossa, it knows them and lolio of seeds. Fairies to bubble for approximately 20 minuteren. You add to the meat and the liver of manzo, fairies to cook therefore for others 10 minuteren. To cool before serving. Frozen Pu or to be left in refrigerator for various days.

Nutrizionali information:

800 kcal of metabolizzabile energy
Proteins 30%;
% of the elements calculate to you on the matter of dehydrated base:
Soccer 1,3%
Phosphorus 1,1%
Potassio 0,5%
Sodio 0,45%
Magnesium 0,15%

Cats to FUS risk (feline urologica syndrome).

Replaced the flour of bone with 3 g of soccer carbonate (2 teaspoons) or with average limestone teaspoon in powder (of not dolomite, than rich of magnesium). Cos making we lower the level of soccer from the 1, 3% to the 0, 7%, phosphorus dall1, 1% to the 0, 3%, and magnesium from the 0, 15% to the 0, 08 %. The carbonate of soccer and the limestone do not amalgamate and preferibile somministrarli under shape of pills or caps well. Pu to increase itself it knows carrying them it until a teaspoon in order to favor the requirementses dacqua, pu to join from 1/4 to 1/2 ammonium chloride teaspoon like acidifying urinario.

Sick kidney patients .

Replaced the 40-50% with fat hamburger (of way that remains 50-60 % of lean) to the normal hamburger, in order to lower to 13% the proteico content. In order to obtain a proteico content of 11% replaced the meat with large a medium egg (55 g) and a spoon of fat person of pollo. The animals with renal insufficiency are anoressici, and to maintain to adequate caloric requirementses pu to be a factor a lot important in their therapy.

Cardiac insufficiency .

Without it knows them, the "normal prescription" contains 0,05 % of knows them (in comparison to the 0,03 that is found in the scatolette indicated for the diet of the cats with cardiac insufficiency, and the 0,5 of the dehydrated product). These levels are indicate to you for animals to the last stage of cardiac insufficiency; for the first one and according to chronic stage of cardiac insufficiency recommended a contribution of sodio equal to 0.25% (you put a quarter of teaspoon in the preparation of the normal prescription instead of means). Various, you put average teaspoon of "knows them light" (50% of chloride of sodio or and 50% of chloride of potassio) in order reducing the sodio to 0.25% and raising the contribution of potassio from 0.5% to 0,7%. This preferibile preparation when a lacking one in potassio is used diuretic and, in particolar way, when be prescribed also of the digitalis them; in fact the devout digitalis them toxic in the low animals of potassio. If it is eliminated completely knows them from the diet pu to join a quarter of chloride teaspoon of potassio in order maintaining the animal within the just levels of potassio, avoiding cos that it comes to it to lack.

Diet to low content of fat people.

For not specific gastrointestinal problems, malabsorption, osmotica diarrhoea, pancreati to you lipidosi hepatic, etc.
In order to reduce the levels of fat person, replaced one of the following substances to 70g of lean hamburger
100 g of lean meat to 80% 10% of fat person
120 g of fat person eggs 12%
180 g of fat person heart 4%
230 g of fresh cheese 1% of fat person
400 g of cooked egg egg white 0% of fat person.

Replaced two teaspoons dolio of seeds with a safflower oil teaspoon (zafferanone).
In extreme cases to reduce the safflower oil to average teaspoon.

Diet to low content of fat people and high fiber content.

For old animals, with enteriti and pancreati to you chronic.
100 g of dry rice
70 g of lean hamburger to 90%
70 g of bran
2 spoons of liver of manzo
1 boneses flour spoon
2 seed oil teaspoons
1/2 teaspoon of knows iodato them.

(this diet has a contribution of 700 Kcal, regarding that one of base that has 800).

If the bran irritates the intestine too much, to replace it with alpha cellulose that, moreover, abbasser abundantly the caloric contribution.

Reducing diet.
70 g of rice white man
70 g of lean meat to 90%
140 g of bran
2 spoons of liver of manzo
1 boneses flour spoon
2 seed oil teaspoons
1/2 teaspoon of knows iodato them.

This diet has a contribution of 600 Kcal regarding the 800 of that one of base.

Ipoallergenica diet.
To replace with hamburger, tritata meat of montone, lamb, pig, turkey, pollo or fish the meat of which use is made normally. To replace the meat of manzo with liver of pollo or turkey.

Diet to low content of purina .
To replace the liver of the prescription base with minerals and vitaminiche tablets that contain B12 vitamin. To replace the meat with or two eggs stemperate with 100/50 g of latte cow vaccine (). They can be added to the compound also of carrots and the tomatoes. In this way pu to reduce the proteico content and to increase the consent from part of the cat. You do not add other verdure.

The comments of Kay.

I have tried prescriptions over described with mine six cats (than they are not of the great divoratori of food). They have received the diet of base with enthusiasm, but they were not equally enthusiastic of the reducing diet. To add a teaspoon of tritata onion as soon as seemed to improve their consent, like also a po' derba gatta amalgamated to the compound.

The greater part of the cats would have to be found well with the base diet. If brought of the greater changes (as the diet to low content of fat people or other reducing versions) you can, if you want, reintegrare something of the diet base and to make to gradually pass to the cat from the diet base to the special diet.

Allergies of the owners .

You hold of norm the cat outside of your bedroom. Pu to be daiuto to educate the cat to keep itself far away from furnitures. They can also be used of the substances (like Allerpet C) that they act on the hair of the cat so as to to dissolve is the forfora is the contained proteins in salted of the animal, to which some persons are allergic. The cats to long hair have to disposition a greater area on which to deposit theirs salted, and moreover must be brushed (that it provokes a greater release of forfora in the air), cos for those who have this type of allergy are devout indicates cats to you to short hair. It is advised to clean up, to aspire and to curry and to often brush the cat (to the possible open if), of way that the spilling of hairs is reduced lessened. Moreover, well to wash it regularly.

Some persons are simply allergic to the new cats arrive to you. But this type dallergia, in any case, to diminish after repeated contacts. Perci, you will not become allergic to cats with which you are in contact daily; even if, in effects, possible that an allergy to your cat can be manifested in case you separate yourselves from he for a little time. For this type dallergia useful to wash the hands frequently.

Other persons are allergic to salted that cat deposits on just the hair. An optimal remedy to questinconveniente to once wash the cat to the month. Not necessary to use of the soap, but enough to only dip completely the cat in the water. Fact of rule once to the month, this remedy lowers the quantit of salted to a tolerable level; from some part the filler also the scientific publication Cat Fancy, than occupied of this problem some year is made.

possible also to be allergic to the hair of the cat, in this case pu to choose itself quite between the breeds of cats to short hair or glabri. A cat exists, the race Sphynx (Sfinge, ndt) that completely without hair; there are moreover others breeds of cats in which the type of hair to which many are allergic completely absent (in the cats have four types of hair). These are Cornish Rex or the Devon Rex that has the short and curly hair.

You can consult one specialist in allergology and makes you cos to prescribe of the injections against specific allergies. And enough expensive, but of it it is worth the pain, especially if you are hit from other allergies. You will be subordinates to a test in order to verify the cause of your allergies, later on you sar prescribed a cycle of periodic injections that aiuter to develop a immunit to you towards us to which you will be turns out to you allergic. Assured you to find one specialist that it has familiarit with the allergies produced from the cat: many of they will simply recommend you to free you of your little animals. Moreover, not waited for miracles, today pu to make very in order to reduce your allergies, but sometimes is not succeeded to discover the particular allergy and therefore it wants a lot to us of devout that of the "simple injections" in order it makes forehead you.

The review New Woman (October 1992) brings an interesting article approximately a vaccine against the allergies provoked from the cat. THEM. P. C. (Immulogic Pharmaceutical Corporation) to Cambridge, Massachusetts, is developing a drug, Catvax, that hour is testing on a champion of persons to the John Hopkins University. Some tests lead on animals indicate that various Catvax from the traditional anti-allergic injections. In the first place perch various from the conventional anti-allergic therapy, that somministrazione demands one biweekly weekly magazine or for the duration of approximately a year, this vaccine pu to succeed to completely prevent the allergic reactions after hardly little injections. In the second place perch some searches give way to think that the vaccine not to produce to allergic effects collaterals, than instead they are necessary often in the traditional therapies, like asthma.

An informative article "When Humans have Allergies exists: ways to tolerate Cat Allergies "(when the human beings are allergic: ways to tolerate the allergies provoked from the cat) content in the review Cat Magazine of open them 1992. The number of August 1992 of Cat Fancy brings anch' it an informative article, while on the number of september (1992) brought back a surveying that regards the experiences of allergic persons and that effective what against these allergies.

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