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Problems with the sabbietta


One of the devout behavioural problems common in the cats soiling in house. Normal E' that the cats have preferences of place and surface with respect to where and in what prefers to make the needs. E' only when these preferences include the basket of the linen, the bed, the Persian carpet, than these normal behaviors they become instead problems.

Myths and mistaken ideas: the cats do not stop to use the lettiera perch are matti or anger and are trying to you to be revenged for something ch them have "offenses" or "facts to anger"; this a myth. Since the men act for these reasons, easy to assume that the cats make the same one. But the cats, like also other animals, do not act for vendetta or "on purpose", therefore aiuter not to give to the cat of it privileges special, hoping that it recommences to use the lettiera. If you have made to remove nails to your cat, improbable that this is the cause of the problem; some studies have demonstrated that the cats without nails are not devout inclined of the cats with nails to having problems with the lettiera (or biting). "stress" (term that has many often means) not the reason to you for which the cat does not use devout the lettiera; if there of stress, then you would have to see also other physical or behavioural symptoms like loss of weight, fear, changes in the alimentary habits or of the sleep. The punishment does not resolve the problems with the lettiera.

In the first place, fairies a visit from the veterinary in how many problems of health can determine problems with the lettiera. The cats not necessarily act from sick even if it they are. Therefore only a visit from the veterinary for a deepened physical examination, than pu to include the analysis of urines, pu to exclude health problems.

TO SPRAY: if the veterinary judges the healthy cat, the successive step consists in determining if your cat is making pip outside from the cassette or if it is spraying. Spraying a behavior of marcatura with urine and the way that the cat uses in order to indicate the possession of the territory. The marcatura stimulated from the presence of other cats and pu to happen if there are cats of environs that "are sostando" in the outskirtses, or because of conflicts in a house where live devout cats; also not familiar objects, smell, or not familiar persons can trigger the behavior. Spraying does not have null to that to make with the habits of the lettiera; when a cat sprays is straight on legs, against a vertical surface and deposits the urine to "height of cat" against stretches, doors, mobilio, etc. Male or female, gatte or cats sterilize you of every ET can spray, even if the behavior much common one in the entire males.

The marcatura problems can drastically be reduced or completely even resolved in the following ways:
1) sterilizing all the integral cats of the house
2) discouraging the presence of cats of environs; tried to darken the windows from which your cat pu to see them or discourages of it the presence to you with smells unpleasant
3) resolving the conflicts between the house cats; if the house cats fight or litigate between of they you will have to help them to go devout of agreement. Fairies in way to gratify them when they are both present ones. To punish to only serve them to get worse the problem. Potr to be necessary to separate them temporary while worked on the problem. There an article available near the DDFL that speaks about like making to make acquaintance to of the cats, than pu to be of aid.
4) speaking to the veterinary for one possible farmacologica therapy about short term against the anxiety
5) rendering the areas spray object less attractive following the techniques indicated beyond.

PROBLEMS WITH the NEEDS: If found the orina or I made them on the pavement, then your cat has decided not to use the lettiera. Between the frequent devout reasons of perch the cats they stop to use the lettiera we find one aversion to the cassette, preferences of surface, preferences of place, one combination of the three. You will have to make a p of investigative job in order to understand the reason that cause the new behavior of the cat.

Aversion to the lettiera, that it means that your cat has decided that the lettiera a place in which disagreeable being. The cassette could enough not be cleaned up, the cat pu to have felt pain while urinava or it defecated, pu to have been scared from a noise, or to have endured a "ambush" from an other cat, a child or a dog or even from you, if you were try to take it for a whichever reason. This type of aversion could involve the substitution of the lettiera, so that the new is not devout combinable to little pleasant experiences. You remember yourselves to hold the cleaned up cassette, removing I made every day completely and changing to the every sand three days to them or to the maximum once week.

Preferences of surface: all the animals develop of the preferences on where they prefer to make the own needs, preferences that can be established in young ET or also to change we to the unexpected one for often disowned reasons. If your cat makes nails on the carpet after to have used the lettiera it could succeed in to prefer the carpet to the lettiera. Many cats seem to develop superficial preferences for soft like a cloth battery, for the bed, while others can prefer superficial slippery like the bathtub or the washbasin of the kitchen. Cats accustom to star outside could prefer the polverose grass or areas to you. In order to resolve a problem of surface preference it is necessary that the material in the lettiera resembles devout the possible ones what the cat prefers for the needs and is necessary to render little attractive the surface that the cat has begun to soil. If the cat uses the bathtub, dategli one slippery surface in the lettiera putting to us least sand. If the cat be much time outside, tried to put of the generic earth from vase in the lettiera.

Preferences of place: your cat pu to decide that it prefers to make the needs in a data place. The preference even falls on a calm and classified place like under a table or in the closet; or the cat could go in the place in which previously the lettiera was arranged or where it feels a particular odore. The position preferences can be managed muovendo the lettiera in the preferred place hour, leaving it finch the cat you consistentemente do not use it for various weeks and then, MUCH GRADATAMENTE, muovendola where you want that the cassette is. If the cat does not use the lettiera when muovete before the time, then not draft of a problem of position preference.

You clean up the soiled places: you can render little attractive the soiled areas cleaning up them with enzymatic products us like Naturs Miracle or Odor Disposors. Of usual the repellenti sprays nn work. Or you can cover the areas with of the adherent adhesive tape on the two sides, plastic or a piece of zerbino from exteriors with the tips in plastic.
In alternative you can use of pieces of cotton imbevuti of smells unpleasant like aromas to the citruses or strong scents. Dates to your cat something of other making in the areas in which dirty, as an example putting games to us or the ciotola of the food.

The reason for which the lettiera problem begins pu not to be that one for which the continuous problem. As an example the cat pu to have stopped to use the lettiera perch sufficiently was not cleaned up and then pu to have developed one preference of surface for a carpet and one preference of position for the cabin closet of the bedroom. You will have to face all and the three factors for being able to resolve the problem.

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