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The cats in house [ you go to summary ]

You cannot train the cats as you would make with the dogs. The dogs form social hierarchies of which you can yourselves be benefitted posizionandovi to the apex. The cats only form social groups for necessit and the cohabitation based on the respect of the territory, not on the respect of the "head dog". Many of the errors that are made with the cats base on the presupposed one that they react like the dogs.

Never not hit a cat or used any shape of physical punishment. You will only teach to having fear of you.

  • You can train your cat not to only manifest an unsuitable behavior insegnandogli an other alternative or incompatible behavior with the same one.
  • Since the cats hate to be surprises will be able to use bottles of the water, you strike yourself of the hands, you blow and other unexpected sounds (as it cracks of the fingers or of "NOT!") in order to stop of the not intentional behaviors. Of other part these tactics will not work when you are not present. Moreover the immediacy the key: some second ones of delay can render these tactics useless. You must act hardly the cat begins to behave itself in mistaken way.
  • The "push of the snout" be described from several readers. This consists in pushing the palm of your hand on the snout of your cat. Its better use in order to discourage things like the bites. Not hit the cat, simply you push its snout GO BACK TO LIST kindly. You can accompany this action with "not!".
  • An other tactics that one to render sure behaviors impossible. Thoughts "to child test": you hold the food in containers, moved the fragile or dangerous objects in places outside from the capacity; assured to you that the heavy objects, as an example the bookcases, are stable. Observed the accessories and the councils for the emergency of the children and thoughts to as you can use them in order to prevent problems with the cats. Even if the not perfect analogy to prevent the problems physically always an optimal guide of behavior. As an example, you must scongelare of the meat? Mettetela in the furnace (extinguished), does not leave it you on the plan of the kitchen.

E' always better to train your cat devout the soon possible one, devout the possible young person. You will have the maximum succeeded having trained your young cat when on that acceptable what to scratch and what not. It always does not tolerate it to you when "pretty" in how much not rimarr cos.

Plants [ you go to summary ]

The cats are frequently fascinate to you from the house plants. Of other part you could not appreciate their attentions that go chewing the leaves of the plants to digging or to urinare in the land of the plants.

In order to avoid that bitter apple) or Bitter Orange chews the tried leaves to spray Bitter Apple ((orange amara)(sono specific formulations for the use on the plants) on the leaves. To dust them with pepper of Cayenna on the same leaves pu also to help. You could moreover cultivate of the grass or gatta grass like alternative; the provvederanno plants they the nutriments necessary (the absence of which pu to cause deperimento).

For the cats that dig or urinano, you cover the earth with a aluminum sheet or of the gravel. If the plant needs it you add del' vinegar to the land in order to contrast the ammonia of urines.

A new child [ you go to summary ]

The cats can become gelosi for the arrival of a new child. The mistresses reassured the cat that always continuing to dedicargli the attentions always. In the fatigue and the excitation caused from a new child the cat often neglected and this one joins to its resentment.

E' a myth that the cats can kill the children. The superstizione that they can "steal" the breath to the child; an other explanation that they can themselves be sdraiare on the child and soffocarlo. Although the cats can appreciate the heat of the child and accovacciar close to very rarely sdraiano he, they on it and in any case they will move hardly the child begins to churn its arms and legs.

The greater part of the cats pu to let with confidence around the children, especially if it trains to you not to use the persons like giocattoli; of other part the children do not have to never be leave you without supervision near ANY animal.

Sprays of orina [ you go to summary ]

Some cats begin to spray in house. Per.primo.cosa you will have to control if the thing has medical causes, like cistiti FUS or. To times useful to distinguish between "Spraying" (that it comes made on the walls) and "Urinare" (than generally regards the pavements). The sprays are often a behavioural problem while the urines often regard devout a medical problem. The better thing to carry out a control from the per.primo.cosa veterinary. If the medical problem you will have to only remove the spot and the odore after that the problem be dealt, otherwise you will have to try some of the methods exemplifies you of continuation (and however to clean up spot and odore).

You must remove the odore from the things that the cat has sprayed in order to later on prevent of the use of the same place. The odore of ammonia says the cat that that one an evacuation place therefore not used the ammonia in order "to remove" the odore! (in an other dealt FAQ verr like removing the odore of cat urines).

The cats to times spray in order to mark to their territory therefore to times a restricted area for your cat pu to help. In other cases pu to be of aid to hold the perfectly clean lettiera in as far as times the cats they refuse to use it perch too much dirty.

To times the cats choose the carpets with the deep antislide for their urines. This probably caused from the particular odore of the deep antislide that says the cat to probably use that place like urinatoio (a odore similar to the ammonia). Repellenti for cats spray or a washing of the carpet could help or could simply change that particular carpet.

For repeated behaviors of this type, after to have tried the previous steps, tried the suggestions in"homely training", devout ahead.

Scratches [ you go to summary ]

For the scratches on the objects and furnitures you supply an appropriate emplacement or some alternative. You emit deciding "not!" for the things not appropriated. You could spray "Bitter Apple or" Bitter Orange "(available in many storees for animals) (in the United States - ndt) on the things that on which the cat it is raged particularly. It praises it to you and it rewards it you when it uses the places appropriates in order makes nails to you. Dimostrategli like using these places using them same you in order makes nails you as you would want that it made your cat naturally (when he pu to see to you;) - ndt). They will come to smell your odore and will try to leave just.

The pepper (white man, black or of cayenna) pu being applied to furnitures or plants in order to discourage the scratches. This not scoragger all the cats. You could also cover these areas with of the biadhesive tape (sticky on both sides) in order discouraging the cat. (Preoccupatevi to supply an alternative place in order makes nails to cat)

In a generalized manner the cats will use very a grattatoio particular or they will not never use it. The decisive factor pu to be the material of which made the grattatoio. It must enough levigato (the cats generally do not appreciate tappetini hairy) and it does not have to be a material in which their nails fit. If this happens they could not use those ulteriorly grattatoio. Natural fiber ropes closely rolled up around to a pole piacciono generally many cats. Other cats prefer the full wood, preferibilmente with the corteccia. Other catsstill prefer of the grattatoi of that instead vertical "horizontal" type.

Like fargli avoiding furnitures [ you go to summary ]

You could want to far away hold your cat from furnitures or some particular piece of furniture. Or still you do not want that it goes up on the table or the plan of the kitchen. Thanks to the particular one abilit of the cat in the climbs and in one knows this to you what simple not to obtain but you could to times train it to avoid some furnitures covering the plan of these with of the aluminum sheets. In many cases this pu to be obtained leaving the sheets in order at least a month on furnitures when left the incustodita house.

Problems with the orina [ you go to summary ]

Possible E' that the cats stop to use the lettiera or that they have some problem to learn to use it.

Not tried to discourage the errors of the cat scouring its nose on they. It has not never worked for the dogs and nearly sure not funzioner with the cats. In effects you could obtain the opposite effect remembering the cat where a good place in order to make its needs!

Causes upgrade them for the abandonment of the use of the lettiera:

Medical problems

  • diarrhoea or small internal problems
    • I made from soft to watery or I strain (inflamed colon to you)
    • mucus in I made, blood, efforts
  • inflammation of the blister
    • FUS
    • bacterial infections
    • traumi
    • calculations of the blister or the urinario culvert
    • tumors
  • polidipsa/poliura (excessive consumed water volume and urine excess: too much water for a cat 60g/Kg; the greater part of the cats drinks)
    • . insipid diabetes
    • mellito diabetes
    • renal dysfunctions
    • dysfunctions of the liver
    • dysfunctions of the adrenal gland
    • pyometra (pus in uterus)
    • calcaemia (too much soccer in blood)
    • other

Territorial marking out

  • females not sterilized in heat
  • males do not sterilize to you in heat
  • the marcatura of dumb peripheral, especially in prossimit of doors or windows pu to be due to the presence of cats to the outside
  • pu to be caused from the overcrowding of cats in house
  • a sterilized cat has one woven odd lot of testicular or the ovaie, the result pu to be a low level of hormones that pu to cause the instinct to the territorial marking out
  • cat sterilized after some sexual experiences that come exposed to one female in heat

Problems of the lettiera

  • sovrappopolazione: too many cats use the same lettiera
  • lack in changing the lettiera with the just frequency -- some cats do not use one lettiera dirty
  • change in the used type of lettiera
  • change in the position of the lettiera
  • disowned objects, that they frighten close or noisy to the lettiera: lavastoviglie, washing machine, etc.
  • food and water too much near the lettiera
  • I use of chemical products appreciate for the washing or the disinfection of the lettiera
  • position not appreciate: your cat could want the box it of the lettiera in one different position
  • structure not appreciate: your cat does not appreciate the consistency or the aspect of the lettiera
  • cover lack: the use of the covered lettiera be acquired from the parents
    • the use of the instinctive lettiera
    • the cats that do not cover I made them can be devout capacities to problems with the lettiera
    • your cat pu to indicate a problem in the gradimento of the structure of the lettiera

Psychological stress
(the common manifestation devout with problems with urines)

  • introduction or removal of other animals in house
  • visitors, company, festivities, restructures or any type of agitation
  • movement in a new atmosphere
  • modifications in the ruotine: a new job or new timetables
  • return of the cat from one pension or a shelter from the veterinary
  • problems with the cohabitation with other animals or cats
    • the cats are asocial rather than antisocial; to the free state everyone has a territory and a period of contact with the others of the group (and a single male for group)
    • in a closed atmosphere creer a greater degree of interaction that some cats prefer. Devout cats are in greater house sar the interaction degree

Chemical attraction of "previous incidents"

  • probable visits repeated in the same place
  • pu to induce to the emulazione the other members of the group of present cats in one house
  • you could it are moved in one house previously occupied from other dogs and/or cats


Treatments [ you go to summary ]

Verified the medical problems first of all

  • verified the sequence of the events and the physical conditions of the cat
  • control of I made for diarrhoea (if necessary)
  • analysis of urines in order to exclude the problems which had to an infection of the urinarie ways
  • control for polydipsia or polyuria
  • important to control ALL the present cats in house
    • the last seen cat to behave itself in way scorretto pu to answer to a chemical attraction and to be what it has the triggering problem or devout of a cat cannot have the same problem
  • trattate/correggete the medical problems per.primo.cosa. The behavioural problems can be diagnosed single with cats in health

Marking out of the territory

  • sterilized all the cats (verified effective sterilization of the cats; testicoli not come down in the males and signs of heat in females)
  • prevented to the other cats to go around themselves around your house, you close the windows, the Persians and the doors
  • you prevent the homely overcrowding

Problems with the lettiera

  • procurate one scato it for every cat
  • changed the lettiera giornalmente
  • you supply the constant access to one lettiera
  • returned to marks previous of lettiere and/or you stop to use the new detersivo or disinfectant
  • moved the box in the occupied position previously
  • eliminated the new or frightening noises from the vicinities of the lettiera
  • moved the far food and the water from the lettiera
  • if the cats vain always in the posizionate usual place the lettiera in the exact lease and, gradually, moves it to you in the new lease to the rhythm of 30cm to the day
  • if there are devout tried places to posizionare of the plates with of the food for cats in order discouraging ulterior attempted to you
  • the cats experienced various types of lettiera with a various structure (prefer sabbiose lettiere)
  • used a covered cassette for the cats that enter in the lettiera but evacuate to outside of the same one

Psychological stress

  • it eliminates it to you if possible
  • tried to assure to every cat of house its "personal space"
    • observed the places that prefer in order to sleep or supplied they one lettiera neighbor to every space, if possible
    • cubicles, scato them, cases can be used to the scope
  • the tranquilizers to times are useful in one crowding situation

Chemical attraction

  • the woven ones eliminated all soil or rags if possible
  • to clean up using a solution to 50% of vinegar or I affixed produced to you trades them
  • one cleaning with vapor pu to be useful
  • the repellenti can help
  • not changed the carpets until that the resolved problem entire or could not recommence all with the new carpets

(in a portable fencing with the lettiera, taking the necessary provisions in order to stop the behaviors mistake to you while it is dealing the medical problems or of other type)

  • particularly indicated for problems caused from stress
  • it allows the acclimatization to the stress situations when the cause pu not to be eliminated
  • procedure or you choose an area that can become the definitive sistemazione for the lettiera
    • you hold the cat confined in this area for 4/6 weeks if not under your direct supervision (if your cat tries to evacuate outside from the fencing while been watching, it with a gun to water sprays to you as soon as it assumes the characteristic position and replaces the cat in the fencing)
    • if the cat regularly uses the lettiera for a period from 4 to 6 weeks also when not under your supervision, gradually permettetegli the access to areas always devout widths of the house, one room to the time
      • you attend 1 week controlling its behavior in the new area before adding one new room to its territory
      • not increased its territory until that you are not sure to 100% that the cat uses always the lettiera
      • if incidents rethought to the happened one still happen in order to exclude other eventual triggering causes or repeat the confinamento doubling the intervals

If all the tried ones to you fail and the only alternative possible the eutanasia pu to be tried one hormonal therapy.

  • for the cats it only sterilizes to you, effective in 50 % of the cases
  • the effects collaterals can include an increase of the appetite (common), depression or lethargy (less common). The use in the long term pu to have effects collaterals like: ingrossamento of the mammary glands, corticosurrenale abolition and mellito diabetes.
  • usually it must be regularly continued for all the life of the cat.


Escapes [ you go to summary ]
The better way than to discourage the escapes not to leave that it never happens!
After one sequence of tried to you failed the cat to stop to try. After also a single one succeeding the cat cercher to escape in any case and for along time.

Council: arrived to the door with three ags of expense in hand and you do not expect of being able to hold the cat in house. Put down instead all the ags less and used this last one in order to block the door to the level of the pavement while entered. When you are within you take the other ags after to you it are assured that the cat cannot exit.
In a generalized manner, you lose a po time in order to assure to you of being able to control the situation in case of opening of the door of ingresso.Anche the children will have to learn not to let out the cat. One water bottle pu to be of aid against the persistent cats, the ricompensato uneasiness sar later on, when the cat cercher devout not to escape.
In order to transform a cat accustomed to be to the outside in a cat from apartment (or in order to discourage of one particularly insistent) you could try this method, recommended from the SPCA of Saint Francisco: fatevi to help from a friend who hides outside from the door of house with a water sprayer so as to to be able to spray the cat as soon as he tries to exit. The operation dovr to be repeated for various times and various days.

Some cats are much persistent and never seem that rinuncino to try the escape.

Climbs on stretch [ you go to summary ]
If possible used the type of sticks that fit in the supports instead of that fixed with lives. First they are come unhooked and they fallen if the cat tries to go up stretches to them. In alternative uncoupled it stretches and it supports them to you to them on the stick so that they fall on the cat as soon as it tries to go up (insured persons to you that the hooks cannot be dangerous for the cat or can hurt it in some way). In this way the cat spaventer and after some time you will be able yourselves to be riappendere normally stretches to them in how much prover devout not to go up. This method has the advantage to work even if you are not in house.
It stretches to package vertical are optimal; the cats cannot go up on they, they cannot tear them and they cannot fold them like those horizontals. Moreover easy for the cat to push them of side in order to watch outside. It stretches to package vertical normally are formed from strisce of plastic but they can also be covered with stoffa in order adapting itself to your furnishing. This type of stretches is also practically indestructible.

Cables chew to you [ you go to summary ]

You put something of unpleasant on cables in order discouraging the bites. The substances to try until: sauce tabasco, pepper of cayenna, orange or bitter apple, the used liquid in order to discourage the children biting itself the nails, the peels of lemon or orange scoured on the cavo.Se not succeeded to find a substance appropriate could use of the telato tape in order to reinforce exposed cables. This type of tape is found in commerce in various colors andwill find that appropriating sure. (pu also to be used of the tape from electricians but difficult to clean up in case you want to remove it).
If the house yours considered the possibilit of having a permanent wiring: installation to the inside of the walls, in canaline, etc.
This method pu to work also with the other chewed things, hurries for verifying the compatibilit of the substances that used with the part protect.

Bites [ you go to summary ]

Fairies an acute and decided back, like the sound that a cat would make wounded. Pulled GO BACK TO LIST your hands (or, if this could cause you of the scratches, it completely leaves you them), dates inert the back to the cat and ignores it to you for some minute.

The persons normally are uniforms in two categories: who does not allow the cats of attaccargli the hands and those that allow alone attacks limit to you. You can train your cat with the same method. For first, you always complain yourselves when you are attacks and you very well offer giocattolo like substitute to the attacks (a pupazzetto to you of pezza andr - ndt). For the second ones, you complain yourselves every time that the cat uses nails or the teeth but you allow the other attacks until to that point. Noticed that a trained cat user devout the persons like giocattoli, not turning out much devout sure one in case of presence of a child in house. (you see "a new child").

You can try "to blow" to a cat that it insists with its attacks.

Trash [ you go to summary ]

The best way in order to prevent the problem to take a container for the trash with a cover that is not opened easy. Not begun from a container with a cover easy to open in order then to change it later on with others of various type: this addestrer only the cat to open difficult always devout containers. A container with opening to effective pedal and convenient. An other type that one with the metal handles that come used in order to fix the cover. The important thing that the cover is sure balance and.

Other method in order to prevent the problem that one to put the trash outside from the capacity of the cat, as an example in the piece of furniture under to the washbasin or in a sgabuzzino where the door is always sluice. If the cat pu to open the door procurate to you one closing to test of children.

If the problem consists in the fact that the cat turns upside down the container then they can be uses you of the mattoni on the bottom of the same one in order to stabilize it. When the cat sar convinced that pu not to be turned upside down sar possible to remove them.

Plans of job and tables [ you go to summary ]

One good idea not to allow to the cat the access to the plans of job of the kitchen or to the table from lunch. There are various methods in order to prevent it. Left a sure number of badly balanced tools from kitchen or the cans of (empty or with some currency to the inside) on the job plan, neighbor to the edge, so that the cat makes them to fall if it tries to jump. The cats do not love the strong surprise and noises.
Left of the liquid detersivo normal school for the plates on the shelves or of the tape from carriage makers (or biadhesive tape) with the part rubberized towards the high. Not left things that could attract the cat on the shelves (like raw meat).

The same methods work for all the other superficial ones like closets, television set, etc...

Anticipated alarms clock [ you go to summary ]

The cats are famous in order to wake up their masters to indecenti hours. If you want to resolve this problem there are various precautions to take.

The simply starved cat and demands its food. Dandogli to eat to the mistaken hours will not make other that to reinforce its mistaken behavior. If this the reason of its alarm clock you can make up for filling up its ciotola before going to bed so that it is full to the mattino or ignoring it and dandogli to eat to the convenient hour you devout. The cat adeguer quickly to the new timetables.

If it is trying to play there are various tactics that you could try. Tried to make it to play until tiring it before making it to go to bed, this could reduce its wants to play to the dawn. To times "to blow" kindly to the cat it works. You can also try to close it outside from the bedroom, if it strikes in order to enter chiudetelo in an other room until your awakening.

In aspirapolvere.Andate difficult cases tried with to bed, leaving the cat outside from the room. Posizionate the vacuum cleaner to the inside of the door. Arranged the things so that you can ignite the vacuum cleaner without to come down from bed (es. posizionate the thorn of the vacuum cleaner in one taken close to the bed). You attend until that the cat does not knock or miagola outside from the door in order entering. You ignite the vacuum cleaner. If the cat still returns accendetelo, the cat would have cos to learn to leave you calm to the mattino.

Hygienic paper [ you go to summary ]

Five ways in order to prevent to your cat to play with the hygienic paper:

  • turns the coil so that the paper instead unrolls between the coil and the wall that towards ahead of the coil.
  • if the cat understands as to unroll the coil in this way you could put a cover that blocks the coil. You can make of taking a cardboard tube that remains to the term of the coil, cutting it in the sense of the length and embedding it on the coil so as to bloccarlo.
  • you in the balance put water a full plastic glass on the coil.
  • instead of the water glass you could use one can with of the monetine to the inside.
  • if all useless you hold sluice the door of the bath.

Turned upside down water [ you go to summary ]

Some cats love to turn upside down the water from the ciotola on the pavement. You can try to posizionare the ciotola on a carpet. There are of the special ciotole (to pyramidal shape) that they cannot be turned upside down and that they are found in the storees for animali.Se the cat lets out the water "remando" in the ciotola you could put the ciotola in the bathtub. The cats always need of a fresh water source (except before a surgical operation or a travel in car) and therefore removing the ciotola when you are not in house not one satisfactory solution. If the cat pu to exit to the outside you could put the water outside house.

Tears in the carpets [ you go to summary ]

Some cats can develop the annoying and expensive habit to make of the tears in the carpets. There are many possible reasons GO BACK TO LIST this behavior, listed of continuation.
In any case been sure that your full house of things thatthe cats could tear.

  • the others grattatoi "approve of to you" can be made of woven similar to that one of the carpets, confusing cos your cat. Changed the grattatoio using of one made with various materials. Materials alternated are the rope, the waved cardboard and the corteccia. Trained your cat to use these grattatoi.
  • some cats scratch in front of the door in order to try to exit. You can put a cover in plastic, nailing it if necessary, through the door so that it covers the carpet or moquette from both the parts.
  • a particular place pu preferred being without appearing reason. It could it are to us some odore in this point. Tried to clean up it accurately with a pulitore to enzymes (in the English text makes reference to a product called Nature' s Miracle - ndt) and therefore sprayed little of Bitter Apple (a bitter apple, a natural repellente - ndt) or an other equivalent repellente for cats on the point.

Closets and cabinets [ you go to summary ]

The cats love the closets since they are of the places hidden oxen and, full of things with which amusing itself. Of other part you could not want that your cat takes a walk on your better dress than silk or replaces to place your shoes. Of other part you could want to leave the access to the closets your cat and to avoid the income to the animals of greater ransom.

If you have a door normal (not to soffietto or flowing) door for cats could be enough one in order to allow the access to the inside. A barrier thatcan be jumped from the cat but does not give the dog pu to be an other possibilit. Also a chain stitch that prevents to the opening total of the door could work (like the emergency chain stitches that are present on some doors).

A solution that works with the flowing doors that one of posizionare the door in the position that you want, sluice or partially opened, and therefore to make a hole through the two doors so that the insertion of a peg or a nail holds the doors in this position.

Cats to the outside [ you go to summary ]

The cats to the outside, especially those that are not yours, can be introduced like problems difficult to resolve. The cats are not deal to you from the law like the dogs, not there nothing that gives the right to you to hold the cats outside from yours propriet while the dogs must be confine to you from their masters. There are of the historical reasons and practical for this but there are also some sagacities that you can follow in order to resolve many problems. The following suggestions are written for that they want to avoid that other cats are an annoyance in theirs propriet.

As owner of a cat you must also consider the fact to reduce the annoyance that your animal cause to your neighbors. You must hold your cat in house, control it when to the outside, to make it to re-enter to the night, etc... All the cats to which allowed to exit they would have, naturally, to be sterilize to you.

Noise [ you go to summary ]

The cats in heat can make an incredible confusion under your windows. If these cats are selvati to us verified if the ASL of your zone has a program of capture and sterilization of the cats randagi. This type of programs would have to concur sterilization and the remittance in libert in the same zone of the cats, without costs added to you from part yours. Eliminating the number of cats that can themselves be reproduced cause also a reduction of the number of the cats randagi in your area in the time and it contributes to eliminate the problems derives like the fights and the "sprays to you".

If the been involved cats are of propriet of a your neighbor could try with a friendly approach, it informs it to you of what they make its cats and suggeritegli that sterilization pu to resolve some of these problems. A famous one clearly written and kindly pu to be left in its cassette of letters if you want to avoid the direct comparison. Before taking devout provisions drastic as to call the ASL it informs it to you that you have of the problems with its cats.

Your garden [ you go to summary ]

Digging and eating your plants the cats can make of the considerable damages your garden. There are various ways in order to prevent that the cats dig, they chew your plants or they make their needs in your garden.

Some persons have adopted with succeeding the tactics of the "diversione" planting of the grass gatta in an angle of the garden and limiting the problems in this point.

If you have not still begun to cultivate your garden posizionate to earth a metallic net of the type of that one used for the hen houses and planted your plants through this. The cats do not love to walk on this metallic net and the plants do not have problems to grow at least through it (until that they do not begin to ingrossarsi).

Other persons have had happened using sprays, gels and specific products formulated in order to hold the animals outside from the propriet (repellenti). Verified in the store for animals of your confidence.

Peels of lemon, pepper soap flakes cosparse of cayenna (used of the biodegradable soap) and other natural remedies have been signal to you like valid.

The cats hate the water: one gun to water or the opening of the innaffiatoio pu to discourage of the cats returning.

A reader has marked its obtained happened one putting of the cats of metal with marble eyes in strategic places in its garden. The cats decorated seemed enough real to make to you to remove the true cats from its garden. Tried in ferramente or the giardinaggio storees the these cats feints. Statuette of cats to natural largeness could be to work better.

Quarrelsome cats [ you go to summary ]

To times there are problems with a cat in particular that it attacks the other cats. If this wild cat tried to make so as to to make to sterilize it, if possible. If of close tried to discuss the thing with he. To times your neighbor does not know that its cat is creating of the problems.

If the cat in issue chases your cat also through its small door you could try to install a small door "electronic" that only allows the access to the house cat.

The mangiatoia for the birds [ you go to summary ]

Posizionate the mangiatoia in a opened place in which not there are hiding places for the cat in approach. At the same time tried of posizionarla under something (like a tree) so as to to avoid attacks of other birds.

To hold the cat in yours propriet [ you go to summary ]

The cats are much good to scale the steccati ones. If you have a courtyard that closed from one steccato you can try to hold your cat to the inside applying in top to this of the waved glass fiber. In this way the cat does not have the possibilit to hoist on this in how much its nails does not make taken. E' moreover possible to find the glass fiber waved in many various colors in order to adapt it to the color of the steccato one. Remembered however that many cats are optimal climbers and jumpers and that they can escape from whichever thing that is not a completely recintato courtyard and with a complete cover of net.

You can try to construct a shelf in top the steccato one, cos that the cat cannot jump to you in top directly. Created "an unstable" barrier using of the reggimensola to angle on which you will spread of the net.

Steccati exist of the products for cats call to you "invisibili": the perimeter of the courtyard covered from an active thread that a collar that d a light jolt to the cat when it is approached the border. It does not have to be used without control and the ideal would be to use it in combination with steccato one visible so that the cat has a visible warning of the borders. This seems to work well with some cats and not to work at all with others.

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To prevent problems with the lettiera Games for cats and like using them
To introduce the new cat Problems with the sabbietta
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