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Cats to three colors



You will not be in order to use difficult big words, eh? [ index ]

    Beh, at least... cercher to avoid it! For how much possible one, user a common language...

one tricolor authentic a cat to three colors? [ index ]

    All the cats with the hair to three colors are not tricolor authentic...
    The one fur tricolor authentic it must have the following combinations of colors:

    1 Color: Red (orange) or cream (beige orange-colored, leggermente not dissimilar from tonalit the rossicce of color the ginger). If it does not have one of these two tonalit - derived from gene " red "[ red, ndt ] - NOT one tricolor authentic.
    2 Color: white man .
    3 Color: Black , or Blue (gray-blue), or chocolate , or lilla (beige rosato pale), or cinnamon, or fulvo (yellow opaque pale). Black and blue they are widely devout the common ones.

    In some variet [ originally assigned in the exposures to the class "to devout colors", ndt ] the fur pu to appear of three colors, but in realt possesses only two: they are the variet bicolor , in not devout which of met of the color cape dev' to be the white man, broken from uniform spots of color (variet: Red, Black, Blue etc.) or from tigrature (variet Tabby [ Tigrato, ndt ]: Brown, Silver, Blue etc.).

    A cat white man with zones Tabby [ tigrate, ndt ] could appear like having the fur of three colors - white man, black and gray but not one tricolor authentic, perch nobody of these three colors red or cream. It comes defined like Tabby [ tigrato, ndt ] - with specification of the color &Bianco. A cat white man with zones Tabby [ tigrate, ndt ] red and cream, not equally one tricolor , perch only ONE of the colors dev' red being or cream in one tricolor authentic!

    In some rare cases, one variet Siamese type with point [ spots, ndt ], pu toseem like tricolor because of the specks white women on the fur. These cats are of mixed race, poich chiazzature meaningful white women do not find in authentic the Siamese race (eventual tiny macchioline white women on legs generally are considered in the exposures a passibile defect of exclusion).

    Also in this case, the cat does not give to consider one tricolor . . It is defined:

      To. Seal-Point (fulvo clearly with point [ spots, ndt ] focati) &Bianco,
      B. Blue-Point (white man snow with point [ spots, ndt ] grays) &Bianco,
      C. Chocolate-Point (white man snow with point [ spots, ndt ] cacao) &Bianco.

    An exception constituted from breeds like the Himalaiano, Colorpoint Shorthair [ Colorpoint to hair corto*, ndt ] and the Giavanese, which possesses point [ spots, ndt tricolor , it calls " tortie point "[ spots to shell of turtle, ndt ]. But this all an other history... Perch the variet with point [ spots, ndt ] are definable tricolor authentic, i point [ spots, ndt ] same must be introduced in the three typical colors: white man , Red or cream , and one other color .


    [ * Four variet of Siamese universal they are recognized like such: Seal-Point, Chocolate-Point, Blue-Point, Lilac-Point. In England they come considered like Siamese also some variet that in America they are classified in the race "Colorpoint Shorthair", Colorpoint to short hair: Tabby-Point, Tortie Tabby-Point, Tortie-Point (in all the shadings), Red-Point and Cream-Point, ndt ]

True E' that i tricolor they are all females? [ index ]

    . SI.
    Or at least, in the overwhelming majority of the cases. Very rarely, approximately 1 on 3.000 tricolor male, although only 1 on 10.000 is also fertile. This for via of a very precise reason...

And in order which reason? [ index ]

    On one issue of genetic information depends all.

Oddio! Here that the difficult one arrives... [ index ]

    Not preoccuparti! Cos not then difficult. It tries to follow to me... you will see that in realt all much simple one!

Transmission of the hereditary characters [ index ]

    Hour that the magical word has attracted yours curiosit [... always works! ], you allow me to explain: every to be living - cats, humans, dogs, armadilli, donnole, rats etc constituted from cells. Every cell formed from one cellular membrane containing cytoplasm , in whose nucleus the chromosomes [ constituted fundamentalally from DNA - desoxyribonucleic acid and present are found in BRACES of elements it accredits. The number of these braces varied to second of the species: the human species has 46 chromosomes, uniforms in 23 seems. The feline species, 38 chromosomes uniforms in 19 seems, ndt ]. The chromosomes can be consider the "progettuale code you" of the individual which they belong: ciascuna cell, is of the tail that of the language, possesses all the information on the entire structure. The chromosomes contain the geniuses, that they are responsible for the determination of the characteristics of the individual: some geniuses control the color of the eyes, others the color of the hair, others its length, other anchor the dimensions of the body, the behavior... all us insomma that aspect contributes to giving to the cat its just univoco [ when a cell is multiplied, feline dividendosi in two cells "daughters", the 38 chromosomes clonano in they, transmitting the genetic code to the successive cellular generation, ndt ].

    And The SEX...?
    Between the chromosomes, sexual chromosomes X and Y cover particular importance i, that they determine the sex of the individual:

    - the feminine sex - omogamtico - given from one brace of equal sexual chromosomes of type X (XX)
    - the male sex - eterogamtico - given from one brace of sexual chromosomes, one of type X and one of type Y (XY)

    During the fecondazione, verification the union of the cells germinates them of both seies: the ovum of the female and the spermatozoon of the male [ these cells are said aplidi , perch to difference of the others - diplidi - they possess a SINGLE chromosome, and not one brace, ndt ]. Everyone of the parents supplies therefore a SINGLE sexual chromosome, cosicch at the moment of the fusion in the fertilized ovum - gamete - standard of two chromosomes can be reconstituted to the number, and not of four! The female supplies always a chromosome of type X. The male supplies or a chromosome of type X or one chromosome of Y type, in dependency of the type of spermatozoon that for first catches up the ovum. Cos, the sex of the nascituro depends always and only - even though unconsciously on the male part (... if only Enrico VIII had known it!!!).


      • if a spermatozoon of type X meets the ovum of type X, combination XX = female
      • if a spermatozoon of Y type meets the ovum of type X, combination XY = male
      • Siccome does not exist a Y ovum, combination YY does not exist!

    Ova and spermatozoa transmit met of the genetic patrimony of both parents, cosicch every brace of chromosomes contain geniuses are of paternal origin that of maternal origin, that it explains the hereditary mechanisms. But they do not transmit always the same combination of geniuses, cosicch the sons - also somiglianti- they are not all equal ones.

    Hour, that it has to that to make all this with i tricolor Now we arrive ourselves...

Gene " orange " [ index ]

    [ the geniuses that control the outer aspect of the individual, normally they are distributed between the 19 braces of chromosomes, and endure a miscelazione ogniqualvolta happen the fecondazione. For some geniuses, sayings " concatena you ", when the fecondazione happens joins in braces, passing of generation in generation on the same chromosome. Hour, some geniuses " concatena you "they are ALWAYS situates to you on a SINGLE type of chromosomes. The characteristics transmitted from this type of geniuses, define like "characters legacies to the sex", ndt ].

    E' the case of i tricolor : various from the other colors of the fur, the gene that determines the present "red" coloration pu to be single in a chromosome of type X. Observing the image of a chromosome to the microscope, easy to notice of the difference between chromosomes of type X and chromosomes of Y type. This last one pu not to transmit gene " red "[ red, ndt ].

    The gene that determines the red coloration (orange) called gene " orange "[ orange, ndt ]: the color of the fur of i tricolor data from one combination of geniuses, one Dominant [ grafia capital, ndt ] for the red color (orange) and one Recessivo [ grafia very small, ndt ] for an other color, both for "concatena you" to chromosome X:

      Or = gene " orange "dominant -- color Red (orange)
      Or = gene " orange "recessivo -- other color

    If a cucciolo it inherits gene " orange" dominant, avr the hair red color (orange). This dominant color sar on all the others, except the white man [ "white" gene, ndt ]. If a cucciolo it inherits gene " orange" recessivo, avr the hair of an other color.

    Now we will see finally perch gene " orange Or "a character legacy to the sex...

Gene " orange "in the males [ index ]

    Like saying previously, the gene of Y type lacks completely of gene " orange "dominant, single the sexual gene X pu to transmit it: cos the puppys males - genetically XY- can only inherit it for part of mother (the grafia usually adopted in order to indicate this lack in fact Y). This the only one possibilit for having the hair red color (orange).

    Hereditary outline in the puppys males:

      OY = gene " orange "dominant -- color Red (orange)
      OY = gene " orange "recessivo -- other color

Gene " orange "in the females [ index ]

    The females - genetically XX- can potentially inherit two geniuses " orange "from both parents.

    In order to control a determined character, to es, the color of the hair, a cucciolo receives two distinguished geniuses: from maternal part, other from paternal part. In the behavior of the greater part of the geniuses, if for that data character the cucciolo he possesses a dominant gene and a recessivo gene, the dominant gene determiner the outer aspect of the cucciolo same, while that recessivo verr transmitted to the progenie.

    He could himself therefore be thought that if cucciolo a female possesses a gene " orange "dominant and a gene" orange "recessivo (outline = Oo), must have the hair color Red (orange).
    This gene is behaved differently... In the females with outline = Oo, gene " orange "dominant and gene" orange "recessivo in realt miscelano their effects, unfolding BOTH colors Red (orange) and other color, with with the white man. This called mosaic . . Here us that it determines a true one tricolor !!

    In i Tortoiseshell [ Squama of turtle, ndt ] and in i Calico [ Calic, ndt ] necessary the miscelazione of gene " orange "dominant and of gene" orange "recessivo in order to create the typical effect of the hair. orange ": outline = Oo. Siccome only the chromosomes of type X can transmit gene " orange "dominant, the cucciolo IT MUST have two chromosomes of type XX, that - obviously means that it must be female!
    Hereditary outline in the puppys females:

      OO = gene " orange "dominant -- color Red (orange)
      OO = gene " orange "dominant + gene" orange "recessivo -- color tricolor
      OO = gene " orange "recessivo -- other color

Com' then possible there are males " tricolor "? [ index ]

    Genetic error!
    Sometimes, understood that gattino a male inherits THREE sexual chromosomes instead of two. This a genetic anomaly. Normally, all it must be in brace: it is in relation to the kind that to the chromosomes residents in every individual. Although devout possible geniuses for one determined characteristic (to es can exist, in the persons, all the combinations of color of the eyes and hats), only two of they can reside in one same individual.

    However, the genetics not one exact science: strange things can happen, and sovente happens that an individual inherits a gene or a chromosome in devout. These duplications have devout of the times the effects a lot denied to you: to es, the syndrome of Down [ known unsuitably like "Mongolism", ndt ] in the human beings caused from the anomaly of chromosome 23, in which three chromosomes anzich two are found. Also in the animals, to have it "reservoir" not sure one positive what...

    In the cats, cos like in other mammals enclosed the man, pu to incappare itself in a sexual chromosome in devout. Some pass unnoticed and they never do not come finds to you. A cat male tricolor it must possess two chromosomes XX for being able to have the Oo outline. Therefore, like minimum, its genetic model dev' to be XXY. In the humans, this model known like syndrome of Klinefelter. A consequence of this anomaly that the human males have difficolt to develop the secondary male sexual characteristics totally, and is usually sterile.

    However, various from the syndrome of Klinefelter, a cat male XXY does not introduce generally some outer difference respect to a male XY, eccettuato the fact that its fur that one of one tricolor . . From the sexual point of view, a sterile, but however nearly sure advisable cat to proceed to the castration in order to eliminate undesired secondary behaviors, type spraying and the tendency to one greater aggressivit.

If i tricolor males are rare, to sell them a good transaction?   [ index ]

    Less than you do not sell them to one unprovided... I tricolor males are not usable for the reproduction, and in many associations they do not come accepted in the exposures. Not there some market in the circuit of the breeds selected: it convene to give them like normal domestic cats, for how much beautifulst. Or to hold them you....

There difference between one Calico and one Tortoiseshell And that one Torbie   [ index ]

    The thing becomes interesting, eh? Well, they are the main types of tricolor . . The main differences between they are these:

    • Tortoiseshell [ Squama of turtle, ndt ]: it introduces the fur in three tonalit of color - colors solid (black - red - cream) or controparti diluted (chocolate - blue - lilla) - very miscelate entirety, without to form distinguished specks. one &White Tortoiseshell [ Squama of turtle &Bianco, ndt ] pu to have also white man specks, for the other colors must remain very miscelati.

    • Calico [ Calic, ndt ]: shape - American of &White Tortoiseshell , in which the fur white woman she dominates on the other colors, that they remain disposed in specks very distinguished between they and not miscelate.

    • Torbie or Patched Tabby [ spotted Tigrato, ndt ]: one Tortoiseshell tigrato, with tigratura distinguished on all the fur much, eccezion made for the parts white women. one Calico or one Tortoiseshell classic can have tigrature on the red hair or cream (in dependency of an other gene of which we will not take care ourselves here), but no design on the other colors. These are not Torbie . . one Torbie clearly tigrato on all the body, eccezion made for the single white man.

Which are the possible combinations of colors?   [ index ]

    The first color: white man , ALWAYS. The second: Red or cream . . The third party: Black , or Blue , or chocolate , or lilla , or Cinnamon or fulvo . . Black and blue they are however the devout diffuse in the population of the domestic cats. The color chocolate enough rare, and that cinnamon nearly misconosciuto. They would deserve to come deals to you...

    We will not enter here in detail on black, blue, chocolate genetic the relations elapsing between, lilla, cinnamon and fulvo. The argument of this FAQ their relation with gene " orange ". The others will be the subject of an other FAQ. All these colors are arranged according to very precise rules. Not possible to es. to obtain chocolate + cream, or red + blue, or black + cream.

    The answer: gene " diluting ". Gene " diluting "what it attenuates the colors and it makes them to appear of tonalit devout reading. In the dominant shape (outline = DD or Dd), the cape of tricolor it has colors solid . . In the recessiva shape (outline = dd) the cape has colors diluted .



    Solid Tonalit (DD or Dd)

    Diluted Tonalit (dd)






    lilla or lavender







    But not enough: if diluted one of the colors, THEY MUST it are it all. If a color the not diluted, not nobody.
    For this, possible to necessarily obtain only a sure number of combinations, obtaining a color from everyone of the three possible ones, with all - or nobody diluted.

    Still an observation: i Tortoiseshell classics [ Squama of turtle, ndt ] are to colors solid that diluted , they can have truly least hair present white man in the fur. In such case the cream or combination red with the black one assumes fundamental importance, or the color chocolate, or color the cinnamon.

    Variet Calico or Tortoiseshell, colors solid:

      (the variet with the black one they are chosen according to the design, not according to the color).

      • Calico [ Calic, ndt ]: cape white man to black and red specks.
      • Tortoiseshell [ Squama of turtle, ndt ]: black, red cape and miscelati white man, colors.
      • Chocolate Calico/Tortoiseshell [ chocolate Calic/Squama of turtle, ndt ]: chocolate, red cape color and miscelati or spotted white man, colors.
      • Cinnamon Calico/Tortoiseshell [ Calic/Squama of turtle cinnamon, ndt ]: cape color miscelati or spotted cinnamon, red and white man, colors.


    Variet Calico or Tortoiseshell , diluted colors:

      (the Tortoiseshell to tonalit diluted often comes abbreviated in Creams [ color cream, ndt ])


      • Dilute Calico [ Calic diluted , ndt ]: cape white man to blue specks and cream.
      • Blue-cream [ Squama of turtle diluted blu&crema, ndt ]: blue cape, miscelati cream and white man, colors
      • Lilac-cream or Lilac Calico [ Squama of turtle diluted lilla&crema, or Calic diluted lilla, ndt ]: miscelati or spotted cape lilla, cream and white man, colors.
      • Fawn-cream or Fawn Calico [ Squama of turtle diluted fulvo&crema or Calic diluted fulvo, ndt ]: miscelati or spotted cape fulvo, cream and white man, colors.


    Variet Torbie or Patched Tabby , solid colors:

      • Brown Patched Tabby [ spotted Tigrato brown, ndt ]: tigrature with specks browns, red and bianche*

      • (* one Brown Tabby genetically one Black Tabby )
      • Chocolate Patched Tabby [ chocolate spotted Tigrato, ndt ]: tigrature with specks chocolate, red and white women.
      • Cinnamon Patched Tabby [ spotted Tigrato cinnamon, ndt ]: tigrature with specks cinnamon, red and white women.

    Variet Torbie or Patched Tabby , diluted colors:

      • Blue Patched Tabby [ spotted Tigrato diluted blue, ndt ]: blue tigrature, cream and white women.
      • Lilac Patched Tabby [ spotted Tigrato diluted lilla, ndt ]: tigrature lilla, cream and white women.
      • Fawn Patched Tabby [ spotted Tigrato diluted fulvo, ndt ]: tigrature fulvo, cream and white women.

    In devout, naturally, possible to have ognuna of these variet "&Bianco", eccezion made for the Calic, that they have gi considerable specks white women to cause just of the gene that cause the factor " &Bianco ".

And in order to close the speech...? [ index ]

    The following variet that they do not have one of combinations, they are not tricolor authentic, although Tortoiseshell [ Squama of turtle, ndt ] and Dilute Tortoiseshell [ diluted Squama of turtle, ndt ] can have quantit of white man negligible:


      • Red + White man Black +
      • Red + White man + Chocolate
      • Red + White man + Cinnamon


      • Cream + White man + Blue
      • Cream + White man + Lilla
      • Cream + White man + Fulvo

  But perch you have not said it endured?   [ index ]