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Like raising of micetti orphaned or the foundlings

The FAQ contains useful information to how many s' was about in difficult but incredibly the rewarding task to raise micetti orphaned or foundlings. You always refer to your Medical Veterinary for the necessary cures and the attendance! (ndt: the rows contain vary councils extrapolate to you from ng " it.discussioni.animali.gatti ": thanks to all love to it to us! :) Graditissime added and corrections )


INTRODUCTION [ summary ]

The better one nanny for one cucciolata she is obviously... mother-gatta!
However, situations in which can be introduced the same survival of the micetti depend - in measure partial or total - from the participation of the man:

  • one partial interference - than it places side by side the work of allattamento/svezzamento of mother-gatta becomes necessary when this does not succeed to take care itself of the too many puppys ( es. it does not decide of latte sufficient ), or when or more puppys s' become ill, and they more do not succeed to nourish itself.
  • one total interference - than it replaces the work of allattamento/svezzamento of mother gatta- becomes necessary when this is incapable to take care itself of the puppys ( es. as a result of Caesarean, mastitis ), when the same puppys are remained orphaned, or when they have been abandons to you... [ mother-gatta happens very rarely that disinterestedness of one cucciolata in health, for which if this happens it is opportune to resort immediately to the Medical Veterinary of confidence for an taken care of visit of the micetti, ndt ]
ORPHANED puppys.
When or more micetti they remain you deprive of the natural mother, the better thing for they is than to succeed to entrust them to one "adoptive" mother-gatta [ ideal one gatta that it has as soon as give birth and does not have already strait strong ties with its own puppys: in order to induce the gatta one to leccarli it is possible spalmarli with of the butter or, to the opposite one, to soil them with the urine of the puppys residents. Veterinaries, breeders, storees of animals and announcement newspapers can contribute to the search, ndt ]

Not always mother-gatta available is possible to find one: in such case, she does not remain that TO REPLACE ITSELF to it...
The objective is to make yes that the micetti they become adult healthy and very socializes to you: this demands one great attention for the stages of physical and behavioural development [ aspects of the eliminatoria, predatoria and alimentary activity depend in great part from the learning for imitation. Micetti separates to you from the mother in the neonatale period can adult introduce anormalità emotional and behavioural - frightening, timid and/or aggressive excessive difficult then to correct, ndt ] However the necessary abnegation will find ricompensa in one of the most thrilling experiences that can be made! :)

The happy puppys are puppys WARMTH, HYDRATE to YOU and ARE SATIATED. It will be convenient therefore to focus endured the 3 bench marks of artificial breeding :

    1. a shelter warm, dry, cleaned up and lacking in dangers,
    2. an feeding adapted, to the hour adapted, in the amount adapted,
    3. some hygienic precautions:
      1. - an antibacterial soap - clorexidina- in order to wash the hands before and after to have handled the small,
        - they comb antipulci for micetti too much small for treatments pesticides,
puppys FOUNDLINGS [ ndt
In abandoned helping a micetto for road, it is necessary in the first place to hold present the conditions of health at the moment of the ritrovamento: an important precaution is to immediately supply a source of HEAT, species if ago cold and/or it is smaller than two weeks: if possible, it close arranges it to you to the inside of the jacket, most possible to the skin: from the moment that it does not have heat just to maintain, to wrap a micetto seed-frozen with newspaper sheets and/or a plaid is of all the useless one. It can instead serve to the need one boule with warm water...
  • capacities micetto from the Medical Veterinary first possible one, even if appears to you lively and in discreet conditions of health,
  • once to house, somministrategli food until does not appear lethargic or still is intirizzito from the cold or cold to the tact,
  • it hydrates it immediately to you, to small but you attend doses: if it is possible, with idro-elettrolitiche solutions (es. Pedialyte),
  • better not to wash a micetto more piccino than 6 weeks, if just he is not absolutely indispensable.
The micetti they need of LOVE! Species if you deprive of the natural mother-gatta, depends in all and for all on "the substitutive" mother-gatta, which the task of nitrirli is up, reassuring them, being awake on their emergency and to guide them in the first experiences. To maintain a "per diem every day one" can be of aid: to we of FOOTHILL FELINES it appeals to to hold a detailed recording of the progresses characterizes them of every ours micetto: to annotate the every day weight, the state of idratazione and the general aspect supplies most important information in the prosieguo of the increase.



Before being about itself to the enterprise, it is necessary to procurarsi a minimum of "equipments" to hold always by hand:

  • one it rocks or nest-of infancy: that one will be the "lair" of the micetto or the micetti in the first weeks of life,
  • one thermal bearing (termoforo) [ or one light bulb to infrared to screw on portalampada, ndt ] ,
  • one kit from breast-feeding artificial composed from feeding-bottle to animal use and tettarelle or various syringes from 2.5, 5 and 10 cc/ml.
  • one latte maternizzato for micetti high-quality, type "KMR, Kitten Milk Replacer" ( more convenient the type in powder )
  • vary hygienic accessories : sterile gauzes, hydrophilic cotton, [ pannoloni for puppys 60x60, ndt ] , spugnette, they comb antipulci, soft spazzolina.
  • one idro-salt reintegratore to pediatric use, Pedialyte type [ in pharmacy, ndt ]
  • one thermometer for atmospheres, perfect if equipped also of hygrometer for the survey of the humidity,
  • one balance from kitchen in order to daily weigh micetto or the micetti,
In the case it had to be proceeded to feeding for gastric probe, will be necessary also material following [ in pharmacy or from the veterinary, ndt ] :
  • syringes from 2,5 cc/ml and 10 cc/ml. Eventually, also from 5 cc/ml
  • small tube (approximately of butterfly external needle or 0,6 milimeter, much collapsible and soft one diameter)"butterfly" for flebo -- private of the needle!

  • [ small tubes 5 with syringes from 2.5 cc/ml for micetti until 2 weeks of age, and small tubes 8 with syringes from 10 cc/ml. for micetti larger, ndt ] .


The "crib" - or as we call it the infancy nest dev' to be a shelter protect , cleaned up , warmth and dry ground where the micetti they can sleep the entire time necessary without to come disturbs to you: to supply they a "lair" is indispensable, above all in first critics tre-quattro life weeks. No necessity of sophisticated equipments: enough one common clean CARDBOARD BOX [ with pannoloni for disposed puppys on the bottom, ndt ] with the sufficiently high edges to prevent to the micetti to exit for first due-tre weeks.

The HEAT Is vital in first due-tre weeks of life, since they do not have the ability to regulate the own corporea temperature. It must consider that not being able to rabbrividire, it is not possible to notice of when they feel cold. They are the two possible solutions:

  • the one employment thermal bearing (termoforo) regulated ALWAYS lessened [ and wrapped in an impermeable cover, they had to bathe it... ndt ] : it goes arranged on a single side of the box it, covered from several layers of towels [ cotton or linen, ndt : if the puppys had to feel too much warm THEY MUST have the possibility to move itself on the other side [ better not to cover the puppys, they could remain envelops one to you on the other; if the small is one single, puts with to he one or two peluche for fargli company, ndt ].
  • [ the employment of a light bulb to infrared - reperibile near the storees of material electrical worker screwed over a common one portalampada and posizionata to opportune height over the box it (you see table of the temperatures), ndt ].
Assured you that the micetti they cannot remain suffocated or to end directly over to the thermal bearing. Opportune E' to arrange the all in one calm room, set apart [ shielding the excessive light and naturally the sun; posizionate thermometer for atmospheres and eventual hygrometer in the pressed ones and controlled temperature and humidity periodically, ndt ]. The temperature acclimatizes them ideal is:
- 1° week (until 7 days):
- 2° week (from 8 to 14 days):
- 3 and 4° week (from 15 to 28 days):
- 5° week (from 29 to 35 days):
- beyond the 35 days:
33-31° C
30-28° C
27-25° C
24-22° C
20° C

[ the optimal humidity is of 40-50%: better not to arrange the puppys in direct proximity of stufe or heaters because the atmosphere is too much dry and the distributed heat not homogenous; controlled constantly the state of idratazione of the small, ndt ] Some breeders suggest to arrange a container with water in proximity of the box it - NOT within in order guaranteeing one sure umidificazione of the air.



The bottle-feeding consists in to make to suck to the micetti - neither too much fastly neither with too much effort of the latte ones maternizzato. It can be put into effect with I affixed to you feeding-bottle for animal use it equips you of tettarelle of several measures [ reperibili in the storees of animals, optimal the Borden' s: it must make attention that the hole of the tettarella excessive does not allow one fast spillage of the latte ones. In alternative - not advisable when it is not had too much experience is possible to use the normal syringes from 2,5 cc/ml. or from 5 or 10 cc/ml, naturally without needle: attention not to iniettare fastly or can be caused one fatal pulmonary aspiration, ndt ] .

Any thing you use, will have ALWAYS to be sterilized through boiling before every use.
The latte ones in powder dev' to be reconstituted in hot water second instructions of the producer, and then left to intiepidire in the feeding-bottle. The latte ones in liquid formulation can be heated putting the full feeding-bottle in one ciotola of hot water ( we advice against the use of the furnace to microwaves for the disomogenea temperature ). While the formulation in powder is more convenient and has the advantage to come prepared every time fresh, not always it is possible to reconstitute it without to form lumps. In this case, we prefer the liquid formulation. Dev' to be somministrato when it catches up the feline corporea temperature, that is approximately 38° C.

Micetti ciucciano the latte ones of mother-gatta in position PRONA [ supini greater risks of regurgitations, pulmonary aspiration or air ingestion run: here a photography that more illustrates the corrected position, ndt ] : it is possible to support micino with one the hand or to support it in grembo: in any case, he is prudent to fortify itself of one small salvietta. Bathed with one drop of latte tettarella or the cannula of the syringe and introducetela delicately in the mouth of the micetto, curing that the head remains leggermente raised and extended while ciuccia. Controlled the level of the latte ones in the feeding-bottle and regulated of it the angle-shot to you so that it does not ingest air: every poppata it must be continuation from relative swallowing [ if indugia to suck, you resist to the temptation to press on the feeding-bottle or the piston, ndt ] If of the latte ones fuoriesce from the been narici... drowning the small! Sucking it ingests more latte than how much it can swallow some: if the tettarella it has a too much large hole, is necessary to use of one with smaller hole.

How much baby food to somministrare?
In the first days he is preferibile to risk sotto-alimentare rather than sovra-alimentary: the micetto it usually stops of ciucciare when it is felt I am satiated. Here to FOOTHILL FELINES we prefer to somministrare the latte ones through plastic syringes (without the needle). Approximately, 25 are estimated mililiter. of latte every 100 gr. of corporeo weight to the day, uniforms in the number of necessary somministrazioni in the arc of the 24 hours ( yes, also the night! ). A meal mean it can vary from one to three syringes: who prefers to use the feeding-bottle will not have necessity to fill up it newly. Here under we bring back of the pure indicative doses, will be they to regulate itself [ controlled that the stomach is full but not extended, ndt ] The micetti it is not satiated can cry continuously, continuously try to suck and/or to have prominenti boneses in also and the back:

- 1° week (until 7 days)
- 2° week (from 7 to 14 days)
- 3° week (from 14 to 21 days)
- 4° week (from 21 to 28 days)
syringe from 2,5 cc/ml
syringe from 2,5 or 5 cc/ml.
syringe from 5 cc/ml.
syringe from 5 or 10 cc/ml.
2,5-5 mililiter. every 2 hours [ day and night ]
5-10 mililiter. every 2 [ day ] and 3 hours [ night ]
10-15 mililiter. every 3 hours [ day and night ]
15-20 mililiter. every 4 hours [ day and night ]

We recommend we use it of the latte ones maternizzato KMR "Kitten Milk Replacer", available in the pharmacies that deal produced veterinaries or in the best storees than animals [ in alternative, PET2000 "Kitten Milk" of CHIFA.. The latte ones of vacca therefore com' are are not adapted: like extemporaneous solution, it can be adapted therefore: 60 mililiter. latte without lattosio+14 mililiter. cream liquida+1 tuorlo+ little of formaggino+ vitaminico/minerale integrator with taurine, ndt ].

After every meal, it is opportune that the micetto make "the ruttino" supported against your shoulder. An other technique is to hold the micetto with the back against your chest and coccolarlo while massaggiate delicately the pancino [ remembered also of pulirgli the snout with a rough warm water towel leggermente inumidito: the massage, kind but fast, will simulate the leccate ones of mother-gatta, ndt ].

Opportune E' to weigh every micetto to fixed timetables: a constant gain of approximately 10 gr. to the day it is optimal, but you are not surprised yourselves if the weight remains stable for a day or two, in order then to catch up of blow the previewed level. After every poppata, the micetti needs to carry out their physiological functions (sees paragraph successive), after which controlled the shelter in order to see if it needs of being changed, verified that the temperature is corrected and rimetteteli to sleep: of the micetti correctly it feeds to you will sleep all the hour between a meal and the other. As they grow, the number of the somministrazioni and their frequency they must gradually be diminished.



Micetti the more small than two weeks do not control just the internal movements and need therefore of the maternal stimulation in order to provide every day: in mother-gatta lack, you will have to supply... After every meal [ approximately 15 min. after, ndt ], you put the micetto on the pannolone and delicately massaggiate the zone perianal and genita them with a flock of cotton inumidito in warm water That he will carry it urinare and eventually to provide itself (I made them would have to be yellow clear - because of the feeding lattea- and very formed), and is a lot important that you continue to make it until you do not use the cassette from himself [ it is possible that micetti babies do not defecate for a day or two: it is the assumption of colostro that it contributes to the expulsion of the particular said faecal heap meconio: a cremoso aspect and color mostarda is not worrisome, while I made grayish go endured marked the veterinary, ndt ]. The perianal zone is much delicate one and can go subject to cracks or reddenings: in the case, to apply a veil of cream for children after every stimulation.

The micetti they must be protect from the diseases: it is prudenziale measure scrupulously to wash the hands with an antibacterial soap before and after to have it handles them to you. In case the micetti they had not received the colostro from their mother in order at least first due/tre life days ( the watery serum containing anticorpali, mineral and vitaminiche substances that mother-gatta produces mounted the lattea one before ), they are from considering itself subject to risk and the chance of reduced survival they are a lot: in any case, the hygienic precautions will have to be quadruplicated removing all the possible sources of contagio turn them and bacterial, comprised all the other animals of house... In the pharmacies solutions are in sale appropriate disinfectants antivirals.


POSSIBLE PROBLEMS (diarrhoea, constipation) [ summary ]

I made disc of a valve and/or yellowish.
I can be indicative of one light supercharging. Tried to to dilute the latte ones maternizzato with Pedialyte or oligominerale water ( approximately 1/3 ) until I made them are not returned to normality. Therefore gradually brought back the latte ones to the consistency advised from the producer.

I made disc of a valve and/or verdastre.
The food is muovendo therefore quickly through the digestive system that the bile does not come absorbed: probably, this is attributable also to one more emphasized supercharging. Diluted latte with Pedialyte or the oligominerale water ( approximately 1/3 ) and you ask your veterinary if it is the case to somministrare something ( es. 2 - 3 drops of kaopectato every four hours ) until the problem it is not resolved.

I made of annealed aspect "to".
Or the latte ones in powder too much are concentrated and are causing strict supercharging , or a bacterial infection can be taken part. Diluted latte with Pedialyte or the oligominerale water ( approximately 1/2 ) and and you ask your veterinary care the somministrazione for antibiotics. If a pronounced dehydration takes part, can be necessary to somministrare liquids for subcutaneous way.

Constipation or stitichezza.
Tried in the first place to increase leggermente the density of the formulation and/or to diminish the amount being increased but the frequency of the meal [ in order to stimulate more times the gastroenterico glare, ndt ] If the abdomen appears swollen and not they have been internal movements in previous the 24 hours, you could somministrargli mineral oil for mouth through a dropper ( 3 drops every 30 gr. of corporeo weight ). If the situation is not resolved, asks the veterinary for the opportunity to take part with a clisterino pediatric [ es. to malva and the camomile, ndt ] .



The feeding for gastric probe, that it allows of iniettare the latte ones directly in the stomach, is the last resource for a micetto otherwise disabled to suck, because of diseases, dehydration, weakness etc [ it consists in the insertion of a catheter in flexible rubber through the esophagus, ndt ] It is not lacking in lethal risks also ( es. pulmonary aspiration, constipation, internal block ) and you it would have to be made only rerun GO BACK TO LIST council veterinary, that it can show the correct technique of introduction ( even if some have learned to make it from a handbook).

It comes used the same one latte maternizzato employed in the feeding with the feeding-bottle, reason of 8 cc. every 30 gr. of corporeo weight to the day, divided the number of necessary meal ( es. if a micetto hung 120 gr, it needs of 32 cc of formula to the day. If somministrate 6 meal they will be 5-6 cc. for meal ) [ it is possible to employ the small tube of "butterfly" or the butterfly needles, obviously without the needle measure 5 and measure 8 with to ipodermiche syringes from 2.5 cc/ml and 10 cc/ml: for the first two weeks of life it will come employed the small small tube, after the two weeks that largest one because that small could end instead in lungs that in the stomach, ndt ]

The small tube dev' to be cut of the just measure: it supports it to you along the body of the micetto and characterized the last rib ( correspondent to the stomach ). With a indelebile marker or a pezzetto of scotch marked the length from the throat to the last rib, and cut the small tube in the length that comes to you more comfortable [ rechecked the measure as the micetto it grows! ndt ] Fissatene the opposite extremity to one syringe of adequate format for the età/taglia of the micetto. The latte ones in powder dev' to be melted in hot water accurately in order to avoid the lump formation that from the small tube, while the latte ones in liquid formulation can come scaldato to 38° C dipping the syringe in a container with hot water [ to use the furnace to microwaves for scaldare the latte ones can cause to alterations chemistries to the formula and irregolarità in the temperature, we advise to avoid it ]. Assured to you that air bubbles or pockets have not been formed in the syringe!

ADVISED PROCEDURE: You ask always to the Medical Veterinary to instruct to you in the technique of correct introduction: to insert the tube in the trachea rather than in the esophagus has consequences fatal ! [ you see photo: ; it marks it also the rows: , ndt ].

This is the technique that we use: you spread one salvietta clean and dry on the hand [ the left; right for the mancini, ndt ] and you lean yourselves over the micetto [ the back turned against your chest, ndt ], maintaining it so that the head turns out raised regarding the body. Bathed the marked extremity of the small tube with the latte ones warm, therefore A LOT DELICATELY supports it to you over the linguetta and introducetelo with constant movement down in the throat, until the mark [ if met resistance you stop yourselves, pulled GO BACK TO LIST a pochino and therefore you proceed, ndt ]. You always assess that the small tube correctly is posizionato in the stomach through the esophagus Before iniettare the latte ones:

  • if the syringe has been already fixed to the other extremity, iniettate one or two drops ( attention, not more! ) and to attend some second: if the micetto it begins to cough, you extract * immediatamente* the small tube - you have inserted in the trachea rather than in the esophagus and repeat the operation.
  • [ if the syringe has not been already fixed, you dip the free extremity of the small tube in a water glass and observes of it the surface to you: if bollicine of respiration do not appear, correctly it is posizionato in the esophagus and you the syringe can be fixed, ndt
When you are SURE that the small tube correctly it is inserted in the esophagus, iniettate slowly all the latte ones, therefore "pinzate" with the fingers the small tube ( in order to prevent the latte ones to flow back to the outside ) and estraetelo.

Once acquired experience and confidenza, the feeding for gastric probe of every micetto would not have to take more than two minuteren and means With this type of feeding, it is not necessary fargli to make the ruttino, but you can however coccolarli and massaggiarli liberations... [ Attention! As the teeth are developed, it is not impossible that the micetti they can mordicchiare the small tube until reciderlo, for which remains some a pezzetto threaded in the esophagus: if this had to happen - it does not make it you to never happen you put the micetto to head in down and scuotetelo until not succeeded to extract the small tube, ndt ]

The operation is more difficult in the case of a micetto already grandicello or quite of a sick adult: in these cases, it is necessary to closely wrap the micio in a wide towel so that it cannot scratch or divincolarsi. It is necessary to supply a tubetto in plastic hard opened to the two extremities to introduce like "proteggi-small tube" between the teeth of the micio [ straight, not of sbieco, ndt ] : the small tube will come introduced in the esophagus facendolovelo to pass through [ it is possible is necessary to sedare the micio, or to resort to different techniques of enterale feeding, ndt ]



The weaning process can differ wide also between micetti of the same one cucciolata, although to the age of approximately 4 weeks , the greater part of the micetti expresses interest towards the solid alimony and beginnings to lappare the water from the ciotola on behalf just [ at the same time, they would have to be in degree to use the lettiera - enough to put them within cassette 15 min. approximately after every meal, kindly not used to lettiere binders for micetti more small than 8 weeks, species if they stretch "to taste them", because the expansion of the bentonite can cause a dangerous internal block, ndt ] You are patients with the micetti that they do not express some interest in solid alimony until the seven weeks of life... they are extreme cases, but they can happen.

Not forced a micetto reluctant, the first alimentary experiences would have to be most possible pleasant: the beginning classic is the finger intinto in the latte ones [ less diluted of the usual ]. If the micetto not lecca spontaneously, sporcategli delicately the musetto, making attention to not imbrattargli the nose so as to not to limit the respiration. It is important to remember that the digestive system of the micetto is rather delicate, and can come easy disturbed from the unexpected changes. Continued to offrirgli the latte ones from your finger for some day, therefore incorporated you gradually of the omogeneizzati ones [ meat - comprised lamb fish or formaggino, ndt ] , in one risen of pappetta cremosa [ avoided omogeneizzati with dehydrated onion, that it has emolitico effect ]. The omogeneizzati ones are many digeribili, and generally graditissimi, and can also later on return useful in particular circumstances ( es. diseases and convalescenze ).

To continue to propose omogeneizzati to the micetto for a minimum of four times to the day, completing with the latte ones maternizzato for being sure that the every day nutrition is sufficient to the increase requirements. Towards six weeks, when the micetto it has learned to eat its on behalf, you can gradually introduce a mangime humid specific high-quality for micetti [ not for adult cats, ndt ] which Iams "kitten" [ or Feline Hill' s Growth, ndt They are found in all the storees of animals. You can one or two render paté the more cremoso with oligominerale water teaspoons or Pedialyte. After eight weeks, to the term of the weaning, it is possible to gradually introduce a mangime dry - croccantini- high-quality [ Iams, Hill' s, RoyalCanin, Nutro etc, eventually reidrata to you with water to 60°, and then sfreddati, ndt ]. ALWAYS left to disposition fresh and cleaned up water, and assured to you that the micetti it feeds to you with eats buckets to me assume it regularly.


OTHER COUNCILS (idratazione) [ summary ]

The level of idratazione is most important in the micetti: the way easier in order to control it is to delicately seize saldamente but the skin the back, leggermente more low of the bachelor, and to raise it with one light spin before rilasciarla. The skin of a micetto very hydrated returns immediately and elastically to its place. More time employs, more the micetto needs than liquids: marked without indugi to the Medical Veterinary also the lightest dehydration, because in micetti the situation it can fall in little hours. In the more serious cases, the veterinary could advise one subcutaneous elettrolitica rehydration or for fleboclisi, for an absorption more express.

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