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Cats, scratches and your furnitures


summary :

Perch the cats scratch?    [ ]

To scratch objects to the inside of their territorial area an instinctive and peculiar behavior of the cats, also living in domestic atmosphere. This action covers various means to you at the same time:

  1. the mechanical rubbing helps to remove the external corneous layer of the nail, by now ' morto',
  2. the secretions of the glands situated in the same bearings, and scratches, act as from territorial marcatura are visual that chemical,
  3. "stretching" it helps tendini and flessori muscles of legs and the fingers to maintain itself tonic,
  4. riaffermazione of dominanza (in presence of other cats could be one),
  5. it seems a attivit in s much rewarding one... for the cat!

Since to scratch objects a behavior of the all deeply radicato normal school and, and any cat strongly motivated to make it, utopian to think about being able to resolve the problem of the safeguard of the mobilio * impedendo* to the cat to scratch. Rather, the just objective that one of reindirizzare the scratch towards objects "acceptable", to such scope it prepares to you.

To make they to scratch objects "acceptable" [ you go to the summary ]

E' necessary to procurarsi objects that they are attractive to scratch from * personale* the point of view of YOURS cat: the tastes differ as far as the choice of the material ( soft, rough, to fine tramatura, large tramatura etc ) and the lease ( the frequently prechosen points are the angles sporgenti or near the place of the pisolini or the entrance of the rooms... ). If gi it has attacked the mobilio, observed which superficial it has scratched, and where... Fatevi the following questions:

    1. In which points it prefers to scratch, and when?
    2. Which type of webbing or covering scratches?
    3. It scratches of devout horizontal or vertical objects?
    4. To that height there the greater number of scratches?

In answering, you will have defined the "map" of the preferences of your characterized cat and objects "acceptable" from mettergli to disposition... Acquired or constructed objects "acceptable" that they have superficial external similar (to es. tablets of wood of 30cm x 60cm covered in moquette, stoffa crude, leather, wrinkled cardboard, ropes of sisal... or directly an old sufficiently high stock). The important for that your choice rispecchi the tastes of YOURS cat cos as they are appeared in the previous questions...

In the case the micio has not still begun to scratch:

  • You can directly arrange or devout "acceptable" objects in the comfortable lease for you devout, attending for that they are for he easy raggiungibili, and above all to the awakening from the pisolini. Sar at first necessary to make of the tests in order to characterize its tastes. The legs over, species with superficial rough grattate with nails on the surface [ better not sfregargli directly... ]. As it begins to scratch "the acceptable" object of its initiative, it rewards it you * subito* is to voice that eventually with a croccantino. Since the cats stretch to scratch in the place where they leave the just odore one, after the first times not sar devout necessary.

In the case the micio gi has attacked part of the mobilio:

  • E' better to temporarily arrange "the acceptable" object in prossimit of the piece of furniture protect, assessing to you that it is of all the stable one and that the robustness is sufficient in order to support the weight of an ADULT micio.
  • Proteggete temporarily the piece of furniture with that the micio finds very little attractive, like of the biadhesive tape (of the used type in order fixing moquette), the aluminum sheets, sheets of vetrata paper, a plastic guide for carpets mails to the contrary etc... Advisable E' to reinforce the mechanical protection with that it acts from repellente, species the first days (can work of the cotton flocks impregnates you of substances - NOT toxic that the micio finds disagreeable: strong scents, aroma of lemon, vinegar etc.). Attention for not overflowing with the repellente also close "acceptable" object!
  • The first times sar necessary to guide the micio: to the first sign of attack to the piece of furniture, it kindly diverts it to you but with firmness towards its new "acceptable" object, grattando on the surface [ better not sfregargli directly legs over, species with superficial rough... ]. As it begins to scratch "the acceptable" object of its initiative, it rewards it you * subito* is to voice that eventually with a croccantino. Since the cats stretch to scratch in the place where they leave the just odore one, after the first times not sar devout necessary.
  • When the micio by now use to scratch constantly * solo* the acceptable object, you can gradually move it a lot (approximately 25cm to the day) in one comfortable or hidden lease for you devout. Advisable E' however to maintain it how much devout possible one in the immediate vicinities of the place previously used from the micio, in order to avoid that it prefers to newly dedicate its attention to the mobilio.
  • Rimuovete the covers or the flocks with the repellente from the piece of furniture finch the micio is not constantly scratching * solo* "the acceptable" object and in the place of its definitive sistemazione from at least a month . . Therefore, gradually begun to remove them one for time, not all together.

They serve to something the punishments? [ you go to the summary ] ' punizioni' they can be used like single deterrent * in the moment * in which the micio is surprised to scratch the mobilio! TO NEVER PUNISH Or SGRIDARE CAT * DOPO* TO HAVE STORE CLERK The FACT!

The ' punizioni' not contemporary ones * not * they can be, not even at a distance of little minuteren , associated to the action store clerk. Not not only influiranno on the behavior to correct, but will teach to the micio to only fear your presence triggering behaviors of aggressivit defensive in your comparisons ( diffidenza, tension, breaths etc ).

The punishments alone are not however never the answer to the problem, perch does not teach to the micio which objects "acceptable" alternated the permission to you to use: with the cats generally " I reinforce positive "the better road to follow, even if demands patience and costanza...

Always that you succeed to pick your micio in the action to scratch a piece of furniture, the better type than deterrent " remote punishment ", consisting in making to associate to the cat its action with an unpleasant impression but that it cannot be reconnected to you, n it demands interaction with you. Perci * non* sgridate the micio directly: rather fairies an unexpected noise (I hiss, one smanacciata on the wall, a blow with a newspaper on the table...), pulled a pillow I lean to the micio or sprays it to you with a gun to acqua/spruzzatore, attending that the micio does not notice that all comes to us from you ( not underrated its capacit of observation! ). If viceversa the interactive, the micio imparer soon not to scratch in your presence in order to avoid the punishment, but NOT punishment esimer making it in your sure absence perch that in such case us sar nobody not to punish it...

Cut of nails [ you go to the summary ]

Before being about to you to shorten nails to your micio, necessary that it is accustomed to having legs and the feet it imprisons to you in your hands and manipulates you for a sure time... otherwise sar an enterprise pressoch impossible to hold it firm!

With an accustomed cat necessary perci not to program of the habit sitting: begun for little minuteren to the day to accarezzargli kindly legs and the feet, meanwhile that you offer a croccantino to it in prize: associating the experience with an pleasant or rewarding feeling, you will render it devout disposed to repeat it... ( with cats much it lives to us advisable to attend the moment in which sufficiently they are made drowsy... ). In the sitting successive, gradually increased is the time employed that the pressure on the bearing, pressing those a lot that necessary in order to make to extend nails. Continued to offrirgli croccantini finch your cat accetter this type of manipulation ( without to never force the times: some cats are devout insofferenti of others ). This process pu to demand from some days to several weeks, according to the micio...

When the great day arrives, you as usual repeat the operation, pressing until making to extend the nail: you will have to be * assolutamente* in a position to identifying midollino the inner rose, containing capillary blood and nervous endings. Not cut for no reason close to this portion or the leg sanguiner A LOT painfully! Limited to you to hardly dull the estremit devout sharp of the nail: this sar sufficient to limit the damages from occasional scratches is to the mobilio that to your skin. Pu to be useful to speak to the micio with low and ritmica voice, as in one nenia... but you do not expect of being able to dull all the nails from endured! Species the first times, hardly the cat excessive extension intolerance, advisable not to force it and to try again the successive day.

There are various types of specific ransom-nails for animals in commerce: having cure to maintain the surface of perpendicular cut to the nail also possible to use ransom-nails for human use. Attention for to * non* chipping the nail with tools little sharpens to you!

Removal of nails [ you go to the summary ]

The surgical removal of nails (*) one decisone personal that better to leave the conscience of every owner.

Independent studies demonstrate that the private cats of nails do not stretch to morsicare or to have problems in the use of the lettiera in greater or different measure regarding the normal cats. You inquire near your veterinary on the risks and the benefits connected with the several techniques.
The position of the Denver Dumb Friends League [ NOT Of the TRADUTTRICE, ndt ] with regard to that the removal can be reasonable and/or preferibile in the cases in which the cat otherwise would come driven away of house.

If you decide for the surgical removal, you always adhere yourselves in order to the following recommendations:

  1. The less traumatic operation if executed on gattini many small, preferibilmente at the moment of sterilization,
  2. Limited the removal of nails to the sun front legs, leaving posterior legs unchanged,
  3. Not concurred devout to a private cat of its main arm of defense to exit of house without surveillance.

(*) NDT: In English "declawing": illegal in several countries [ between which an England ], an operation executed in anesthesia total with several tending techniques to remove the nail definitively, the cells germinates them and leaves or all the bone finishes them of the finger, or to reciderne the tendini flessori dimodoch it cannot devout be estroflessa continuing however to grow...

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