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Taming of the gattini selvati to us


The ferali cats are cats randagi, been born in a generalized manner to the open, or are domestic cats that have been abandon to you or they have gotten lost. To all the effects draft of wild animals us. The adult cats randagi that a time lived in human atmosphere, or the ferali cats with a calm character, can sometimes be tame to you, but with much patience. The ferali puppys, instead, can be tame to you easy if they come captured to a sufficiently young age. Considering the duration reduced and pessime the living conditions to which the ferali cats are subordinates normally, the gattini that they can be it tames to you and it adopts to you from the humans are effectively many lucky people.

The ferali gatte ones give birth normally in calm places and hidden, in which the puppys they remain hides to you for various weeks. The absence total of human contacts renders them completely selvati to us. The first occasion to see the micetti is when these begin to ruzzare and to play, but is not easy to capture them. They can but to be catches to you by means of traps (in the USA can be obtained from the Feral Cat Coalition) and embezzled the mother, but not before the 4 or 6 weeks of age. They can be captured and be tamed also gattini larger, but the procedure becomes more and more along and less sure how much greater one is the period passed from the micetti in wild state. Important E' however that they do not come embezzled to the mother before the 4 weeks, ages in which sufficiently have grown from being able to be svezzati. The gattini embezzled too much soon to the maternal cures they turn out very more vulnerable to the diseases and could not survive. Also the mother would have to be captured and to be sterilized in order to avoid ulterior cucciolate..

The procedure of taming of the puppys can demand from the 2 to the 6 weeks, and also more in the case than micetti particularly it lives to us, to second of the age and the "selvatichezza". The micetti they can be much various from the point of view of the temperament also to the cucciolata inside of the same one: some tame a lot quickly, while others demand a period of time the much longest one. If tried to tame of the gattini, you will have completely to be available and many patients, always remembering that draft of a procedure a lot important and great satisfaction: been saving of the screw and creating of the companions he becomes attached to you and loving.

The passages of the taming procedure are following.
1. Confinamento (i) in a cage or in transports for domestic animals of great dimensions
2. Periodic and short manipulation with a protecting towel.
3. Confinamento (II) in one room of small dimensions.
4. Exposure to other human beings.
5. Positioning near adapted adoptive houses.


A gattino ferale it can blow and "sputare" to the human beings, because in a generalized manner terrorizzato from they. The micetto that it is behaved in the more feracious way simply that more is scared, but it is however in a position to scratching to you in depth or to bite to you to blood, and probably it will try to scappare if of it it will have the possibility. Remembered that for gattino you represent a possible predator and therefore the micetto can think that it must fight in order to save the life.


The gattini ferali they must be subordinates to a visit of control from part of a veterinary and controls to you in order to verify that they do not have contagious diseases for the other cats before being capacities to house. Teneteli isolates to you from your domestic animals, you wash the hands and worn an apron, or changed the dresses that worn, like ulterior protection from the spread of diseases from the gattini to your domestic animals or viceversa.

If you have used a trap in order to capture the gattini, trasferiteli in a cage or in they transport of sufficient dimensions to contain one small lettiera and a giaciglio, therefore it places it in one small far room to you from your domestic animals and the children. Attention not to make to scappare the gattini during the transfer from the trap to the cage!

For the first two days tried not to touch them: the gattini they must learn to feel itself calm. Gone to find them of and speeches with calm and tranquillity frequent, but you resist to the temptation to touch them. Muovetevi always slowly.

The food, the water and the giaciglio would have to be place you to the inside of the cage or of they transport. Many cages and trasportini arrange of ciotole for food and water coupled to the doors, so as to to be able to nourish the gattini and to change the water without having to put the hands to the inside. If you do not have a cage, or if they transport is too much small for being able to contain one lettiera, you close the gattini in a room of small dimensions, like as an example a bath, with to transport. Placed the lettiera in the room and left opened the door of transport so that the micetti they can use the lettiera.

E' one good idea also to leave indumenti used like giaciglio for the gattini, so as to to accustom them to the odore of the human beings.


After 2 days you choose the gattino less aggressive, you cover it with a towel and prendetelo in arm holding it in the towel. If the gattino it remains calm, it kindly caress it to you on the head give GO BACK TO LIST. You never do not approach yourselves on: a hand that is approached terrorizza the gattini, that they could react blowing or biting.

If the gattino it remains calm, it saldamente seizes it to you for the collottola, you stretch the towel on yours grembo and supports it to you on the towel. Caress the gattino on the body parlandogli at the same time in sweet and reassuring tone, therefore leaves it you. Fairies so that this first contact is short. You repeat the entire procedure with every gattino. After to have it manipulates them to you all, ricompensa you them with a dolcetto: of the food for puppys or the food in scato it of given the Hills type "a/d" on a spoon it is always an optimal method in order to break off the ice. You repeat this procedure more frequently possible.

If brushed the gattini with a soft brush for animals, you will imitate the action of pulizia made from the mother that lecca the micetti and will contribute therefore to the process of transfer of the necessity of the cures and the love ancestral celebrations towards of you. Moreover it is a lot important for the health of the gattini to eliminate the pulci more soon possible, in how much they provoke anemia from infestazione and the gattini they can be become ill very easy when they are in this condition. To comb the micetti with they comb for pulci contributes moreover to the process of formation of the affective tie.

Not fixed never the gattini for periods it extends to you: for the cats this represents an aggressive behavior. Frequent Distogliete of the eyes and often lowered the head in order to show a submitted behavior: this will turn out less threatening for the gattini.

Played with the gattini using of the giocattoli for puppys, as an example a pezzettino of woven legacy to a thread legacy in its turn to a rod, or of the light giocattoli for cats. Not left the giocattolo with the small if they are alone, in how much the gattini often can swallow laces, stringhe or spins and this can be revealed fatal.


Within a week the micetti they must have made remarkable progresses, even if every gattino to progress? various speed. To this point you can leave they approached the room, replacing them in necessary the single cage if.

If some micetto is not being calmed, places it in one cage to you separated in an other room, far away from the others. In this way you will have the possibility to work on the small with greater frequency and will increase to its dependency a human being. Moreover this will prevent that all the others pertaining to the cucciolata one remain selvati to us. In some cases all the members of the cucciolata one must be isolate to you in order to avoid that remaining in group the selvaticitā it comes reinforced.

A room of great dimensions could overwhelm a gattino young and provoke a fear increase. The bedrooms can be a problem: if the gattini they are scared and they hide under the bed, it could become difficult to convince them to exit and would be source of stress for they to be extracted to force from the hiding place.

Tried moreover to render the room most possible to test than gattino before leaving to exit the micetti from the cage. Sealed all the gorges in which they could hide of the micetti terrorizza you, in how much they could remain to you catches to you or to become inaccessible for you. The washbasins of the bath often introduce a space GO BACK TO LIST the piantana, hardly sufficient because the gattino it can be hidden. Blocked the accesses to the back of the bookcases and heavy furnitures, where a micetto it could incunearsi. Attention not to leave the axis of the water open and attention all that that could be scaled and be made to fall, because the gattini they could provoke of the hit lesions if from the fallen objects. Proteggete the fragile ninnoli, the dresses and the plants (some can be velenose) from the curiosity of the gattini.


When the gattini they do not answer more biting and scratching, encouraged your friends to manipulate them more often possible. E' a lot important that they learn to socialize with other human beings: the ferali cats stretch to tie themselves with a single human, therefore they will be adapted better to a new atmosphere if they will have socialized also with other humans before coming adopts to you.


The gattini they can be adopts to you to leave from the 8 weeks of life if they have been tames to you and have socialized with the human beings.

When the possible "remembered parents" examined that he would be preferibile for the gattino that not there were small children in house: all the job that you have made can easy be destroyed from the normal activity and the noise produced from the children. Fundamental E' to remember it when fairies to adopt the gattini. The house more adapted is a calm atmosphere in which the gattini they will be able to be felt sure, that ideal is that one in which the domestic animals they come held to the inside and the gattini they can be adopts to you to braces (so that they turn out very simpler to cure more and much amusing to see) or in which is always present an adult during the day.

Assured you to inform the adoptive family of the fact that the gattino must be sterilized. The operation can be carried out to leave from the 8 weeks of age and in order to encourage the adoptive family you could as an example ask a warehouse like bail for sterilization. You can also decide to make to sterilize same the gattini and to ask the reimbursement for the operation the new owner. Many formulas and contracts exist for this purpose. As an example, FOCAS, the Humane Society and the Department of Animal Control arrange all of similar contracts.


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