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Like discouraging the cats girovaghi


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Many persons really are exasperated from the behavior, to times truly destructive, of the cats girovaghi of the circondario... Some are found to having protect uccellini that they park or they nest in just the garden from an authentic massacre, others cannot any devout see their flower-beds bloomed treaded on and used like... unsuitable toilette. Many have problems also with the own animals of house puttinges in agitation from the sight of wandering cats that gironzolano in prossimit of the house. However, everyone has sure straight to enjoy as it wishes of the own room and protect the tranquillit of the own domestic animals... .. but nobody has the right to resolve the problem with methods that are not exclusively incruenti!

Perch ce has it with me?   [ you go to the summary ]

It does not have to be thought that the cats damage the propriet for badness! In ognuna of the situations previously mentioned, are alone behaving itself in the correct and natural way absolutely devout... but in the place unfortunately less appropriated! The strategy consists therefore in rendering this place devout the unpleasant one and inattraente possible, cosicch it learns to avoid it and it directs its attention elsewhere...
Cos' therefore that a cat pu to find attractive in your garden?

The prede:

No cat resists to "brivido of the hunting": but less than they are not truly starves to you, many do not eat the prede not captured. The feline small have churn from natural predators of the birds for migliaia of years: the by now genetically acquired behavior and does not exist reliable conditionings in order to suffocate this natural instinct. From the song they, the birds have from migliaia of years developed of the rather effective techniques of survival, for which not easy n frequent that a cat succeeds to capture an adult bird in perfect health.

The toilette:

An other instinct deeply radicato in the behavior of the cat that one to try an area where it can be provided and therefore to cover the refusals so as to to hide of the odore and, consequently, the own presence. For this reason, to a cat that passes much time to the open, the soft one terriccio of your flower-beds or the sabbietta fine of the hole of the children appear like one toilette ideal.

The sleep:

When a cat sonnecchia over the cowling of your extended machine or over a sunned flower-bed, from its point of view has as soon as found a place wonderfully lukewarm in order to crush a pisolino. The cat does not succeed in to understand the capacity of the damage that pu to cause, and pu not to associate your reaction [ to scream, tirargli I lean of the things... ] with the chosen place in order to sleep. Sure, imparer soon to avoid you and your voice, but not to avoid the place that you would want to safeguard... Not eliminer cio the behavior that in the first place cause the damage.

The territory:

A cat errabondo pu to approach alla your house much to put in agitation your animals that observe it gives them windows. Sometimes they feel themselves defied territorial from the new intruder, and they are exhibited in rowdy attitudes of rivendicazione, with a lot of gnauli threatening or barking furious... Nevertheless, blinded from the glare of the window or the angle of refraction of the glass, the wandering cat pu it are not not even shrewed of the presence of other animals in approaching itself the house, and to be of all the unaware of one of the agitation that it is causing... The better way in order to tranquilize your animals momentarily and evitargli ulterior stress, to hide they seen it of the stranger.

Naturally, the ideal solution would be that every responsible owner held the own animals in the borders of the propriet, without permettergli the exploration of an external world sovente full load of dangers... But ill-fatedly, this resolution reaches in delay, if just now found to face the problem of a cat errabondo sulla yours propriet... Very many systems exist however which to entrust itself without that it comes made some evil to the cat, n that the birds, the garden or same you must some risentire. Since every various situation from the other, we pray you to rerun to all your patience and ingegnosit, in order to succeed to characterize the appropriate deterrent devout to your case through tried and errors to you. Repellenti and dispositi to you plans to you in order to pick the animal "on the fact", acts all on the principle "to condition" the animal to avoid repeating itself of a negative experience connected to that date area...

Repellenti [ you go to the summary ] The EPA has listato in its archives beyond 30 substances not injurious chemistries that can be used like repellenti for cats. You can easy find in commerce in the article storees for animals and/or giardinaggio to them. Bench lethal if ingested or leccate, the naphthalene littles ball antitarme or camphor have a rather repulsivo odore for the cats: placed within RIGID containers traforati and SLUICES WATERTIGHT [ to es. a bucherellata can and sluice with adhesive tape ], can come hanging in the opportune points, making attention that in no way the cat can ingest to them. It turns out obtained to you with the repellenti perfumes you to the citronella or similar, are in great part conflicting, perch the effectiveness of the often put repellente to hard test from the atmospheric agents, like umidit and/or passing of the hours. E' therefore necessary to riapplicare the solution constantly, especially in case of rain, fog or innaffiature. Controlled that its chemical compounds cannot be harmful for the plants that grow in that area, especially if used fertilizers or others points out to you. THOUGHTS NOT TO USE RODENTICIDI Or OTHER POISONS!

To poison the animals penal a punibile CRIME. To try to eliminate the illegal problem, oltrech in this way vile. And not even efficient: speaking in single practical terms us, the poison pu to free to you from the present annoyance but not to avoid that future to you... Moreover, you do not have the control minim possibilit on WHO could ingest the lethal substance. There are other by far effective devout systems without to resort to the cruel one via of the poisoning!

For the terrose or sabbiose areas where the cats love to dig, heavy pebbles ornament them can be the just solution, and constitute an effective, long-lasting and pleasant deterrent to look at themselves. Better to avoid for stones too much levigate ( that heated from the sun they constitute an optimal place for pisolare! ) and the light materials ( type expanded clay ). They can be used with happening also of the old ones cocci crushes to you, alone or mischiati to gravel. The chosen materials must be in some disagreeable are from moving that to walk to us over. In some cases, possible protect the zone with one metallic hairnet, spread under a thin earth layer.

Devices of dissuasion [ you go to the summary ]

Perch a cat takes to avoid an area in which before it was usual to go, necessary that the same area loses attraction or comes perceived like "little sure", independently from your presence or less. The long-lasting dissuasion devout that the cat associates it with one situation or an occurrence for disagreeable he or disturbing... It does not have instead to associate it with the simple human presence, perch in such case aspetter simply the propitious occasion devout. Simple dispositi you "of surprise" they can be disposed on the surface interested or in tightened prossimit of the same one, so as to to be strange when avviciner to that area. E' necessary to have a po' of patience and to experiment which dispositive it can be devout works them alle your peculiar ones necessit. But the principle remains immutato...

  • Unexpected sounds:
    The cats have an incredible memory for the negative or disagreeable perceived experiences as - even if these are in realt of all innocuous or the not dangerous ones and will avoid places and situations that are in some way to they connect to you. Prepared various trays of metal, type covers of latta, containers from furnace in aluminum etc, and you scatter us of "the uproarious" material ( to es. fagioli buckets or industrial paste ). Bilanciatene some along the distances usually uses you from the cat ( to es. fences, railings, window sills... ) or on the edge of the cowling of every vehicle on which it is usual to jump. If balanced correctly, the tray to concur the support with the birds of small tonnage, but the weight of the cat sure the rovescer with a great din: the noise and the tried feeling of instabilit will discourage the cat returning to us, while the fall not avr some consequence. Pu to be necessary to have a little consistency in the use of this deterrent, perch the cat pu to simply learn "to jump" the obstacle, for which necessary to change of often the disposition...
  • Superficial scomode:
    In order to discourage a cat jumping or to soggiornare over superficial flat ( to es. cowlings, verande, sheds etc ), procurate a wide plastic drop curtain to you devout or less how much the surface and you glue to us to grill of the biadhesive tape. Assured the drop curtain on the surface with heavy objects that hold it in position, but they do not prevent it to slip if pulled with sufficient force. When the cat us salter on, the sticky tape under legs and scivolio of the plastic the indurranno ones soon not to try to us devout...
  • Water jets:
    This method works well especially in order protect the areas of pause for the birds placed to the level of the ground, or those areas prechoices from the cat like unsuitable "toilette". When the temperature allows it [ It does not make you it how much the rigid time! ] regulated the jet of the boccucce of irrigation perch enter in function to intervals prestabiliti during the hours generally used from the cat in order to hunt ( of night or to the first lights of the dawn, generally ), or directly sprayed with the jet of the pump the cat when it is approached. A programmabile timer pu to serve to discourage those cats that had simply taken "to attend" the garden in timetables in which the pump not usually in function...

    The water supplies an alternative material also for the "shaking trays" seen previously, so that beyond to the noise and the fall the inopportune host you peck one outside small shower program [ It does not make you it how much the rigid time! ].

  • Physical obstacles:
    If mistresses the uccellini, and the local p0wer source with the mile or the small house for the nest is fixed in vertical on a wall or a column, nailed one protection of metal galvanized - to Foggia of turned upside down cone in order protect the entire platform. ( this system acts as from deterrent also for eventual scoiattoli )

Of who the problem? [ you go to the summary ]

If these remedies did not have to work, we we encourage to you to call the "DDFL Behavior HelpLine" (For the Italians: tried to connect you to the newsgroup it.discussioni.animali.gatti and to ask council - ndt) in order to discuss the problem and to obtain ulterior suggestions. You keep in mind who the cat pu being is wild ( only in some rural zones ), it is a randagio reinselvatichito, it is an abandoned domestic cat or perdutosi. Pu finally to be a cat of propriet left free of girovagare without collarino of identification...

  • If the cat of propriet of someone:

    If the cat of propriet of some neighbor, your problem to met resolved, perch of ITS responsabilit to make s that the animal cannot cause damages to the propriet other people's...

    Not precipitatevi for litigating with your neighbor: not never easy diplomatically to discuss about disagreeable arguments without to expire in mutual accusations... Your objective to obtain its collaboration in resolving the problem, and on this you would have to be concentrated: to look at itself to accuse of irresponsabilit only putting on the defensive without that it is arrived really to one volont of cooperation. The emergency of the cat and all tried perci to introduce the argument taking cue from concerning considerations the possible situations of danger ( traffic, pesticides, dogs from guard... ) which encounter goes during the wanderings. Tried to remember that even if for you one tremendous annoyance, your neighbor also always the house cat: if a become attached owner, facing the issue from this point of view devout you sar easy to establish one productive line of dialogue... You could be strange to you to notice that an aspect of the problem to which your neighbor had not never not even far thought!

    The maintained cats enter the borders of the propriet (or those that exit closely control to you...) mainly are protect from the innumerevoli dangers that diseases, adorned to you, mouthfuls poison to you, traffic, crashs with cats errabondi and... human..intolleranza can involve. Every responsible owner would have to carefully consider the tipologia of the own room before exposing just the cat today to the dangers of the world!

  • If the cat not of propriet of nobody

If not possible to go back to the owner of the cat, or a cat completely randagio, the problem all in your hands: since much difficult one of first acchito to determine if a cat randagio is belonged to someone and/or is socialized with the human beings, used always much precaution and in the doubt you do not approach yourselves! Assuming that it has not been possible to discourage the cat with the given councils previously, and that the cat turns out impossible to approach and/or to handle, it does not remain that to think next to I use of a device in order to capture it...

Devices of capture [ you go to the summary ] Not used other TRAPS if not those of all the INNOCUOUS ones for the cat!

These devices are study in order to attract the animal to you within a cage with offering of food, and impedirgli therefore the escape finch is not possible to move it in an other place. Many Associations for the control of the feline sovrappopolazione rent for a modest figure - or rifondibile after the use traps purposely studied to the scope, and many Associations of Voluntary service assist in deciding the trap and to capture the animal [ in Italy, can contact the several Animaliste Associations, ndt ]. If you far away have also devout the suspicion that the cat can currently be of propriet of someone ( to es. friendly, optimal physical conditions, very nourished, absence of you adorned or mycosis to you... ) NOT catturatelo if in order not to give back it to the legitimate owner... Naturally, orecchie from merchant not used the capture like availed again on a neighbor whom ago! In order to capture a cat randagio, prepared the cage with one scatoletta of tonno or food for cats: devout it smells, better! Disponetela in the usually attended place from the cat or however in sight, and repaired devout the possible one from the maltempo. You do not scare yourselves if without warning felt of the miagolii deprives of hope to you to come from the cage: once released the device of closing, the scared cat sar from the seccato unexpected noise and also of being remained caught, but absolutely not hurt. However, in that exposed situation it is to the inclemencies that to possible dangers, and moreover drink way does not have: a pair of times to the day controlled perci the cage, and if found an animal imprisoned moved the cage the first possible one ( using of the heavy gloves for proteggervi from bites and scratches! Remembered that a scared cat if pu not to escape attacks! ). In order to avoid traumatizzar it ulteriorly, you cover the cage with one covered and finch it is not possible to carry it near a shelter or a gattile, tenetelo to the shelter and rifornitelo of water and food regularly. PLEASE: -
Not limited to you to unloaded the cat far away from yours propriet! It before makes you to sterilize it!

This error not to make other that to inasprire the problem of the feline sovrappopolazione, rendering your problem verosimilmente infinitely! In Italy, the Associations of Voluntary service and the Service Veterinary of the ASL can ragguagliarvi on the procedures necessary in order to make to sterilize the cat FREE OF CHARGE near their outpatients' departments. Remembered that every randagio sterilized verr "marked" removing a small piece of cartilage from the tip of the ear, for which fairies not to sterilize a cat of OTHER PEOPLE'S propriet!

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