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To introduce the new cat to the domestic animals residents


Summary :

Several the species of felines - although all normally they do not love living in groups social defined. Cos pure the domestic cats: although they can develop great attachment in the cares of the other animals of house, they remain however fundamentalally individualisti. They have moreover a strongest territorial instinct, and they do not observe the same type of social hierarchies of the dogs, where the individual submitted to the dominant animal ("alpha") dominates he in its turn on the rank individuals inferior. Between cohabiting cats, often not possible to assist to establishing itself of a true acceptance, but in kind possible to obtain that all learn to tolerate the uni with the others without too many conflicts. E' for necessary that the owners observe some rules of base in introducing a new cat to the animals residents, in order to prevent on being born future problems which had to the insecurity and the fear, that they can sfociare in situations of continuous aggressivit.

Like introducing the new cat to the cats residents   [ you go to the summary ]

1. Arranged the new cat in one room sluice of medium dimensions, with its own lettiera, the ciotola for the food and the water, and a giaciglio. Served the baby food - he is to the cats residents who to the new one arrived in prossimit of the door sluice, attending for not putting the near ciotole cos that the noises perceived from two sides of the door prevent to the animals to eat serenely. This first step devout the important one, perch well that from endured the animals they associate something of pleasant (the baby food!) to the mutual presence. The successive times, approached to a lot gradually the respective ciotole the door sluice, finch are possible to put down them just of forehead without that the cats come some excessive upset to you: they must eat to they comfort and in all tranquillit before being able to complete the successive step. Finally, when the times you seem mature, socchiudete the door maintaining it in this position with of the sturdy ones fermaporta: you open alone the many necessary perch cats can sbirciarsi, and you patiently repeat all the process of positioning of the ciotole, end from the first phase.

2. Exchanged daily the pillows and/or plaid on which the cats residents are usual to pisolare with those of the new one arrived, cosicch is for they possible to familiarize with the respective odore before reaching contact. E' also useful to put of the salviette under the ciotola of the food and to often exchange them without for hour to wash them.

3. Once that the new one arrived very familiarized with the use of the lettiera, and has had the time to explore all the room in which lodged, time that begins to explore the rest of the house, naturally having cure to move in one room sluice the other cats in order to make it to move devout liberations... This just concurs they of having ulterior experiences before the true contact and, and at the same time it allows the new one arrived to take confidenza with the new atmosphere without that hostile attitudes from part of the cats residents can scare it.

4. PREVENTED in the absolute way devout that the physical contacts degenerate in frightening or aggressive attitudes! Once settled down, these behaviors become the usual answer, extremely difficult to change. E' to introduce the animals in one well same atmosphere with extreme gradualit, watching to the behavioural answers of the same cats: Forced the events or you will not force the animals to then difficultly controlable reactions [ you do not put in arrived minority the new one: better than the first times it faces a cat resident to the time, also in order to allow you to characterize which animals they will be able to give the greater problems, ndt ]. Nervousness, tension and to read shapes of aggressivit (often ritualizzata) to the beginning are of all natural and the expectable ones: You do not allow for that physical crashs are taken place or will intensify this ostilit without remedy! As soon as someone of the animals begins to show signs of excessive nervousness or of aggressivit, it separates to you endured them and you proceed slowly devout in the familiarizzazione process, R-come.sopra advised.

Prudent Sar to add an other lettiera, and to supply to the pulizia devout of frequent: in the choice of the sistemazione, you assess that NO cat can come attacked or driven away while it is gotten ready to to use it. Tried to maintain devout possible invariata to the daily ruotine of the cats residents: a lot important that very radicate habits do not feel the arrived presence of the new one like something destined one to upset theirs...

The cats can ringhiare and gnaulare in impressive way, simulate attacks and face themselves in the attempt to assert the own territorial position: finch serious crash is not reached to one, with possibilit for the antagonists coming the wounded, best not to take part, limiting itself to separate the "actors" of the dramatized one with strong and unexpected noises [ to es. clapping the hands, tirandogli one cuscinata or spraying them with one gun to water ]. Not tried to separate putting them in means, or trying to you to take one of the cats: possible that they can rivoltar against of you. After a comparison, dategli the time to calm itself, before reintrodurli a second time.

IMPORTANT: Assured to you that every cat has a place where to be able itself to shelter and to hide if it wishes it [ to es. under the bed ].

Like introducing the new cat to the dogs residents [ you go to the summary

Dogs and cats that give puppys have had the possibilit to know respective members of the species, have a greater need to come help you in the familiarizzazione riapetto to those grown together. The dog in kind holds the attitude devout estroverso, and takes endured curiosare and interacting with the cat. Which from the song often confuseed its from much intrusiveness, and is on the defensives. E' possible to use all the techniques described before for the familiarizzazione process.
In devout...

1. If your dog be trained and does not obey to the commandos ("sit" "down" "like" "stay"), would have to begin immediately to discipline it. Goddesses bocconcini as prize for the corrected execution of how much richiestogli will otherwise motivate an arrived new strongly distracted dog dal. Pu to be necessary a riaddestramento also of a disciplined dog gi, in situations as these...

2. When the animals are just comfort in eating close from both sides of the door sluice, and have had way to familiarize with the respective odore, you can try the first directed contact, in controlled atmosphere. You put the leash to the dog and ordinategli to seat or to be firm: remembered ricompensar it with a bocconcino! With the dog calmly accucciato, possible for a member of the family [ a stranger ] not to seat in the room with the cat in grembo: some croccantino verra offered he also... E' a lot important that to the first contact both share rewarding experiences, that they act as optimally also like distraction. To the beginning, best to maintain the animals to OPPOSITE sides of the room. This step goes repeated for several times, finch does not have the emergency that do not take place dangerous explosions of aggressivit that they can compromise the resolution of the socialization.

3. The successive step, approached little animals: better manterene the dog to the leash and the cat in arm to one person to familiar he. Many cats however will not want to remain firm: in this case better to use a cage or the same one transports. If the dog points out to move from the accovacciata position seated or you firmly must ripetergli to the commando, rewarding it for its obedience with the words and a bocconcino [ immediately: Not delayed the food offer or not the assocer with just the behavior ]. If the cat extension signs of fear or nervousness, increased the distance between the two, and proceeds slowly devout. To the end, the animals could be approach to you from being able itself enough "to smell" an other.

4. Although it is a lot important to teach to the dog that to annoy or to torment the cat an unacceptable behavior, altres fundamental that the standards like behaving itself acceptably (to es. to remain seated, to come when called etc), and the prizes with appreciation words and a beautiful one bocconcino in presence of the cat. Not sgridate or punished the dog in continuation when the cat in the pressed ones, even if does not behave itself well: associating nothing of positive or rewarding to the presence of the cat, in the dog a resentment in its could not be created confronts, with problems of aggressivit reindirizzata that they can be many dangerous ones when you are not in the pressed ones.

5. In order better to contrallare the situation in the first times, you can maintain the dog to the leash and under your directed control. Especially if the free cat to move for the house and the dog stretches to corrergli GO BACK TO LIST... Assured to you that the cat has always free access to a high place where to shelter itself, or a calm place in order to hide. When you are not in house and nobody pu to watch the situation, you maintain the two animals separates to you finch you do not have the certainty that the cat does not run some danger, species if still small...

To the dogs it appeals to a lot to eat the food for cats, perch devout rich of proteins and devout fat people and gustoso. If the dog stretches "to brush" the baby food of the cat beyond to its, necessary to arrange the ciotola and the supplies where the dog cannot arrive, as an example on a high piece of furniture: the cat avr problems not to arrive end l...
Some dogs moreover love to razzolare in the lettiera of the cats, and sometimes to ingest some I made them: a behavior not still very cleared, but relatively common. Although not there are dangers for the health of the dog, this obviously a disgustoso and unacceptable behavior for the master. Ill-fatedly, not there way to discourage the dog scaring it with some marchingegno [ type something that falls to it I lean ], without not to scare also the cat. The punishment ollowing to the fact NOT cambier the behavior of the dog.
The solution after all devout practicable that one to arrange the cassette so that the dog cannot approach to you, while the cat s: to es. GO BACK TO LIST to a barrier of those used for the small children, or in a mobiletto with openings on both sides only determine the proportions for the passage of the cat.

If in the introduction of a new cat to the animals residents problems were taken place that not possible to resolve with these councils, please contacted our service "Behavior Help-Line", a terapista of the behavior or a characterized trainer, before that they can considerable get worse.

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